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New and old friends

"Hadi's version" will not only tear up existing political alliances, but will also divide the society and people, entrenching further the confrontation.

Addressing the micro school dilemma

The question now is that the government does not have plans to institutionalize the construction of Chinese primary schools in the country, resulting in the undersupply of Chinese primary schools in many urban areas.

Reversing a flawed decision

As we are gearing up to become a fully developed nation, we need competitive and capable young people; we must never sacrifice the quality of education just because we want to cut expenses.

Patriotism, never as simple as ABC

All our politicians, government officials and private citizens claim they love this country, but why don't we see the achievements that befit such a generous outpour of love?

Between truths and untruths

People are no longer bothered whether the news they are fed with is real or unreal. They choose to believe, or unbelieve.

Drug addiction among our teenagers

Drugs have become increasingly attractive to young people because of affordability, as well as the youngster's curiosity, influences from friends and their own inability to resist temptation.

Umno and PAS, the bed partners to be

As the war of words is rife over this side, somewhere else Umno and PAS are more than ready to embrace each other to advance their own political interests.

Mahathir's whimsical theory

This kind of tactic is a trademark of Mahathir who would now clumsily project the same picture onto the state of Johor.

Adopt inclusive policies to prevent a failing state

Exclusive policies will further undermine our strained national unity; we must be more inclusive, or we will become a failing state, and then a failed state!

Umno's dilemma

Taking over Hadi's private bill has been a risky move that shouldn't have been adopted in the first place, as it not only endangers the position of Umno and BN, but will also put the whole country in hot water due to the unprincipled, interest-first political maneuver.


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