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Economic considerations in scrapping HSR project

While scrapping the project helps contain near-term fiscal expenditure, it denies the country of mid- to long-term economic-lifting potentials.

Luckily we had a new government

Luckily we had a new government after the May 9 general elections. If BN were to continue running this country, more unimaginable things could pop up.

Reconsidering rail projects

The new government should consider the pros of these rail projects before making any decision.

The dreadful national debt

These figures should have been highlighted to the public before, and we were somewhat misled into believing that our debt was lower.

Time to free up the press

Independent press must be free from intervention from governments or other political or economic factors.

Cleaning up the national institution

Such irregularities must be maximally controlled from the very root of the power structure by reining in the inordinate expansion of executive powers.

Meeting the high expectations

Ideally, selecting cabinet members must be based on the best-person-for-the-job basis, not on gender, race, religion and what not.

Najib's digging his own grave

Umno leaders were living in their own illusionary world whereby BN was still strongly supported by majority of people.

A different Mahathir

Mahathir really wants to do something for the nation and her people, or he would not have gone this far at such an advanced age.

Salute to the New Malaysia

We must stamp out destructive and damaging Perkasa-type of thinking that has eroded national unity and created polarization.


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