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Umno's demise almost a sure thing now

Mahathir is the ultimate terminator of Umno presidents, and has three in his hit list so far.

Abolition of death penalty and compensation

No one can tell nor prove that the measures will bring any good to the society but will instead exacerbate the government's financial burden.

Mahathir's Crooked Bridge

Given his obstinacy, it is very likely that Mahathir will press ahead with the project as in the case of the third national car project.

From PD to Parliament and Putrajaya

Not currently holding a government position, Anwar can play a pivotal role to bridge the gap between ordinary citizens and the administration.

Hasty decision

The government should have studied the issue more thoroughly before making a decision whether or not to abolish death penalty.

ANN calls for immediate release of three Eleven Media editors

A responsible media outlet must be allowed to do its job without the fetters imposed by a draconian law

Why fewer Chinese tourists are coming

Travel operators claim that the local tourist industry has been suffering since GE14.

Listing GLCs to rejuvenate national economy

The monetization of non-crucial and non-strategic government assets will create an inflow of new funds to help the government offset any existing revenue shortfall.

Quelling the rumors

If Mahathir and Anwar can put their differences behind them and work together, they will make a perfect team.

A day in Port Dickson

Perhaps these are the two things Anwar needs most now: trust from the Malay society and support from Mahathir, which can both be seen here in Port Dickson.



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