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KFC's chicken fillet-swaddled hot dog goes viral

KFC has done it again, snatching headlines around the world for its latest extreme sandwich: a hot dog wrapped snugly in a deep-fried chicken patty.

Mexico City swaps squats for subway rides

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but the overweight in Mexico City will be glad to hear there is such a thing as a free subway ride.

New app lets you fake being in a relationship

This Valentine's Day, singles will be able to pretend they have a boyfriend or girlfriend using a new app that generates fake phone calls to the user's smartphone and lovey-dovey text messages that are -- alas -- conceived in cyberspace.

Restaurant creates Kimye-inspired Valentine's Day menu

Aspiring Kimye couples take note: A Brooklyn restaurant has created a special Valentine’s Day menu inspired by the power couple.

Dog lovers to have their day with plans for canine cafes

Fret not, dog lovers: a cafe for canines may be coming to a town near you.

Something fishy: Chinese car boasts tank in back seat

Combine a fish tank and a driverless car and what do you get? The WitStar, an autonomous electric vehicle from China's GAC.

Watch Sir Patrick Stewart play the passenger from hell

A video sketch starring Sir Patrick Stewart re-enacting the most annoying types of airline passengers has gone viral for the actor’s cheeky interpretations of the ‘Chatty Cathy,’ ‘Stinky Snacker,’ and ‘Seat Climber.’

'Nerd Girl' seeks perfect date for Tokyo birthday dinner

Scoring a table at the Tokyo pop-up of the world's finest restaurant for your 39th birthday is hard.

'Transformers 4' nominated for seven Razzie Awards

The organizers of the Razzie Awards, who single out the worst of Hollywood with golden raspberry-shaped trophies, have revealed their selection of the low points of the past year in film. "Transformers: Age of Extinction," "Saving Christmas," "The Legend of Hercules" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" were all slammed with multiple nominations.

World tour ends in anti-climax for jilted Canadian

A jilted Canadian man who posted an ad online for a travel partner with the same name as his ex-girlfriend is back home in Toronto after a world tour.