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Germany company launches at-home delivery service of in-flight meals

For the flyers who look forward to tucking into their tray of foil-wrapped chicken or beef and devour their brownie dessert with gusto, a German company has partnered with airline caterers to start a home delivery service that will bring leftover airplane food to their door.

Japan firm has 'thumbs up' solution for bigger smartphones

Human thumbs are just too stumpy to navigate bigger-than-ever smartphone screens, but a Japanese gadget maker has a solution: a thumb extender.

Ready for robot cheerleaders?

They don't get upset when dropped from the team, never forget a routine and never stress about diet and as great they are to watch and as social media-friendly as their performances are, Murata's Cheerleaders also demonstrate a significant technological breakthrough.

New book examines the lush life of Karl Lagerfeld's cat

Launched this week, "Choupette - the Enchanted Life of a Fashion Cat" is a journey into the privileged existence of the fashion industry's most famous feline. Written by Patrick Mauriès and Jean-Christophe Napias, the 123-page hardcover book is illustrated by Karl Lagerfeld himself.

KLM hires Sherlock the dog for their lost and found service

Dutch airline KLM’s newest recruit is arguably its cutest yet, a plucky little beagle named Sherlock whose job it is to reunite forgetful passengers with their belongings.

Tim Hortons transforms Calgary house into coffee shop

Coffee and donut chain Tim Hortons surprised a neighborhood in Calgary, Canada this week by turning a residential home into a fully functioning store overnight.

New desk features a human-sized hamster wheel for staying active at the office

We are more aware than ever of the damaging consequences that sitting at a desk all day can have on your health.

Strati: the first (almost) entirely 3D-printed car

With the exception of its tires, electric motor and battery, the Strati is made entirely of 3D-printed parts. The vehicle was assembled last week at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago.

Epic food battle pits man against tiny hamster in hot dog eating contest

Japanese competitive eating champion Takeru Kobayashi faces off against a formidable nemesis in a cheeky new YouTube viral video that pits man versus hamster in a dramatic hot dog eating showdown.

Japan's 'apple watch': a-peeling to core fans

Manufacturing finesse, precision craftmanship and a love of all things quirky have produced the Apple Watch -- Japan's real-life version.