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The View from the Shard to host giant Twister game for singles

For London singletons tired of hitting up pubs or the online dating world, The Shard will roll out a polka-dotted carpet for a friendly game of Twister that takes the search for love to new heights.

Kickstarter potato salad guy to host spud party in Toronto

Canadian restaurant chain Jack Astor’s has made good on its promise to collaborate with the internet sensation behind the potato salad phenomenon on Kickstarter and will be bringing the Columbus, Ohio man to Toronto for a potato salad cook-off.

Tutti frutti-flavored ice cream changes color as you lick it

A physicist turned chef has put his scientific knowledge to good -- nay, very good -- use by creating a magical ice cream that turns color as it melts.

Glasgow mixologist creates cocktail with 71 ingredients for Commonwealth Games

In homage to the Commonwealth Games currently underway in Glasgow, a local mixologist has created a monster cocktail made with 71 ingredients sourced from every competing Commonwealth country.

Britons seen abroad as boozy with bad diets, study says

Young foreigners are drawn to Britain by its rich culture and good manners but are put off by its weather and passion for binge-drinking and lousy food, according to a survey published Tuesday.

Indoor rock climbing project tackles the problem of exercise boredom

Augmented reality researchers in Finland have designed a solution for those who have climbed the wall at their local fitness club enough times to have memorized every nook and cranny: Using an X-Box Kinect, they add virtual nemeses such as approaching chainsaws to give climbers new thrills and challenges.

Lechal smart shoes: a step in the right direction

With Lechal shoes you can pretend to your friends that you always know where you're going, thanks to vibrating insoles that relay navigation information to the soles of your feet.

'A Body of Skin': new furniture collection echoes the human body

There's nothing like a favorite chair that hugs you like a second skin, but one designer has taken things a step further with her latest project.

High tech rolls into the restroom

Conceived by its designers as a restroom accessory to help you go in peace, the RollScout automatically keeps track of toilet paper levels and can alert you in advance if the roll is reaching its end.

Failed Marx letter sale disappoints Chinese capitalists

A letter by the late Karl Marx, the German philosopher who offered an alternative to capitalism, has failed to sell in Communist-ruled China because the auctioneer set too high a price.