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Need for enhanced data protection

The responsibility does not lie with the organ donors alone; the authorities must also bear part of the responsibility for allowing confidential personal information to be leaked out to unauthorized persons.

Mutual understanding and harmony

We must learn to respect one another and refrain from doing things that could hurt the feelings of others, but that does not mean we must hold back our own cultural manifestations to please people.

Protecting our children

The right thing to do is to report the incident to the police and not to share the video on social media sites.

Economy, BN's biggest weakness

It is really frustrating that our politicians have wasted so much energy and time fighting over the Penang undersea tunnel issue without doing anything to mitigate the woes of the rakyat.

Coca-Cola politics

Disenchanted with both BN and PH, many decide to stay away from polling stations. Can anyone blame them for doing this?

Election phobia

We cannot count on politicians or elections to bring about reforms. The civil society should take the lead to reinstate the functionality of checks and balances mechanism through political awareness enhancement campaigns, allowing public consensus to drive the country's reforms.

Online political war

With truths interspersed with a multitude of lies and confusions, the judgmental powers of voters are once again put to serious test.

Stop the slide please

There are many Muslims who say the Chinese shouldn't be "self censoring". Stick to your culture and don't be cowed, they say.

Malaysians still denied basic rights

It is hoped that government policies should make people capable of living on their own and ensure everyone is getting an equal opportunity.

Gagging the racists with unresponsiveness

The most fitting reaction is to give them the cold shoulder. They will stop the moment they find that their nonsense cannot sell in the society.


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