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Gourmets get taste for 'raw' chocolate

"Want to taste? Come on! It's a bit like the sushi of chocolate," calls out raw chocolate maker Frederic Marr, beckoning the curious to his stall at Paris's annual chocolate extravaganza, the Salon du Chocolat.

"Zombie-proof" cabin unveiled just in time for Halloween

A zombie attack could happen at any time -- but with Halloween just around the corner, it's best to be prepared.

Bookstore in London hosts real sleepover with Airbnb after tourist incident

Being locked up inside a bookstore against your will is one thing. But being locked inside Europe’s biggest bookstore for a sleepover with friends, food and miles of books at your disposal is quite another.

KFC Korea births meat monster adding beef patty to Double Down

KFC may have outdone themselves this time with the release of a monstrous, amped up version of its infamous Double Down sandwich: a beef burger patty between their signature deep-fried chicken 'buns.'

British Airways introduces musical meals

Starting in November, the British carrier will offer travelers a new way to enjoy their in-flight meal: a musical playlist curated to match specific dishes. And according to the airline's online magazine, the soundtrack may even enhance the flavors of the food.

Actual hoverboard advertised for $10,000

On Kickstarter, a new project aims to launch a real hoverboard not unlike the one Marty McFly rides in "Back to the Future 2." Unlike a number of failed attempts at levitating skateboards, the Hendo Over is said to be real and already operational. For a pledge of $10,000, funders can reserve one of the first hoverboards, which are due to ship in fall 2015.

Spooky Halloween ads putting the fright on this fall

Ikea has recreated a scene from classic horror movie "The Shining," in what could be its scariest advert yet just in time for Halloween. Here we take a look at some of the best frightening ads to hit screens so far this year.

Papal favourites served up in new recipe book

From an Argentinian dessert that translates as "milk candy" to Polish ravioli, a member of Vatican's famed Swiss Guard on Tuesday unveiled a range of recipes of dishes favoured by popes.

Jalapeno mac and cheese and wasabi ginger win Lay's chip contest

Snackers in North America have spoken: The next potato chip flavors to hit grocery store shelves will be Jalapeno Mac N’ Cheese in Canada and Wasabi Ginger in the US.

The most European villages in the US: Trivago

Don’t have the budget to visit Switzerland or Germany? Americans may want to consider hitting up local towns in Michigan, Florida and Texas, home to hidden, little-known European villages of their own.