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New treatments may prolong health after breast cancer

Promising advances in research could mean longer, healthier lives for women with breast cancer, the number one cancer in women worldwide, experts said Saturday at a major US cancer conference.

Study links pesticide DDT to higher breast cancer risk

A five-decade study of US women has found that those exposed to high levels of the pesticide DDT in the womb were four times as likely to get breast cancer.

Sunshine won’t suffice as only vitamin D source during pregnancy

Even in one of the world's favorite places to catch some rays -- the Mediterranean -- low levels of vitamin D are common during pregnancy, according to a new study.

Minor operation greatly boosts risks of very premature births

One of the commonest surgical procedures in gynaecology greatly increases the risk that a woman will give birth prematurely in later pregnancies, a study said Tuesday.

SmartPlate, a connected plate to help your diet

This intelligent plate, currently in development, does the calorie counting for its users, analyzes how quickly they are eating and can even warn them when they surpass their recommended daily intake.

Study sees success in training women to prevent rape

A program that teaches university-age women how to avoid rape has shown some success in reducing the numbers of women in Canada who are sexually assaulted, said a study Wednesday.

Brain health benefits of Mediterranean diet confirmed by new study

A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine provides new evidence that a diet rich in olive oil, nuts, fish, fruit, vegetables and legumes may reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

Late night snacking brings about food high for women: study

If sneaking a piece of cake from the fridge at midnight seems somehow better than doing so in the evening, that's because certain areas of your brain are more receptive to food at night, according to a new study on women at Brigham Young University in the US.

Obesity in pregnancy puts child at diabetes risk: study

Women who are obese while pregnant may put their offspring at risk of childhood diabetes, a condition that requires lifelong insulin therapy, Swedish researchers said Tuesday.

Low-cost gene testing for breast cancer enters market

California-based startup Color Genomics announced on Tuesday genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancers for a fraction of the current cost.