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Organic fruit garden in Batang Berjuntai

The fruit garden used to be the private playground of Amy Lew and her husband before it was opened to visitors this May.

The rich biodiversity of Belum state park

Covered by virgin forests at an altitude of 1,500 feet above the sea level, the Royal Belum State Park in northeastern Perak boasts a complete ecosystem with its immeasurable wealth of flora and fauna.

Today 60 years ago

It was a BIG day, the day everyone had been dreaming of for months and years.

Monster Wolf

Chikao Umezawa, head of agricultural cooperative association JA Kisarazu-shi, showing a 65cm long and 50cm tall wolf-like robot "Super Monster Wolf" to drive away wild animals that damage crops in Kisarazu, Chiba prefecture, Japan. The robot with an infrared ray sensor can flash red LED eyes and blare 48 types of sounds including a wolf growl and human voice when a wild animal such as a boar or a deer approaches.

Unwanted statues of a defeated general? Taiwan has the answer

As the United States wrestles with the problem of what to do with monuments to a divisive history, Taiwan has found a solution -- a park dedicated to unwanted statues of a controversial figure from its past.

Elephant my friend

Elephants are not any different from human beings and are even able to understand human language.

Severe Typhoon Hato hits Hong Kong

Typhoon Hato smashed into Hong Kong Wednesday with hurricane force winds and heavy rains in the worst storm the city has seen for five years, shutting down the stock market and forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights.

Dream factory for synchronized swimmers

Paroi Aquatic Center has a stage where they can practice and be professionally trained to become abled competitors in major international events.

Not your kind of kopitiam

"Ah Loh Kopitiam" is not a physical coffee shop but an organization that regularly takes part in charity food sales.

Street joints and empires in noodle-crazed Hong Kong

From decades-old holes in the wall to multi-million dollar businesses, Hong Kong's noodle scene is a moneyspinner in a city that runs on quick and affordable comfort food.


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