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The LG F60 a big phone for those with small pockets

Apple and Samsung aren't the only smartphone giants launching new handsets at the moment; LG has just very calmly and quietly announced the LG F60, a phone it describes as "stylish" and offering a "premium 4G LTE experience".

New iPad to offer gold option: report

A new report from Bloomberg tallies with earlier rumors that Apple will be adopting the same color palette it uses for iPhones on the next generation iPad Air.

Jimmy Kimmel: the most dangerous celebrity on the internet?

It's not because the late night talk show host's comedy routines are particularly edgy or because his interviewing technique involves sharp objects or perilous situations, but because, according to McAfee, there's a one in five chance of accidently infecting your computer with a virus or malware when searching for his name.

Retina display iMacs coming in October?

The latest rumors surrounding what Apple will or won't be announcing at its next media event are focused on its range of desktop computers.

Microsoft gives peek at coming Windows 10 software

Microsoft on Tuesday offered its first glimpse of its Windows 10 software that it hopes delivers a winning formula for powering tablets and smartphones, along with laptops and desktop computers.

The Apple Watch makes a fashionably late debut

Apple's first smartwatch is coming to Paris as part of Fashion Week and for one day only will be on display at the Colette concept store.

Meet the world's thinnest smartphone

The Gionee ELFIE 5.1 has set a new Guinness World Record for its diminutive dimensions -- it's just 5.1mm thick.

Apple software update protects Macs from 'Bash' bug

Apple on Monday issued a software update to protect Macintosh computers from being bitten by a recently discovered "Bash" bug seen as a threat to Internet-linked devices.

LG 3G smartwatch in the works: report

Documents filed with the FCC in the US detail a device that has the potential to connect to the internet and make calls without being tethered to a smartphone.

GoPro unveils three new models, including $130 action cam

Hoping to maintain its edge in the face of increasing competition, GoPro is launching the HERO4 Silver and Black, both able to shoot in 4K resolution, as well as an aggressively priced entry-level model, the HERO. The new action cams go on sale from October 5.