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Trump's Asia tour more style than substance: analysts

Donald Trump's marathon Asian trip passed off without any major incident, but for all the pomp and ceremony thrown his way, analysts say the tour ended with little to show in the way of concrete achievements.

High blood pressure is redefined as 130, not 140: US guidelines

High blood pressure was redefined Monday by the American Heart Association, which said the disease should be treated sooner, when it reaches 130/80 mmHg, not the previous limit of 140/90.

410,500 PTPTN borrowers never repaid a cent

Some 410,500 PTPTN borrowers have not repaid even one cent of their loans.

Many young Malaysians can't afford PPR flats

Many young Malaysians are unable to afford even PPR flats because they have been blacklisted by CTOS for defaulting on credit cards.

More than 200 killed as strong quake rocks Iran-Iraq border

More than 200 people were killed and hundreds more injured when a 7.3-magnitude earthquake shook the mountainous Iran-Iraq border triggering landslides that hindered rescue efforts, officials said Monday.

Over 62,000 Rohingya registered with UNHCR in Malaysia

A total of 62,153 people of the Rohingya ethnic community had registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the country as of Sept 30 this year, the Dewan Rakyat was told today.

Water cannon repel anti-Trump protesters

Riot police used water cannon and sonic alarms to repel hundreds of protesters shouting anti-Donald Trump slogans on the sidelines of a major summit in Manila on Monday.

Nighttime injuries heal more slowly

People who are injured at night heal far more slowly because the body's internal clock regulates the pace of healing and performs better during the day, researchers said Wednesday.

Animals aplenty, space at a premium in Africa's oldest zoo

Boba springs left and right for a Cairo zookeeper feeding him fruit, but the chimp's exuberance contrasts with the pitiful lack of space and natural habitat in Africa's oldest zoo.

Globalisation an 'irreversible historical trend': Xi

Chinese president Xi Jinping laid out his country's credentials as the new champion of world trade Friday, calling globalisation an "irreversible historical trend", in comments that offered a contrast to the "America First" doctrine espoused by Donald Trump moments earlier.


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