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End illegal wildlife trade

We, as mankind, are the ultimate guardians of our planet and all its inhabitants, human and animal.

Who's next?

Racial politics must go so that the country's prosperity could be sustained. And this is absolutely uncompromising!

BN or PH for Selangor?

PAS will only outright show its pro-Umno stand as soon as GE14 is over, provided it wins big in Selangor.

Young Malaysians' dream of unity

They all harbor a common dream of racial harmony and national unity, which should set the direction for this country's future development.

Unwise to politicize Chinese investments

Unfortunately, Chinese investments are being exploited by race-based political parties and organizations accusing them of posing potential threats to the country's security and sovereignty.

RPK and Nazri

A lawyer by training, Nazri shouldn't have been so ignorant of the reality that RPK's stories were no more than a concoction of wild fantasies and his own agendas.

Dragged into the water

Perhaps BN should just focus on playing the China card to win the hearts of Chinese voters. Any uncalled for moves will only derail MCA's plan to woo back Chinese voters.

Will Kedah remain a BN stronghold?

The opposition camp is still vulnerable and to a large extent depends on the personal popularity of Tun Mahathir in order to win Kedah.

A Lunar New Year story

"Kalau kaya hali hali pun hali busat. Gua olang miskin!"

CPI drop deeply disappointing

It's not corruption per se in its narrow concept, but the decline in good governance.


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