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PM's advice against hate politics should apply to all!

The PM's advice against hate politics should apply to all election candidates, including those from his own party.

Malaysia's Dream Team

The Dream Team's first battle brought out their real problem. The players were all great individually, but they had no idea how to play as a team.

Creator of an unanalytical society

Umno is a genius organization that has managed to create a portion of the electorate so lacking in self-confidence that they feel utterly dependent on the party no matter how it has performed in terms of good governance.

The candidate

The decision to pick Mahathir as PH's PM candidate reflects the cruel fact that it doesn't really have a better person for the office.

A year to move forward, not backward

So far we only see moderate progress in three of the nine Vision 2020 challenges.

Ringgit on its way to more reasonable levels

The ringgit must be back to more reasonable levels to reflect the country's economic fundamentals.

City or countryside?

Before townships and cities developed, people lived in villages in the countryside.

The apology: good or bad?

Whatever wrongs Mahathir did as PM were done in the name of Umno, and a number of current Umno leaders in the government were part of his team then.

The cute old man

For a cute old man to become the country's alternative choice of prime minster is enough to send chills down my spine.

Putting students first

All decisions made by the ministry must be with the students' greatest benefits as primary consideration, not any non-education factors.


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