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Small Dutch village eagerly awaits mega-church

Standing in a green field surrounded by black-and-white cows, Dutch politician Jaap Sinke surveyed the plot where construction of a new mega-church with space for more than 2,000 people will soon begin.

Mars' surface hardened quickly, boosting odds of life

The crust that encases rocky planets and makes possible the emergence of life took shape on Mars earlier than thought and at least 100 million years sooner than on Earth, researchers said Wednesday.

Thousands of tourists stranded as Bali volcano erupts

Thousands of tourists were stranded Friday as Bali shuttered its international airport following a volcanic eruption on the Indonesian resort island that shot a thick plume of ash and smoke thousands of metres into the sky, officials said.

Tokyo passes strict anti-smoking laws ahead of Olympics

Tokyo's city government Wednesday passed strict new anti-smoking rules ahead of the 2020 Olympics, leapfrogging national legislation on lighting up that has been watered down after opposition from pro-smoking MPs.

End of the line for ASIMO, Japan's famed robot?

It has played football with former US president Barack Obama and danced for German leader Angela Merkel, but Honda's ASIMO robot may have reached the end of the line.

FB, Google manipulate users to share data despite EU law

Facebook and Google are pushing users to share private information by offering "invasive" and limited default options despite new EU data protection laws aimed at giving users more control and choice, a government study said Wednesday.

War, wine and wonders: hopefuls vie for place on UNESCO heritage list

Inuit hunting grounds, World War I cemeteries, Art Deco heritage in Mumbai and Italy's wine-producing Prosecco hills are among 30 hopefuls in the running to join UNESCO's famous list as the World Heritage Committee meets from Sunday in Bahrain.

Mahathir to visit China next month?

Duowei News reports that PM Mahathir will visit China late next month, with July 21-22 being the most probable dates.

Musa: I left the country lawfully

Musa says he left the country lawfully on May 16 and was in the UK "for medical and other personal reasons".

Koreas hold talks on connecting railways

North and South Korea held talks Tuesday on connecting the railways that run across their border, a physical link that would transform the relationship between the two sides of the divided peninsula.


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