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Tourists posing for photographs at the historic Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan's Mosque in Thatta in Pakistan's southern Sindh province. Legend says when construction of the mosque was destroyed in 1644, the Mughal governor's advisor told him to find someone "so pious that he has committed no sin in all his life" to lay the foundation.

Lava-loving tourists flock to active Nicaragua volcano

Centuries ago, a native Central American people terrified of a witch believed to live deep in the earth used to sacrifice children and young women to Nicaragua's Masaya volcano.

Emptied Romanian village lives again as haven for battered women

As more and more residents left looking for work, a Romanian village desperate to ensure its future has found a new way of boosting its population that also helps the needy.

Festival of Lights

Visitors watching an audiovisual light show projected over the ancient walls of Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem during the Festival of Lights.

Old jobs die hard in China's rustbelt

Once the pride of Communist rulers and now hit by a global glut and slowing domestic growth, China's largest oilfield epitomises Beijing's reluctance to cut jobs at loss-making state-run operations.

Officer's hat

US Naval Academy freshmen placing an officer's hat on top of the lard covered Herndon Monument in Annapolis, Maryland. Each year the freshman class, known as 'Plebes,' climb the monument at the Naval Academy to retrieve the Plebian Sailor's hat and replace it with an officer's hat to mark the end of wearing freshman headgear and moving up to the headgear of a US Naval officer.

Wesak celebrations

A lit display featuring a seated Buddha during Vesak celebrations in Colombo.

Flamingo chick

A flamingo chick sitting in the fur of its mother in the zoo of Munich in southern Germany.

Coach Gallery

Historical coaches standing in the Coach Gallery of Versailles Palace southeast of Paris before its reopening to the public. Located in the King's Great Stables of the Palace of Versailles, the Coach Gallery has been closed to the public since 2007. The recently restored collection of coaches is one of the largest in Europe and will be on display in a fully redesigned new space.

Mass wedding

A Pakistani bride arriving to attend a mass wedding ceremony in Karachi. Some 135 couples participate in the mass wedding ceremony organized by a local charity welfare trust.


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