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Are red lights flashing for our economy?

The struggle to achieve the budgetary deficit target of 2.8% of GDP could be very challenging.

Face to face with Duterte

Such hardline stance earns him the respect of many in a country devastated by severe drug problems, which got out of hand under previous administrations thanks to weak leaders and ineffective law enforcement.

He owes the nation an apology

On the 30th anniversary of Operasi Lalang, opposition leaders routinely issued statements to commemorate this day. But, there was no mention of Mahathir this year.

What a little girl taught me about Myanmar

Do children like her even have a chance? What will happen to her in the future? Will she be able to go to school?

The losers in populist rivalry

In the end, the rakyat will be forced to foot the bill of the extravagant candies because the politicians will not have to come up with a single cent themselves to be generous.

Act honorably

These people should not fail the public and betray the honors that have come with the titles conferred to them.

Ops Lalang: A retrospect on its 30th anniversary

While Mahathir could escape legal pursuits over his role in Ops Lalang, he could not be spared from the moral transgression of smothering democracy and human rights.

Budget 2018 comments

It is hoped that full benefits will go to the rakyat and that leakages and corruption will not be allowed to negate a good Budget.

Questions over Budget 2018

Queries that need to be clarified include the allocation for national-type secondary schools and compensation for the four abolished toll gates.

Unpredictabilities in Umno's calculations

Money and power will only have shortlived effects, and the long-term strategy is still to win over the hearts of voters through honoring the pledges made.


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