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Infidelity in a marriage

Do you feel that there is a kind of "blindness" that can occur when a victim of an affair denies the truth?

Cultivating good behavior

Children can learn very early in life about rewards and punishment and they also can be taught acceptable and non-acceptable behavior. The earlier we teach them, the less pain and embarrassment they are likely to cause us as parents and themselves as persons.

Cultivating respect

Showing respect towards elders is a much valued virtue in our society.

Every action has its own consequences

As parents, we have the task of teaching our children responsibility and it is often equated with duty or obligations, reliability and dependability, or just "getting the job done."

Disciplining children (Part 2)

The term discipline is often associated with punishment. Punishment may suggest inflicting a penalty for an offence, while discipline aims to train a child for correction and maturity.

Disciplining children

During a recent children's camp, children were asked to provide their opinions on discipline. A large majority of the children gave a negative response. Some commented that their parents discipline them for anything and everything, and others wished their parents would not enforce rules and regulations.

Attention deficit disorder in children

An ADD/ADHD child can pose a big challenge to his parents. Since he is very easily distracted, he needs help to cope with schoolwork. Mother's patience may wear thin because his hyperactivity constantly gets him into trouble.

Consecrate time with family

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘consecrate' make sacred and rightly so. We need to make time with family sacred. Often time, due to our commitments, time with our family is being compromised.

Disciplining good attitudes in your children

Remember the nursery rhyme about the little girl who had a little curl? It goes like this, "There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. And when she was good, she was very very good, and when she was bad, she was horrid."

How to keep the lines of communication open with your teenager

One of the most common mistakes of parenthood is to be drawn into verbal battles with our children. These usually leave us exhausted and without any added advantage. What we want to say is don't yield to this impulse. Don't argue with your teen. Don't subject them to perpetual threats, finger-wagging accusations and insulting indictments. And most importantly, don't nag them endlessly.



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