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Heading towards more autonomous and multi-use connected watches

Chinese manufacturer Huawei, through its Honor brand, has announced a new connected watch to come out before the end of the year, even though its own watch, presented at the MWC in Barcelona this past March, has yet to be widely commercialized outside of China.

IP addresses are about to run out

The American Registry for Internet Numbers has announced that it only has a few IPv4 addresses left.

Google 'campuses' give tech startups room to flourish

In a nod to its humble beginning in the garage of a Silicon Valley house, Google is building "campuses" around the world intended as fertile ground where entrepreneurs can flourish.

Facebook tests video ads in budding YouTube challenge

Facebook on Thursday confirmed that it is dabbling in video ads and sharing revenue with content creators, in a move that would compete with Google-owned YouTube..

Facebook discreetly changes logo

Facebook unveils a new logo but the changes appear only slight.

Facebook's Zuckerberg wants to figure out social equation

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg figures there could be a formula that explains how people think.

Cross-platform app Pushbullet launches messenging feature

The popular cross-platform app has made its most important modification to-date.

Apple Music: how it stacks up against the competition

On June 30, at 8am PT, Apple will release an update for its iOS (8.4) and for iTunes, integrating its new music streaming device into both. Apple Music, a members-only service compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and PC, is being launched in over 100 countries on Tuesday.

Facebook brings Snapchat-style photo tools to iOS app

Facebook has added new features to its iOS app that bear more than a passing resemblance to Snapchat.

Handwriting not on the wall for fax machines

It may have slipped from its golden age into its golden years, but two decades into the Internet era the fax machine is still, perhaps surprisingly, holding its place in many offices.