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Speaking to the masses: Samsung focuses on affordability for new wireless speakers

Samsung is the latest company to offer a range of affordable wireless speakers in the hopes of cashing in on the growing popularity of music streaming services.

Will the 'iWatch' be worth $400?

Reports suggest that Apple's team is considering charging a premium for the company's first wearable technology device. And while all 'idevices' come with a hefty price tag, charging so much for a smartwatch would mean that Apple would be putting it on a par with brands like Tissot and Breil, rather than Samsung or Fitbit.

Japan firm showcases 'touchable' 3D technology

Technology that generates touchable 3D imagery was unveiled in Japan Monday, with its developers saying users could pull and push objects that are not really there.

Apple partnering with AmEx and Visa on mobile payments service

New reports claim that a new virtual wallet is almost certainly going to be one of the iPhone's biggest new features.

Notebooks and tablets high on back-to-school shopping lists

As students head off to college for the start of the academic year, more than half will do so with a new tablet or notebook.

PC sales expected to pick up

Ever since the iPad was launched in 2010, people have been talking about when, not if, the demand for traditional PCs would disappear altogether.

What to expect at Apple's upcoming event

After months of speculation, the world's most secretive consumer technology company has finally sent out the official invites to an event on September 9, where the unveiling of the iPhone 6 is expected to take place.

A professional camera for the selfie-obsessed

Olympus has added a new model to its PEN range of beautifully styled mirrorless cameras that is focused as much on helping users capture and share stunning self-portraits as it is on offering DLSR performance in a compact package.

Microsoft to clamp down on ‘misleading' apps

Over 1500 Windows Phone apps have already been removed as part of a concerted effort from Microsoft to police the quality and legitimacy of titles uploaded to the Windows Store.

The LG G Watch R - time to get fashionable

The South Korean company's second attempt at a smartwatch is all about dialing up the style rather than trying to replace a smartphone or trying to second guess what other companies are going to be integrating into their intelligent timepieces.