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A succession plan in order?

"They feel it's like nepotism and Najib is consolidating his position and promoting his cousin to be deputy Umno president at the expense of Zahid."

Umno's winning formula for GE14

Umno is doing everything it can to please PAS -- including full coordination over Hadi's private bill -- all because of one single purpose: to ensure this formula stays relevant.

F1 halted in tune with major trend

The government has re-aligned the development plan to match the economic benefits and chain effects generated by the sport.

No more trouble for this country, please

BN's policies have made it hard for people of different faiths to communicate and interact, and by right Pakatan should strive to remove such obstacles and promote mutual understanding instead of going down BN's way.

Into thin air

These disappearances and kidnappings have triggered widespread concerns in our society, and could generate an air of uneasiness among the public if the cases are not solved immediately.

The sad thing about RUU355

RUU355 has successfully created a split between the country's Muslim and non-Muslim societies, and if this rift is allowed to expand, social confrontation will set in.

Digital Free Trade Zone is opportunity but for whom?

The Chinese SMEs in Malaysia should get ready fast. Ultimately, to embrace opportunity one still needs to meet certain criteria.

Asia's search for cultural-intellectual rejuvenation

The Asian story is not a belief but a process, in which all of us have a stake: to succeed or fail.

A step forward for RUU355

What worries us is that PAS could gradually build up its momentum through such a process to help it secure a bigger support so that it will be harder to block the bill next time.

The price of political deals

Everything seems to have been planned. The Umno-PAS cooperation is still on-going and Umno has not yet abandoned PAS, and is still looking for ways to reassure its "new friend" after reversing its decision.


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