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Young South Korean novice monks playing football under lotus lanterns during their training program at the Jogye Temple in Seoul.

carp streamers

Some 1,200 carp streamers fluttering in a riverside park in Sagamihara outside Tokyo ahead of May 5 Children's Day in Japan.

Fast & Furious

Cubans looking at cars used for the shooting of Fast & Furious 8 in Havana.


African lions born in captivity in Peru resting in a cage in a containment area in Puente Piedra north of capital Lima, before being airlifted to Johannesburg in South Africa. A massive lion airlift including 33 lions -- 24 from circuses in Peru and 9 from Colombia rescued by Animal Defenders International -- will head back to their homeland at the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.

Prisoners, problem pooches help each other in Hungary jail

Friday is dog day at Hungary's Debrecen jail as Sergey, Cutie, Scottie, Tiny and Fatty, all abandoned canines from a nearby rescue home, happily lollop in for obedience training... with the inmates.

Hong Kong's working poor choose streets over dismal housing

A plastic sheet, a blanket, a sleeping bag: a makeshift bed laid out in the shadow of towering apartment blocks by a man who would rather be homeless than cooped up in Hong Kong's cramped and overpriced housing units.

100 days

The statue of Christ the Redeemer illuminated in Brazilian flag colors, including a projected face designed by Brazil based Italian-French lighting artist Gaspare Di Caro, to celebrate 100 days until the start of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


Inside the Disney station at Pudong area of Shanghai. The Disney station on Shanghai's subway line 11 is decorated with Disney cartoon figures, and started a trial operation Tuesday.

Cat show

Some 200 cats take part in an international cat show organized by the Malaysian Cat Club in Shah Alam.


A tapir calf rejected and abandoned by its mother is helped to get fed from a goat at the National Zoo in Managua, Nicaragua.


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