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Google's new Android seeks to make smartphone smarter

Google's updated Android mobile software seeks to make the smartphone smarter, while keeping the search titan relevant in a world where people rely on apps on the go.

US unveils plan to subsidize broadband for poor

The top US telecom regulator on Thursday unveiled plans to subsidize high-speed Internet for low-income households, saying the service was essential for people trying to better themselves.

Google unveils Android Pay in fresh challenge to Apple

Google on Thursday unveiled its pay-with-a-phone system for Android devices, ramping up its challenge to Apple in mobile payments.

Google launches Photos app with unlimited storage

As widely predicted, the company has separated image hosting and sharing from its floundering Google+ social network.

Google announces Internet of Things platform

Project Brillo will be the name of Google's second attempt to create an operating system that links objects from thermostats to washing machines to each other and to the web.

A fix is on the way for the iPhone messaging bug

Apple is working on a solution to the curious problem of text messages that can make its smartphones crash.

A new smartphone, watch and shoes presented at Lenovo Tech World

At Lenovo Tech World, Chinese manufacturer Lenovo demonstrated its vision of computing and emerging technology and presented a plethora of new devices and concepts, including a smartphone with an integrated focus-free laser projector, a watch with two screens and a pair of connected shoes.

Moto Maker makes its way to China

Motorola's online smartphone customization platform will allow consumers in the world's biggest smartphone market to make their devices stand out.

Shazam app launches visual scanning feature

The app that's all-ears to identify those great tunes you hear and love has now been given eyes.

Now anyone can tango with one of Google's 3D scanning tablets

Gogle's Project Tango tablets are now on sale to the public for $512, via the Google Store.