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Low blood sugar bad for marital bliss: study

Low blood sugar isn't good for marital bliss because it makes spouses more prone to anger and aggression, says a new study out Monday.

Young women who eat lots of veggies are healthier later

Young women who eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables show significantly lower rates of hardening in the arteries 20 years later, said US research out Friday.

Study: drinking milk could prevent arthritis in women

Drinking low-fat or skim milk could slow the progression of knee arthritis, according to a recent study published in Arthritis Care & Research, the journal of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR).

Marriage is healthy for the heart: study

Being married makes for a healthy heart, while being divorced or widowed is linked to higher rates of cardiovascular disease, according to a study of 3.5 million people released Friday.

Social pressures force Tunisia women to fake virginity

It happens every April ahead of the summer marriage season, says Tunisian gynaecologist Faouzi Hajri -- desperate brides-to-be beg for surgery to make them "virgins" again for their wedding night.

Increasing protein intake may benefit older women

A preliminary new study from Purdue University suggests that older women may benefit from eating a diet featuring 29 percent more protein than what's recommended by current US nutritional guidelines.

'Mama Kanga': Nigeria's 'well woman'

Fortified by a faith in God and a Guinness stout -- or a tot of something stronger -- Ololade Rabiu reckons she must have dug hundreds of wells in her time.

Wedding dress on the tight side? 5 foods to avoid

Altered and carefully placed on its hanger, your wedding dress is ready and waiting for you. But will your measurements be the same on the big day? It's a question that many future brides ask themselves, especially if they have chosen a particularly form-fitting gown. Of course, it is essential to exercise and avoid overeating in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding. But it's also advisable to watch your intake of these five bloat-causing items for a few days before stepping into your gown.

A look at some of the best female chefs in the world

The next woman to be named the world’s best female chef will join an elite sorority of colleagues who have carved a name and reputation for themselves in a distinctly man’s world.

Physically active mothers may have positive impact on kids: study

Parents who are physically active are more likely to have children who are physically active, but a new Cambridge-led study is the first to indicate a direct link between the activity level of a mother and that of her child.