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Taiwan man mutilates girlfriend's face in jealous rage

Taiwan police arrested a 79-year-old man after he sliced off his girlfriend's nose, ears and lips and flushed them down the toilet, suspecting that she was cheating on him, officials said Thursday.

Higher risk of TB among diabetics

A person suffering from diabetes is three times more likely to develop tuberculosis, a new research reveals. The research says diabetes could be the leading driver of tuberculosis infections and calls for international action against a looming crisis of the two epidemics.

Affordable driverless cars possible in 10 years; researchers

Driverless cars could become affordable to most people within 10 years, Australian researchers said Thursday.

Taiwan tycoon faces more charges in food safety scandal

Taiwanese tycoon Wei Ying-chung was slapped with nearly 140 fraud charges Thursday over his alleged role in Taiwan's latest food safety scare, prosecutors said.

Heavy diggers in desperate hunt for Sri Lanka landslide victims

Soldiers using heavy diggers stepped up their desperate search on Thursday for victims of a landslide in Sri Lanka, feared to have buried alive 100 people on a tea plantation.

US politicians call for travel ban on Ebola-affected countries

Following the recent example of Australia, which has imposed a ban on visitors from three Ebola-affected West African countries – Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia – and with Ebola's proliferation in these countries, US President Barack Obama faces mounting pressure from Congressmen urging him to impose a travel ban on visitors from the three West African countries.

New Ebola cases slowing in Liberia, but too soon to celebrate: WHO

The rate of new Ebola infections appears to be slowing in hard-hit Liberia, but the crisis is far from over, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.

Singapore to deploy massive surveillance balloon

Singapore will deploy a huge tethered surveillance balloon to boost its maritime and air security, the defence ministry has announced.

India hands over 627 'black money' names to court

India's government on Wednesday handed a top court a secret list of 627 people suspected of stashing "black money" in foreign banks beyond the reach of tax authorities.

Zambian President Michael Sata dead

Zambia's government on Wednesday announced that President Michael Sata, 77, has died in London, where he was receiving medical treatment.