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Never too late to register

You need to vote to protect and enhance your own future as well as the future of our country and people.

Gradual approach to democratic development

Efforts in democratic pursuits must be within the confines of the realistic conditions of a country. It must be carried out gradually and not rashly.


It should not be an emotionally charged battle between two men, but a need to clarify some doubtful points over an issue pertinent to public interests.

For the sake of Indira and others

Ambiguity from the legal blind spots has further complicated the issue, making it extremely tacky to handle such cases.

The price of spoilt votes

It may be too late crying over spilled milk if we give up our constitutional right to vote.

No improvement after so many years

If we think making mistakes and breaking the law are nothing serious, then we won't see any improvement in our management.

Right versus obligation

Casting a spoilt vote is a way of expressing one's frustration with the existing parties, forcing them to change, which is actually a show of positive attitude.

Era of soundbites

Some have decided to use bits of what one has said for their own purposes.

Need for enhanced data protection

The responsibility does not lie with the organ donors alone; the authorities must also bear part of the responsibility for allowing confidential personal information to be leaked out to unauthorized persons.

Mutual understanding and harmony

We must learn to respect one another and refrain from doing things that could hurt the feelings of others, but that does not mean we must hold back our own cultural manifestations to please people.


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