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Nokia intros most affordable Windows Phone 8.1 device yet

With a retail price of €99 (around $135), the Nokia Lumia 530 promises to make Microsoft's mobile operating system accessible to a wider clientele. In light of its low price, it's no surprise that this four-inch Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone is not 4G-ready.

Samsung's latest UHDTV comes with an ultra-high price

The television, which officially goes on sale in the US this week comes with a 105-inch curved screen and a $120,000 price tag.

Microsoft unifying Windows for all devices

During Microsoft's quarterly earnings call, CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that the company is set to converge its different operating systems into a single version of Windows.

Consumers ready to spend big on high-tech products: report

According to the latest Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) data, confidence in the economy is at its highest in the US since 2012. And this optimism is expected to translate into a similar confidence in the latest big ticket and emerging tech gadgets.

Crowdfunded Energi 2K Travel Charger has battery of uses

The Energi 2K Travel Charger is a travel plug, wall charger and smartphone battery pack all rolled into one compact, brightly colored gadget.

Facebook lets users squirrel items away

Facebook on Monday began letting people squirrel away online tidbits such as links to chew on more thoroughly later.

High tech rolls into the restroom

Conceived by its designers as a restroom accessory to help you go in peace, the RollScout automatically keeps track of toilet paper levels and can alert you in advance if the roll is reaching its end.

New MIT material turns sunlight into steam

Researchers at MIT have developed a material that they claim generates steam by soaking up the sun.

Five GoPro alternatives

GoPro has been the dominant player in the action camera market in recent years, so much so that the name has virtually become a generic trademark. But there are plenty of other action-ready video cameras capable of filming your extreme sports outings in Full HD (1080p). Though sometimes less advanced than the latest GoPro devices, these models are nonetheless decent alternatives for most users.

Lunar landing footage remastered and on YouTube

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the first moon walk, NASA has uploaded a remastered version of the three-hour television broadcast of the event.