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A bigger defeat is all it takes to bring some senses to Umno

There is little prospect for Umno to reform itself within the next five years, for the party has not been defeated badly enough.

PH's challenges

The many old problems plaguing the country must not be neglected and must be looked into soonest.

Reopening of Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock cases

Reopening the cases helps the Malaysian government restore its tarnished international reputation in its previous mishandling of these cases.

Re-examine the culture of support letters

Support letters involving clash of interests could give rise to abuse of power, for the permit issuing authorities will come under tremendous pressure when receiving such letters from political leaders.

Too early and too late

Umno members generally blame Najib and GST for the defeat, and tend to overlook the party's outdated ideology, corruption, money politics and other problems.

Change, or be wiped out completely

The key to such a change will very much lie with the party elections later this month.

GPS' challenges

It will be a positive thing for the people of Sarawak if elected reps from PH component parties stand alongside GPS reps over issues related to Sarawak's rights.

Lesson from Proton's failure

The automobile industry can only be supported by a considerable market which Malaysia lacks, not to mention our deficient industrial infrastructure and technology

Housing the nation

The government should put all subsidized housing projects under the jurisdiction of the housing and local government ministry and make it easier for people to secure housing loans.

The Umno-PAS counter-offensive

It is too naive for Umno leaders to think that they can make a strong comeback by exploiting racial and religious issues.



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