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Guiding light

While in the past we could still cling on to our patronage system and resist change, we can no longer do the same today. Change, or be changed by the world.

A tycoon's advice

"The train of the nation had been put on the wrong track. Hussein wasn't strong enough to lift up the train and set it down on the right track."

Proton on the road of resurgence

The revived company must break the shackles and not to be bogged down by its old self as it strives to earn market acceptance once again through improved product quality.

Property and oil prices

The government must monitor the real estate market to make sure the demand-supply equation will not become off balance and that houses are within public affordability.

Does freedom come with a price?

We must create a society in which the inalienable rights of individuals are respected and powers of government monitored with a proper checks and balances mechanism.

Stop the senseless comparisons

Studying is never meant to create numbers for making comparisons.

Return of English schools an unassailable trend

There are over a hundred international schools with a combined enrolment in excess of 60,000 in this country, attesting to the vast popularity of international schools among our well-to-do families.

Finally, there's new hope for our environment

The civil society must be fully consulted and their views be diligently taken into account in finalizing the new laws.

The friend of an enemy is... a friend?

Politics is an anything-goes art. We won't know when they are serious and when they are just making believe.

Supply imbalance

As luxury condominiums and office spaces are in a glut, there is an obvious short supply of affordable homes for average Malaysians.


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