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On French Indian Ocean island, Europe's migrant crisis bites

They had scattered before the border police even got there, fleeing their corrugated shacks in a densely-populated slum in Petite-Terre, part of France's Indian Ocean archipelago of Mayotte.

Wetlands disappearing three times faster than forests

Wetlands, among the world's most valuable and biodiverse ecosystems, are disappearing at alarming speed amid urbanisation and agriculture shifts, conservationists said Thursday, calling for urgent action to halt the erosion.

Dato’ Lau Bong Wong’s legendary life

Founder of the Malaysian livestock and integrated poultry giant, Leong Hup International Berhad - Dato’ Lau Bong Wong’s legendary life.

'Very strong' typhoon Trami churns towards Japan

A large, very strong typhoon churned towards Japan Friday, with the weather agency warning the storm would rip through the nation over the weekend, bringing violent winds and torrential rain.

Ending decades of doubt, 'biggest bird' dispute put to nest

After more than a century of conflicting evidence, Anglo-French animosity and a H.G. Wells novella involving murder most fowl, scientists said Wednesday they have finally solved the riddle of the world's largest bird.

Woman to be caned for prostitution in Terengganu

A woman is sentenced to six strokes of cane and six months in prison for prostitution in violation of Islamic laws.

Fad for 'lucky' tail hair threatens Vietnam elephants

In a village in Vietnam's "elephant kingdom", a vendor holds up a severed, dried tail dotted with coarse hairs she promises will bring good luck -– a grim new trade that is endangering the country's few remaining elephants.

EU launches Asia strategy to rival China's 'new Silk Road'

As doubts grow over China's vast "Belt and Road" trade infrastructure project, the EU is launching an alternative plan for Asia that it says will not saddle countries with debt they cannot repay.

Rosmah gives second statement at MACC

Rosmah arrived at the MACC headquarters in Putrajaya to give her statement in connection with the investigations into the 1MDB scandal.

With genetic tweak, mosquito population made extinct

Scientists said Monday they had succeeded for the first time in wiping out an entire population of malaria-carrying mosquitos in the lab using a gene editing tool to programme their extinction.



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