My Sinchew/ Opinion

Misplaced tactic

What works so well in the Chinese community may not work at all in the Malay society.

Our language dilemma

Chinese Malaysians will continue to be ensnared in this language dilemma owing to the historical, cultural and practical factors.

Political lethargy

If Pakatan is not even courageous enough to take the lead to change, how do we expect it to change this country?

Need for a comprehensive foreign workforce policy

We must not allow illegal foreign workers to flood our job market without taking any action.

BM proficiency for civil servants

A civil servant must be equipped with a certain level of BM proficiency in order to effectively communicate with people and serve the public.

New liquor tax laws not so bitter for 'real beer' drinker

In 2015, the average individual consumed 42.3 liters of beer in Japan.

The dilemma of fuel dealers

Under the weight of rising operating cost, some of the petrol stations have been unable to break even in their businesses.

Sealing off the IS

These people are like walking time bombs ready to go off any time to threaten regional security and stability.

The Scandal King

Mahathir's "political legacy" has done immeasurable damage to this country.

East Malaysian youth: the new brokers in Malaysian federalism?

Such initiatives would help to mainstream East Malaysian discourse and develop thought leaders, and ultimately push for more East Malaysian representation in discussions on national affairs.


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