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What has it got to do with the pigs?

Proper merchandise labeling is a kind of responsibility retailers should have towards the consumers, failure of which could be seen as an attempt to deceive or mislead the public.

Of paint brushes and mindless enforcement

The enforcement authority's mindless actions have opened a crack line in the country's religious and racial sensitivity, and could potentially become the culprit that kills our hard-earned ethnic harmony.

The return of a rapist

The 24 years Selva Kumar spent behind bars should be enough to make him repent. His remaining years are for his own moral redemption and to turn over a new leaf.

The effectiveness of complaint box in schools

All being said, there is downside allowing students to become informants as this may have a negative bearing on their character building and morality besides exposing them to safety risks.

A 'Malay tsunami' in the making?

There is disagreement within PAS whether to work with Umno. While there are chances Umno will help PAS push through its hudud agenda, some worry PAS could be washed out altogether in the election.

Countries should prepare to tackle new Trump order

It's official. A new world order, aka, the Trump Order, has been set in motion.

The price of good time

The unjustified "good time" we are now enjoying could very likely turn into an exorbitant price we will have to pay sometime in future.

How to deal with the bloated civil service?

The civil service has become a sacred cow, which has to be handled gingerly for fear of reaction against the federal and state governments at the ballot box.

Publish the formula of calculating fuel prices

The best way for the government to clear the doubts of the public is to publish the exact formula of calculating the fuel prices and to answer all their queries in a more transparent manner.

Weeding out fake news

The most basic way of tackling the invasion of false Internet news is to remain sufficiently sober and judgmental to tell the authenticated news from unverified ones as soon as we are fed with the messages.


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