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Subway Symphony project aims to create musical turnstiles

Musician James Murphy, formerly of LCD Soundsystem, has partnered with beer company Heineken in an attempt to bring his long-gestating Subway Symphony project to New York City.

American company offers 3D face printing

Sure, you can already print a 3D figurine of yourself, or anyone else for that matter, after head-to-toe scanning, but now an American start-up is offering to print exact facial replicas, from small to life size.

3D-printed bridge coming to Amsterdam

Amsterdam-based 3D printing company MX3D has paired with Dutch designer Joris Laarman to construct a 3D bridge that is expected to be completed by 2017.

Paris to be transformed into white-themed outdoor picnic

On Thursday night, thousands of elegantly dressed Parisians clad head to toe in white will transform an iconic site in the City of Light into an outdoor pop-up restaurant.

Meet the world’s first luxury monster truck

At just shy of 10 meters in length and standing 3.65m tall, the Sin City Hustler is bigger than the average studio apartment.

Slovak makers of flying car press on after crash

Slovak tech firm AeroMobil is working on a new prototype of its flying car, weeks after the vehicle of the future spread its wings and crashed during a test flight.

Three tunes battle to become new Swiss national anthem

The lofty tones fill a wood cabin on the outskirts of the emerald green meadow considered the birthplace of Switzerland, as three songs compete to become the country's new national anthem.

Godzilla gets residency in Tokyo

Fictional city-wrecking monster Godzilla has been granted special residency in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, as a newly-installed model of the lizard's huge head proves a pull to visitors.

Self-service pub is toast of tiny Czech village

A self-service pub offering local beer has become a hit in a tiny Czech village where touring cyclists mingle with locals to help themselves to the country's favourite tipple.

A century on, experts crack mystery of holes in Swiss cheese

Eureka! After about a century of research, Swiss scientists have finally cracked the mystery of the holes in Swiss cheese.