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Questions over Budget 2018

Queries that need to be clarified include the allocation for national-type secondary schools and compensation for the four abolished toll gates.

Unpredictabilities in Umno's calculations

Money and power will only have shortlived effects, and the long-term strategy is still to win over the hearts of voters through honoring the pledges made.

Being people-friendly is not good enough

Budget 2018 must strive to attain sustained prosperity through institutionalized policies that are progressive, fair and forward-thinking along with prudent management.

They say it's worksite accident

And since politics is taking precedence in this whole matter and that the approval was granted by the political masters, stop telling people not to politicize things!

Budget 2018: What do youths want?

If the government aspires to have tangible development, issues highlighted by the youths must not be neglected.

Time to banish outdated budget model

The old way of distributing candies just to please specific group of people instead of allocating the resources for the betterment of this country must be dropped.

Defending multi-stream education policy

It is a good thing for the government to expressly defend multi-stream education, but this has to be augmented with some real actions.

A painful lesson unlearned

Most importantly we must identify the culprits and lapses in the existing operating procedures, and have the problems rectified.

Sustainable growth in Asean must include people participation and democratic governance

We need to develop an Asean identity and build a people-oriented Asean where people are at the center of community building.

Moderation, a wilting hallmark of Malaysia

An ineffective government machinery will not augur well for the continued progress of this country.


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