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Umno's lame excuse

They pledged loyalty to Najib in the past, and follow wherever Ahmad Zahid takes them today. Who knows they may turn to Anwar or even Mahathir tomorrow!

No one can save Umno!

Umno's elected reps and support base will eventually drift towards PH. Wresting back Putrajaya in GE15? Fat hope!

Dilemma in Umno-PAS relationship

Even if PAS forms a loose coalition with Umno or any other party, they will ensure that PAS will be the dominant component. They're not stupid!

4Cs and C4 in Umno: Implosion within

Over the last 15 years, at the very least, Umno has been overwhelmingly personified by cash, contracts, connections and concessions (4Cs).

No time for complacency about Malaysia's democracy

Closing civic space is a concern of everyone, as it impacts all of us in the long-term.

Voting at 18

It is hoped that elected reps on both sides of the divide will set aside their differences and arrive at a consensus over this matter.

Umno digging its own grave

Umno has deflected from the path of moderation as it makes no effort to woo back its lost support.

Que Sera Sera

"Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see..."


Umno needs the support of East Malaysians and non-Muslims in order to return to Putrajaya.

A special Merdeka

Flying the Jalur Gemilang shouldn't be contingent on what we feel about our country's current political scenario or its leaders. What is most important is the flag that we fly in our hearts and minds.



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