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Now, back to the root of the problem

Think about those who have voted for you, people who yearn for a government that can protect them from the threats and havoc of disasters.

Saving lives first

Relief operation must not be exploited as an avenue to fatten own bank accounts or show off feigned, hypocritical generosity.

The flip side of a disaster

It provides politicians and their supporters a rare opportunity to take a respite from their perennial confrontation to engage in more constructive interactions and cooperation.

Human factors in climate change

While the weekend floods in Penang could be classified as a natural disaster, the human links in them could never be wholly ruled out.

Lessons to learn from a disaster

It is hoped that the floods in Penang will open the eyes of our politicians to the need of placing the interests of the rakyat above their own, and work together whenever necessary for the well-being of the people.

Asean at 50: Civil society is an ally, not enemy

After 50 years, the engagement between Asean state leaders and civil society through various platforms has remained disappointing.

Foresight needed to minimize impact of disaster

We can no longer afford to wait for the unusual changes such as drastic rise in rainfall to take place before we would take any action.

A tempting torch? Malaysia embraces (and leverages on) BRI despite domestic discontent

At issue is not whether to ignore a torch, but how to manage and utilize multiple torches to light up national pursuits without burning away core handles.

Monitoring quality of project implementation

The public have become gradually conditioned to accepting poor quality services in government departments and offices.

Are red lights flashing for our economy?

The struggle to achieve the budgetary deficit target of 2.8% of GDP could be very challenging.


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