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Amazon opens plant-filled "The Spheres" buildings

Internet giant Amazon on Monday opened its plant-packed "The Spheres" buildings in its home city of Seattle.

Erupting volcano sparks Philippine tourism boom

With chili-flavoured "lava ice cream" in demand and awestruck tourists packing onto viewing decks, the erupting Mayon volcano is sparking a local business boom in an impoverished region of the Philippines where tens of thousands of others have fled for their lives.

Additional special holiday for SJKCs

In addition to the four days of official holidays, SJKCs can apply to the respective state education departments for an additional special holiday to celebrate CNY.

Consent from both parents needed for child conversion: court

In a landmark decision, the Federal Court ruled that both the spouses who embraced Islam and the non-converting partner must give their consent for converting a minor child to Islam.

Heart attack risk high with one cigarette a day: study

Just one cigarette a day carries nearly half the risk for heart attack and stroke as smoking a full pack of 20, according to a large-scale study published Thursday.

Space, the final frontier -- for nightclubs

Bringing a new meaning to dancing on air, a nightclub operator is throwing a party in zero gravity, with top DJs playing in an aircraft used to train astronauts.

'Job-killing' robots, AI under scrutiny in Davos

"Artificial intelligence and robots will kill many jobs."

Interest rate hike to trigger inflationary pressure

0.25% increase in OPR will likely trigger another round of inflationary pressure, as increased cost of doing business will eventually be transferred to consumers.

Soros to Google and Facebook: Your days are numbered

Billionaire investor George Soros launched a scathing attack on tech giants at the Davos summit on Thursday, calling them monopolies that could be manipulated by authoritarians to subvert democracy.

At least 37 killed in South Korea hospital blaze

A huge fire tore through a South Korean hospital on Friday killing at least 37 people, the government said, in the country's worst blaze for a decade.


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