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Boom or bust?

The question is not whether the economy is good or bad, but with what attitude we see our economy

Politics of fear impedes human rights progress

To move forward, we need to overcome the politics of fear, and to do this we have to start from education.

A senior minister's macho posturing

When you are a minister, you can't just say macho things for the sake of it in the heat of the moment.

Debating Islam and democracy

If we want to continue enjoying the benefits of democracy, we must make sure it does not eventually lead to disillusionment.

Education sans elite classes

Abolishing elite classes will help address the issue of over-emphasis on examination results and augur well for the development of more holistic education.

The suspenseful murder on Orient Express

All parties must fight for the endorsement of the rulers, a development that has significantly boosted the rulers' influences. Fighting the royalty? That's suicidal!

Safety first

Having the law alone is not enough; the ministry needs to make sure the law is fully implemented and complied with and that all applications are vetted carefully.

Umno and DAP, the conjoined twins

They cannot survive without the other, but hate being tied down by the other such that they have lost the ability to dictate their own fates.

Ridding the market of fake milk powder

Fake milk powder could have been sold all over the country without we realizing it.

The main theme of this year's Umno assembly

Jerusalem is like a chorus that is suddenly inserted into the body of a song to resonate with the listeners but will never take the place of the main theme which is Mahathir/DAP.


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