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Building a bridge of moderation

Nasharuddin sees harmonious living and cracking down on extremism as priorities for this nation in GMM's quest for greater moderation.

De-radicalization for a safer world

If the government is serious about de-radicalization, it must adhere to the way of moderation to curtail the advances of religious radicalism so that no more young Malaysians will fall victim to the IS group.

Saifuddin's choice

If given the chance, they will bring people from different political affiliations, religions, ideologies--people from the two extremes--towards the middle, to a position that is more fitting for Malaysia.

Nusantara Islam

But here in Malaysia, even non-Muslims can feel Arabic Islam beginning to creep into their day-do-day lives, and this has been resolutely reflected in attire, lifestyle, thinking and even government policies.

It's not about race: FB user

The Low Yat Plaza incident over the weekend has been blown out of proportion to become a sensitive racial issue.

'Stop Racism' avatar calling for restraint

Following the furious outburst at Low Yat Plaza last Saturday, several hundred mobsters stormed the popular IT mall in the capital city yesterday, creating trouble and shouting sensitive racist remarks.

Court to hear SIS bid to quash MAIS ruling Nov 12

The High Court will hear on Nov 12 the judicial review application by Sisters In Islam (SIS) and two others to quash the decision of the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) declaring the organisation as deviating from Islamic teachings.

National unity blueprint to mediate conflicts: Saifuddin

The national unity blueprint will include a set of "mediatory mechanisms" to handle the tacky racial and religious issues in the country.

The dilemma of Malay leaders

Articles appearing in the column of Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) chief executive Saifuddin Abdullah in Sin Chew Daily have been highly inspirational, in particular for his analysis of the dilemma of Malay leaders from the angle of a Malay politician.

Dress code

Instead of revealing clothes, the actual morality problem here might be the focus on the athletes' bodies, and not their performances.



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