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The Crufts Dog Show... in pictures

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(United Kingdom, Birmingham-AFP) - Dogs strut their stuff on the infamous green carpet for the annual Crufts Dog Show. Copyright (AFP RELAXNEWS/ AFPTV), 2015.

Copa America counts down 100 days to kick-off

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(Chile, Santiago-AFP) - The Latin world gears up for a titanic clash for the Copa America, a tournament that will pit the world's top football players against each other in Chile. Copyright (AFP RELAXNEWS/ AFPTV), 2015.

Crimean oysters aim for Russian palates

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(Simeiz-AFP) - Sergei Kulik is Crimea's only producer of oysters and the annexation of the peninsula by Russia has opened new trading markets. Copyright (AFP RELAXNEWS/ AFPTV), 2015.

Prince William dons samurai gear on Japan tour

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Britain's Prince William dons the trappings of feudal nobility in Japan, wearing the helmet and clothes of an ancient samurai during a tour of a TV studio. Copyright (AFP RELAXNEWS/ AFPTV), 2015.

Jalan Sultan -A glimpse into the past

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Our Home, Malaysia

To Chinese Malaysians today, the question whether Malaysia is our home shouldn't be one that would invoke a second thought. Tang Lieuk Mui and her daughter, and granddaughter have different interpretations of their homeland. Copyright (Sinchew-i), 2012.