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French perfumer bottles scent of dearly departed

A French company has come up with a novel way to keep people close to their departed loved ones: bottling their unique scent as a perfume.

Google Street View dives into the legend of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster

Google Street View has headed to the misty waters of Loch Ness, Scotland for the 81st anniversary of the iconic photograph said to be of the enigmatic monster known as Nessie.

Google’s internet balloons can now connect the whole world

After a first round of tests in New Zealand in 2013, those responsible for Project Loon now want to show its efficiency across the globe. Project Lead Mike Cassidy, explains the fabrication and functioning of these strange stratospheric balloons capable of dealing with anything, even spontaneous occurrences.

Japan robot receptionist welcomes shoppers

She can smile, she can sing and this robot receptionist who started work in Tokyo on Monday never gets bored of welcoming customers to her upmarket shop.

Replica of French general's historic US independence ship sails again

A replica of the 18th century ship that took a French general on his voyage to become a hero of the American war of independence was to set sail again Saturday, cheered off by thousands of well-wishers and President Francois Hollande.

Swedish band offers up free album - for listening in nature only

John Moose, a Swedish five-piece band, has released a mobile app that allows listeners to enjoy their debut album for free. The catch: the app knows where you are, and it'll let you listen only when you get yourself to a woodland setting.

What happens when we crack our knuckles?

For the first time, scientists have proved that the notorious popping sound is the formation of a cavity inside your joint.

Pope's iPad fetches $30,500 at auction

An iPad that belonged to Argentina-born Pope Francis went under the hammer for $30,500 on Tuesday, autioneers in Uruguay said.

Music: Will climate change give us the blues?

Climate change is predicted to intrude into almost every area of life -- from where we live, to what we eat and whom we war with.

Art lovers get naked for new Australia exhibition

Art lovers have stripped off for nude tours of a new exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia, a concept designed to remove the material barrier between artist and audience.