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20 wounded at Bangkok military hospital blast

A small bomb struck a Bangkok military hospital on Monday wounding more than 20 people, police said, three years to the day since the army seized power of the politically unstable kingdom.

Media invitation from JJPTR rep

A man claiming to be a JJPTR branch representative has sent out invitation letters to the media for a briefing this afternoon.

North Korea: medium-range missile ready for deployment

North Korea on Monday declared its medium-range Pukguksong-2 missile ready for deployment after a weekend test, the latest step in its quest to defy UN sanctions and develop an intercontinental rocket capable of striking US targets.

Teo, Sulaiman to give police statements Monday

KL CID chief says the police will summon David Teo and Sulaiman Yassin on Monday.

RM2.14bn lost to scammers last two years

Acryl Sani: Malaysians lost RM2.14 billion to scammers over the last two years, but the police believe the actual figure could be ten times higher!

Antarctica is greening due to global warming

Plant life is growing on Antarctica like never before in modern times, fueled by global warming which is melting ice and transforming the landscape from white to green, researchers said Thursday.

Singapore car 'vending machine' dispenses with tradition

A vending machine that dispenses luxury cars to well-heeled buyers is the latest space-saving innovation in land-starved Singapore -- just don't try to shake it if it gets stuck.

Game over for Taiwan's Kuomintang?

The Kuomintang party dominated Taiwan for decades with its wealth and an iron fist -- but now it is battling to keep a foothold in the island's shifting political landscape.

Hopes and fears on HK's landmark anniversary

Divided by age, wealth and politics, the people of Hong Kong will mark the 20th anniversary of its transfer from Britain back to China with contrasting emotions: anger and pessimism, pride and celebration.

Pujut state by-election July 4

The by-election for the state seat of Pujut in Sarawak will be held on July 4, said Election Commission chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Hashim Abdullah.


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