My Sinchew/ Hudud

Sarawak rejects hudud: CM

"Sarawak will not agree to the hudud law, and our stand is consistent with that of the late former chief minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem, that we are against the hudud."

Secularism undermines Islamic agenda: IKSIM

IKSIM is of the view that as the country's official religion, the Islamic mechanism should command the highest position, not as an alternative to the legacy of the colonial times.

Pivotal role

The attitude of East Malaysian MPs -- whether they just sit on the fence and watch or register their strong and unbending opposition for the sake of this country -- will be instrumental in the development of this whole thing.

Najib's contradictory ways

Najib is putting himself at the fork of two contradictory ways, uncertain which way he should steer the nation to.

RUU355 applicable to West Malaysian Muslims only

Umno's amendment bill will specify that it is applicable to West Malaysian Muslims only, and will not be applicable to non-Muslims and East Malaysians.

New and old friends

"Hadi's version" will not only tear up existing political alliances, but will also divide the society and people, entrenching further the confrontation.

Umno and PAS, the bed partners to be

As the war of words is rife over this side, somewhere else Umno and PAS are more than ready to embrace each other to advance their own political interests.

Umno's dilemma

Taking over Hadi's private bill has been a risky move that shouldn't have been adopted in the first place, as it not only endangers the position of Umno and BN, but will also put the whole country in hot water due to the unprincipled, interest-first political maneuver.

Najib to brief non-Muslims on RUU355

Joseph Kurup says PM Najib made a special statement during Wednesday's cabinet meeting that he would brief the non-Muslim community in the country on the RUU355 amendments.

Crossing the red line

There is a bottomline as to how far any political calculation can go. We must not rock the foundation of our nation-building for the sake of near-term political interests.


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