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Foraging for food in New York's parks

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(United States, New York-AFP) - Foraging for wild, edible plants and berries is becoming a popular pastime in New York, with several restaurants now selling dishes that can be sourced to the city’s parks and open spaces. Copyright (AFP RELAXNEWS/ AFPTV), 2014.

A Japanese Ironman-like robot-suit to help elderly

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(Japan-AFP) - A Japanese tech company showcases the latest model of its Ironman-like robot-suit they say will soon be deployed in medical facilities for care of the elderly. Copyright (AFP RELAXNEWS/ AFPTV), 2013.

Switzerland launches first mobile robot to help travellers

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The airport of Geneva in Switzerland has launched the first movable and autonomous robot, which is used to guide travellers with around 10 destinations: from toilets to ATM and baggage claim. Copyright (AFP RELAXNEWS/ AFPTV), 2012.

Collectors snap up art works at ArtBasel

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(Switzerland-AFP) - World famous art works have been flying off the exhibition walls at Switzerland's accalimed ArtBasel show, with collectors snapping up pieces by Sergei Jensen, Tracey Emin and Mark Bradford. Copyright (AFP RELAXNEWS/ AFPTV), 2012.

Bamboo bikes prove a hit in London

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(United Kingdom-AFP) - In east London, the Bamboo Bicycle Club allows people to build their own bamboo-framed bicycle and complete it with whichever fittings and fixtures they wish, over the course of a weekend. Copyright (AFP RELAXNEWS/ AFPTV), 2013.

Jalan Sultan -A glimpse into the past

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Our Home, Malaysia

To Chinese Malaysians today, the question whether Malaysia is our home shouldn't be one that would invoke a second thought. Tang Lieuk Mui and her daughter, and granddaughter have different interpretations of their homeland. Copyright (Sinchew-i), 2012.