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'Fake news' is not journalism

Would you trust your news from any source? How are we able to ensure that 'fake'(d) news does not overtake the flow of information?

Wealth plunderers

All who make big money in get-rich-quick schemes have built their wealth from the losses of late-comers, a fact that hardly justifies their moral existence.

Sanity over greed

It all comes down to one vulnerable human attribute: greed.


Your best bet to riches is your own hard work.

Worrisome trend

If we can't stop the downward trend, perhaps we can strive to create a country thriving on moderate politics and free from racism. Sounds good, but...

Money game country

The surge in illegal trading activities reflects very badly on the effectiveness of government enforcement.

Bangsa Malaysia: First things first

Bangsa Malaysia? We have been talking about it for ages, and are still talking about it today!

Myanmar's policy shifts towards major powers

It remains to be seen how Suu Kyi's reputation and shuttle diplomacy will play out as Myanmar intensifies broader engagements with major powers while mitigating the adverse effects of Rakhine.

Lessons from Ahok's defeat

It is good to be ambitious, but not without a knowledge of humility.

Alarming message from Jakarta's gubernatorial race

Jakarta's gubernatorial election was seen as a litmus test for Indonesia's religious tolerance and racial harmony.


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