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Does money politics constitute corruption?

If political leaders do not take a tough stand to control money politics and political corruption, the rakyat must do so.

Hijack Chinese education no more!

Chinese education will no longer be hijacked by racial politics once Malaysians look at SJKCs and Chinese education with a more positive attitude.

Income tax, an obligation of citizens

LHDN normally gives taxpayers ample time to settle their dues before issuing the travel ban.

It's lose-lose for Maria Chin and PH

Civic organizations can accomplish campaigns political parties are unable to. It is suicidal for PH to bring Bersih under its own wing!

Robert Kuok bashing: another reason 'unveiled'?

MCA's attacks on Nazri are just a ploy to show or prove that it dares to stand up against not only Nazri but also Umno in defending the Chinese community.

Is BN ready for the election?

Umno leaders began to lose their ways after GE13, deepening the distrust among BN's component parties. Leg-pulling is possible if things get out of hand.

End illegal wildlife trade

We, as mankind, are the ultimate guardians of our planet and all its inhabitants, human and animal.

Who's next?

Racial politics must go so that the country's prosperity could be sustained. And this is absolutely uncompromising!

BN or PH for Selangor?

PAS will only outright show its pro-Umno stand as soon as GE14 is over, provided it wins big in Selangor.

Young Malaysians' dream of unity

They all harbor a common dream of racial harmony and national unity, which should set the direction for this country's future development.


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