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Lumiere London

Child Hood by French artist Collectif Coin on show as part of the Lumiere London light festival. London is hosting a festival that brings together international light artists to create installations across the city.

'Lake of buried corpses': Chinese metal band digs out ancient poetry

Screaming Chinese-poetry inspired lyrics like a demon bursting from the depths of hell, the black-clad singer raises a white chalice above his bamboo hat as fog enveloped the stage.


Bullfight during the Maghesangranti festival to herald the end of winter according to the Hindu calendar, at Taraka village about 80km from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Red lanterns

A worker holding red lanterns for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations at a factory in the village of Tuntou in Hebei province of China.

Ice festival

Ice sculptures illuminated by colored lights at Qipanshan Ice and Snow World during the opening of the Shenyang Ice Festival in China's northeastern Liaoning province. Over 400 ice sculptures are displayed during the festival.

Lantern festival

A total of 36 scenes and nearly 500 monumental silk sculptures are on display until January 31 during the Lantern Festival at the Foucaud Park in Gaillac in southwestern France.

Tech faithful gather to worship at mecca of innovation

After a rollercoaster year for the tech world, many industry leaders are looking to the cutting edge for salvation.


A participant writing Japanese calligraphy during the annual New Year calligraphy contest in Tokyo.

Dog fashion

A greyhound dog wearing an outfit "Dog à Porter" at the workshop of fashion house Temellini Milano in Milan.


Revellers taking part in the "Canto a la Tierra" parade during the Carnival of Blacks and Whites in Pasto, Colombia. The largest festivity in southwestern Colombia, over 10,000 artists, craftsmen and revellers take part in the carnival which has its origins in the mix of Andean, Amazonian and Pacific cultural expressions. Celebrated every year from January 2 to 6 in the city of Pasto, it has been part of Unesco's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2009.


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