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"Third vote" nothing to do with race

The government must take a big stride forward, reform the existing system and deepen democratic practices, and not to be held back by antiquated preoccupations.

The bright side of peaceful gathering

It won't be a bad thing if in future such a civilized street rally culture could be perpetuated, so that radical groups in the likes of Perkasa and the Red Shirts will not get to make any headway.

More than just anti-ICERD

Participating in the rally may not be just for ICERD but could also be a convenient outlet for these people's frustration and disenchantment with realistic life.

A gathering uncalled for

Where political manipulation reigns supreme, we see once again that this country is shrouded in a haze of senselessness.

Can Umno go without MCA?

Save for a major shift in the country's political ecosystem, Umno will still need MCA. While this combination may not assure an electoral victory, it is at least the only viable option we can visualize today.

PH's best bet is itself, not a crumbling opposition

PH should not bask in the failure of the opposition, for the key to keeping itself continuously in power lies with itself, not a weak opposition.

Small hearts

Our world is large enough but many still fear to tread outside their comfort zones.

Nip the rumors in the bud

Malaysians must remain highly alert and must carefully filter every piece of information they have been fed with before sharing it on social media.

The dark nights

Politicians must refrain from exploiting racial issues. They must come together to reject all forms of racism for the sake of this nation.

A battle with no clear winner in sight

Political parties on both sides of the divide must stop all unwarranted fights right away and focus on fixing our ailing economy and promoting inter-community understanding.



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