My Sinchew/ Bersih

The two worlds of Malaysia

Perhaps to some individuals, being truthful or not is immaterial. All that matters is to create the "truth" that will serve their own purposes.

Azmin gives his police statement, in yellow

The menteri besar appeared at the Dang Wangi police headquarters this morning, also in a yellow shirt.

No compromise on national security, racial sensitivities: Najib

The government will not compromise on the question of national security and actions undermining racial sensitivities, and will act against those who pose a threat n these areas, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Pay up or face legal action: DBKL

DBKL issues an ultimatum to Bersih 2.0 to pay the clean-up bill by this month or face legal action.

I knew of the conspiracy: Muhyiddin

"Muhyiddin said he was not involved, and we believed him."

Maria: We’ll account for every sen

"He has not answered the RM2.6bn in his accounts, while we only need to account for the sale of T-shirts and donation. It's like heaven and earth."


Despite the fact the country has been independent for 58 years, the scourge of racism remains very much alive today.

Mahathir greeted by singing supporters at Subang

Mahathir is greeted by supporters who sing him We Are Malaysia adapted from Michael Jackson's We Are The World.

Something not quite right about this country

The country has become abnormal because we have a plethora of abnormal politicians who are so obsessed with nothing else but selfishness and personal grudges.

This rally and that rally

Indeed the Red Shirts have their right and freedom to assemble, but that does not mean they should trample the highly sensitive racial grounds, nor should they exercise their right at the expense of the country's peace and harmony.



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