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Consecrate time with family

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word Consecrate as 'devote as sacred' and rightly so. We need to devote as sacred time with our family. Often time, due to our commitments, time with our family is being compromised.

Children's health and well-being

It's easier to measure the physical well-being of a child than his psychological or emotional well-being. There are weight and height charts for us parents to gauge how our child fare compared to the average child. There are milestones of development indicating that our child is more or less on track. These are generally objective measurements. We know our infant is doing fine as long as he grows into a toddler who can walk and talk, and is gaining weight and height.

Disciplining the pre-school child

Methods and philosophies of discipline have been the subject of discussions and debates through the years. Psychologists and paediatricians have been providing suggestions and expertise; often contradicting one another.

The empty nest syndrome

Mention the term "empty nest" and one’s mind immediately conjures up a picture of an empty house. Gone are the hustle and bustle of growing children, the noise and laughter, the activities and all the chores of parenting.

Conflict in marriage

Conflict is a normal part of any marital relationship. In fact, a lack of conflict is not necessarily a good sign. It could mean that there is no life, no energy, no passion left in the relationship. The partners may have become so indifferent to each other or of so little consequence to each other that they don't attempt to interact meaningfully.

The role of mothers

‘Motherhood' as I see, is a gift. It is a calling and a vocation from God. But, like all gifts, we have a choice of appreciating it, accepting it, and cherishing the responsibilities and joys it brings, or considering it an encumbrance, a duty or even a burden. Our attitude must be examined.

Family fun time and traditions

Fun and play are important for children. I often marvel at a child's capacity to enjoy fun. Take a look around Sunway Lagoon or any other theme park and watch how these youngsters enjoy themselves with total abandonment.

Disrespectful behaviour

Showing respect towards elders is a much valued virtue in our society. This is shown in the way we address them. As soon as a child learns to speak, we are careful to teach him to address older people as Uncles and Aunties or their equivalent in the child's mother tongue.

Marriage killers

"And they live happily ever after…." so ends the fairy tale. This is also the hope and aspiration of those who enter marriage fully convinced that they are the right person for each other. They are deeply in love and believe that their love will see them through any rough patches. Any breakdown or failure in marriage couldn't be further from their minds.

Effective parenting today

It is interesting to note that in life we are trained in almost every area and made to understand the importance of living successfully, there is usually no training given to prepare us for parenting. Most of us either imitate what our parents thinking to ourselves, ‘I didn't turn out so bad' or we try to glean from other people we know whom we think have done a good job as parents.


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