My Sinchew/ BandarMalaysia

Not yet time for GE14

Najib is a very cautious, risk-averse man. The loss of more seats by British PM Theresa May in a hastily conducted election should serve as a warning.

June 30 deadline to submit proposals to develop Bandar Malaysia

Proposals to develop Bandar Malaysia will be accepted up to June 30 with a final decision on the master developer being made by July 14.

Win-win in Sino-Malaysian cooperation

Whether Najib's visit could translate to more investments and cooperation from China has become the center of public attention.

Wanda keen to invest in Bandar Malaysia

Wang Jianlin says he is willing to share his experiences, wisdom and unique designs with Malaysia.

Fighting for the big prize

The grand winner will soon be unveiled, and that is when all our doubts will get explained.

Malay politics in a fix

The biggest risk in Malaysian politics lies with the fact that a handful of individuals are in firm control of their parties without an effective checks and balances mechanism in place.

Are the Chinese steering clear of Malaysia?

The deal has been called off probably because we are unable to fulfill Beijing's "shopping list" on political considerations.

The mystery of an aborted deal

Najib's fears now are the resurrection of 1MDB debt scandal and the unpredictability surrounding Bandar Malaysia and HSR projects.

Malaysian businesses wary of influx of Chinese funds: Muhyiddin

"I'm sure Chinese Malaysians won't feel comfortable seeing mainland Chinese come here with tons of cash to buy up Bandar Malaysia and make us work for them."

China second largest investor in manufacturing: Najib

China emerged as Malaysia's second largest investor in the manufacturing sector in the first eight months of 2016 with investments of RM2.4 billion in 20 approved manufacturing projects.



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