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He who finds peace at home is happiest

We must institute the right family, social and moral values through various means, including legislation, along with the concerted efforts of all quarters in creating a healthy and harmonious society.

Double standards

The decision in the Khalid Samad assault case is an indictment on the sad state of affairs our country is in.

Learning a lesson from the tragedy

We need to realize that bike racing among teenagers is more than just a problem of the individuals involved; it also entails a myriad of social factors.

GST, two years on

Two years on, BN's plan does not seem to work and the economy is not getting any better.

Resistance to UEC recognition

UEC has been extensively recognized by leading institutions worldwide, and this shows that it has achieved a respectable level of academic standards. This is what UEC's opponents need to come to terms with.

Finally, Umno feels the pinch

The game is yet to be over, and Umno will have to draw up some new plans to consolidate its hold of the Malay vote. As such, it is unlikely GE14 will be held very soon.

Putting country's interests first

As Najib has yet to clearly state BN's stand on the amendment bill, there is still room for both sides to cooperate in future.

Confrontation not our way - in reply to DAP's letter

Repeated oppression and ill-intentioned slanders are never part of the democratic pursuits of our diverse Malaysian society, nor the wish of millions of Chinese Malaysians.

Do we need a Minister of Happiness?

Our emphasis on economic growth should be gradually shifted to providing more happiness to Malaysians, as higher incomes alone will not give us happiness. Happiness is all encompassing, as man shall not live by bread alone!

The art of politics

The antagonistic posture between MCA and DAP, and an apparent lack of unified stand among PKR, Bersatu and Amanah all give Umno more room to maneuver its plans.


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