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Belly dancing could encourage positive body-image: study

Popular for the fitness benefits of its torso-driven moves and for pure enjoyment, the practice of belly dancing could also lead to improved body image for women, according to researchers from Flinders University in Australia.

Big weddings, few partners could be the formula for a happy marriage: study

A big wedding celebration preceded by few romantic relationships for both the bride and the groom could be a positive sign that they will be happy together years down the road, according to researchers at the University of Virginia.

Potassium-rich foods offer health benefits for older women: study

Healthy postmenopausal women reduce their risk of stroke if their diet is rich in potassium, according to a research team led by Sylvia Wassertheil-Smoller, Ph.D., of Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx.

New study favors sutures over staples for closing a C-section incision

Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia believe to have settled a longstanding debate over how to close a C-section, sutures trumping staples by a whopping 57 percent decrease in wound complications.

Babbling with baby could be beneficial: study

Even if it's incomprehensible, listening and responding to baby babble could speed up language development skills by teaching babies they are capable of communicating, according to findings of a preliminary study by researchers from the University of Iowa and Indiana University.

What do healthy moms have in common the world over? Babies of the same size, study says

A landmark international study tracked almost 60,000 pregnancies from a diverse selection of countries that included Brazil, China, India, Italy, Kenya, Oman, the UK and the USA. They found that the babies were overwhelmingly similar in size under the condition that they were born to well-educated mothers in good health who ate well during pregnancy.

Drug-detecting nail polish could become a woman’s best friend

The only better source of girl power than an attack Chihuahua to ward off fishy acquaintances would be none other than drug-detecting nail polish. A subtle stir with a finger can detect whether the drink brought over by a stranger at a party is safe.

Exercise could lower risk of irregular heartbeat for women in the golden years: study

US researchers observed post-menopausal women enrolled in the Women's Health Initiative (WHI), a 15-year study that began in 1991, and concluded that exercise decreased chances of developing atrial fibrillation (AF) by ten percent.

For women whose biological clock is ticking, the sound of an actual clock can speed it up: study

It's more than a metaphor: the sound of an actual ticking clock can ignite a woman's desire for children -- that is, if she comes from a background in which having kids is already a priority, according to a small new study by researchers at Florida State University.

Does a healthy heart start with a healthy marriage?

In a cross-sectional study of affairs of the heart -- in both biological and sentimental terms -- researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have linked cardiovascular health to marriage.