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Single parenting

Parenting in itself is a difficult role but single parents have an even more arduous task ahead of them. They have to play their own role as well as the role of the absent parent.

Year off

Our teen wants to take a year off after SPM before furthering his studies. Is this a good idea?

Understanding your child's personality

The art of good parenting begins with the fundamental skill of seeing through the eyes of the child, of sharing the child's view or reality, feelings and hopes.

Building confidence in teenagers

Some of us take to the limelight like fish to the water. They exude confidence. They are "natural" performers on stage. Their confidence gives them an edge over others and enables them to perform well.

Absentee father

Absentee fathers are increasingly common in modern living, especially in the urban setting. What keeps a father away from his family? The reasons may be many and varied.

Talking about guy-girl friendships

My daughter is 15 and getting over her first real crush. Until recently, boys were just assorted classmates and soccer opponents. She gets calls from guys all the time but rarely gets asked out on a date – and that's the way she wants it.

Compensation: The key to success

Compensating for shortcomings provides the emotional energy for virtually every kind of successful human behavior.

Building self-esteem in children

Parenting is one of the most challenging tasks we face as adults and yet almost nothing is done in our education system to prepare us for parenting. It is assumed that each person will follow their instincts and recall what their parents did as a guide. This may not turn out well if their parents have not been good role-models. The result is that while some parents do a fairly good job, others blunder through a series of frustrations in what may be to them their genuine effort.

My princess is growing up

Fathers may be able to identify with the movie Father of the Bride, where in one scene, the father (Steve Martin) remembers his daughter as a small child, then a preteen, an early adolescent, a high school beauty, and finally a woman.

The role of mothers

'Motherhood' as I see, is a gift. It is a calling and a vocation from God. But, like all gifts, we have a choice of appreciating it, accepting it, and cherishing the responsibilities and joys it brings, or considering it an encumbrance and just a duty or even a burden. Our attitude must be examined.


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