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Another reason to flip the off switch: light pollution

For the 11th year running, cities worldwide will turn their lights off Saturday to mark Earth Hour in a global call to action on climate change.

Scientists uproot dinosaur family tree

For 130 years, dinosaurs have been classified as either bird- or reptile-hipped -- the first and all-important split in the trunk of an intricate family tree.

Sea ice hits new record low at both poles

The sea ice cover in the Arctic and Antarctic hit new record lows for this time of year, marking the smallest polar ice caps in the 38-year satellite record, US government scientists said Wednesday.

Dead dictators draw Hong Kong art crowds

A "breathing" Fidel Castro is among several ex-communist leaders gathered in Hong Kong this week -- one of the world's centres of capitalism -- as part of a cheeky exhibition at Art Basel.

Feb CPI up 4.5%, fastest in 8 years

The Consumer Price Index (CPI), a measure of inflation, rose by 4.5 per cent to 119.7 in February 2017 compared to 114.5 in the same month last year, said the Department of Statistics Malaysia.

South China Sea installations 'primarily' civilian: Li

China is not militarising the disputed South China Sea, the country's premier said Friday in Australia, claiming defence equipment Beijing has installed on artificial islands is "primarily" for civilian use.

RUU355 applicable to West Malaysian Muslims only

Umno's amendment bill will specify that it is applicable to West Malaysian Muslims only, and will not be applicable to non-Muslims and East Malaysians.

DFTZ a boon for Malaysia's e-commerce growth

The Digital Free-Trade Zone (DFTZ) and its comprehensive approach, covering fulfilment, global supply chain, payment gateways, training and employment prospects, will set a conducive platform to cement Malaysia as a digital hub in the Southeast Asia.

Around 250 feared dead on 'Black Day' in Mediterranean

Over 250 African migrants were feared drowned in the Mediterranean Thursday after a charity's rescue boat found five corpses close to two sinking rubber dinghies off Libya.

Food insecurity 'widespread' in N.Korea: report

Chronic food shortages and malnutrition are widespread in North Korea, a UN-led report said, as a senior official appealed to donors not to let political considerations get in the way of humanitarian assistance.


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