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Participants climbing the greased poles on which prizes and flags are attached, to celebrate Indonesia's 72nd Independence Day in Denpasar, Bali.

Cooling off

1½-year-old polar bear Szeriy lying on giant ice cubes to cool himself at Budapest Zoo and Botanic Gardens.

Rubber heroes

Minions with goggles made of disused rubber tires adorning the wall of a tire shop.

Pizzas in the woods, anyone?

An unusual experience of savoring wood-fired pizzas in the woods.


A wall decorated with graffiti by a group of young people with the support of the mayor of San Salvador in El Salvador, Central America.

Obsessed with plastic

Plastic City induces us to re-examine our love-hate relationship with this ubiquitous human creation.

Opera masks

Workers painting Dixi opera masks on a wall in Anshun in China's southwestern Guizhou province. Three masks measuring 13 metres in height and 7 meters in width each have been painted to promote the Dixi opera mask festival from August 17 to 26.

Merdeka tree

The tree that is same age as the nation.


A 12-meter high peacock figure made out of 182,000 flowers on display during the Flower Festival at a shopping mall in Medellin, Colombia.

Little bricks that build the family together

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily) -- Existent for over half a century, Lego remains a hit among many kids and adults today, and in places like Malaysia, there are even Lego theme parks where visitors can immerse themselves in the endless fun of Lego bricks.

"After I started working, I began to collect all kinds of toys, but after I bumped into Lego again, I discovered that I had been buying the toys for the sake of buying and keeping.

"Lego is different. I need to unpack it, and put all the color bricks together to build into something.


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