My Sinchew/ Kooky

British designer growing trees into furniture

Deep in the English countryside, there's a bizarre sight: rows of trees being grown into upside-down chairs, slowly taking shape over years of careful nurturing.

China set to open world's highest glass-bottomed bridge

China is set to become home to the tallest, longest, and, arguably, scariest pedestrian bridge in the world, when construction of a glass-bottomed bridge is complete in the national park that inspired the floating mountains from the James Cameron film “Avatar.”

Vienna's gay traffic signals get green light to stay for good

Gay-themed traffic lights installed in Vienna for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest have proven so popular that authorities have now decided to keep them for good and even turn them into t-shirts.

Delta releases new meme-packed safety video

The latest in a long line of quirky in-flight safety videos comes from Delta, which has packed a multitude of internet memes into its six-minute clip.

Russia's chocolate 'art', luxury morale booster for more than the elite

Portraits of Audrey Hepburn and Charlie Chaplin, views of Venetian canals or a growling lion, these artworks all have something in common outside hefty pricetags -- they're edible.

Zombies invade Tokyo park for lurch of the living dead

The living dead stalked Tokyo Saturday as some 100 zombie fans lurched around a city park for an annual gathering in grisly makeup.

Travel agents share the strangest requests from holidaymakers

A list of some of the strangest requests made to travel agents reveals that some of us are a little more worldly than others.

UK exams to recognise teenage DJs

Budding DJs in England will be able to use their turntable talents to impress examiners following an overhaul of the country's music curriculum.

Japan heading for toilet diplomacy

Japan is readying to lift the lid on what could be its most effective global marketing gimmick yet: the high-tech toilet seat.

Blur churns out their own ice cream

British rock band Blur has launched their own brand of ice cream to coincide with the release of their newest album “The Magic Whip.”