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Pop-up café aims to reconcile Londoners with local foxes

After the opening of its first cat café and owl bar, London is getting a new animal-themed hangout, this one featuring a creature often misunderstood by residents of the British capital.

Outrageous chocolate Easter bunny costs $49,000 thanks to diamond eyes

It took a master chocolatier, cocoa from Tanzania and two solitaire diamonds to create what’s being billed as the world’s most extravagant chocolate Easter bunny, worth $49,000 -- or, the price of a high-end car.

McDonald's rolls out one-day 'gifts of joy' campaign around the world

McDonald’s launched a global, one-day publicity campaign in 24 cities around the world Tuesday, hoping that a mosh pit of balls inside a giant coffee cup, free breakfasts, pyjama parties, and surprise concerts by Jessie J and Ne-Yo will help boost flagging sales and drive customers through its doors.

Trend: art-inspired emojis and emoji-inspired art

The art world has been buzzing this week about a new set of emojis inspired by the many faces of the photographer Cindy Sherman -- just one of many recent examples of the art world taking the humble smiley face to new levels.

The PancakeBot: 3D printing, as applied to breakfast

The breakfast table could get a lot more fun for those who invest in the PancakeBot, a 3D printer whose medium is pancake batter.

Clean Reader app lets you clean up - or water down? - your e-books

An app that lets users choose how much profanity they want to let into their reading experience has acquired users in 70 countries, and plenty of reactions along the way.

Watch out for flying shoes in downtown Tokyo

Less a case of cops and robbers and more of Crocs and robots, the shoe brand is using drones to quite literally launch its new Norlin range of sneakers in Japan.

Japanese 'pear fairy' Funassyi plots world domination

From the country that brought you Godzilla, Hello Kitty and Pokemon, comes a hyperactive "pear fairy" with a love for heavy metal that has taken Japan by storm -- and now plans to conquer the world.

'Walking Dead' town up for sale in killer deal on eBay

A ghost town in Georgia which was used as a filming location for the popular zombie series "The Walking Dead" has been put up for sale on eBay.

Google brings its Street View into the heart of the Amazon

With the help of a zip-line and of its wearable 360° camera system, the Trekker, Google managed to capture several spectacular views from the South American rainforest. Through Street View, internet users can now glide along the trees, float down the river and even visit remote villages.