My Sinchew/ MoneyGame

Johnson Lee fined RM18,000

Johnson Lee pleads guilty today to a charge of falsifying documents, and is fined RM18,000 or 5 months imprisonment in lieu of unpaid fine.

No free lunch

We must work hard to get our money; greed will only lead us to total financial disaster.

MBI boss arrested

A leader at MBI International was detained by the police yesterday for questioning.

What if our laws are unenforceable?

We can rightly claim that the 1MDB scandal set a starting point for the steady decline of rule of law and morality in this country.

Who are the victims?

The game will still go on, and in fact will get bigger and bigger, until the real disaster strikes one day.


With Zhang Jian now escorted back to China to face legal actions, perhaps it's time for wuxingbi investors here to wake up from their get-rich dreams.

Johnson Lee remanded for two more days

JJPTR's Johnson Lee and his two assistants will be remanded for two days until tomorrow.

Media invitation from JJPTR rep

A man claiming to be a JJPTR branch representative has sent out invitation letters to the media for a briefing this afternoon.

RM2.14bn lost to scammers last two years

Acryl Sani: Malaysians lost RM2.14 billion to scammers over the last two years, but the police believe the actual figure could be ten times higher!

Johnson Lee to be taken to Penang

The police have found no evidences of JJPTR's computers being hacked, and tens of millions of ringgit could have been moved by the company to oversea accounts.



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