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Deepening Asean's integration

Asean needs to step up its integration and enhance cross-border cooperation to maximize the region's overall strength in taking on the outside world in an increasingly competitive environment.

PH walking on a tightrope

PH is walking on a tightrope and has created for itself a crisis that could see it plunge to its death, giving Umno-PAS renewed hopes of capturing Putrajaya again.

Ranking is not everything to a university

Global ranking is never the ultimate goal of any university, but grooming high-caliber future leaders of this country is.

Safeguarding a person's privacy

In order to more effectively and comprehensively protect the privacy of the underprivileged and vulnerable groups, it is utterly essential for the government to draw up the relevant laws.

Putting economy first, not politics

Malaysians have backed the PH's reform agenda because they want to see more substantial reforms and improved economic climate, which unfortunately remain illusory today.

Stop monopoly

Opening up the market and encouraging healthy competition are key to lift the overall economy and boost the people's well-being.

The death of Bateqs

These people were living happily and healthily here before the loggers, miners and planters trampled their land over a decade ago.

Divide and rule

In the absence of mutual trust among PH component parties, it will be impossible for the coalition to work as a team.

Can't wait no more!

Mahathir opted to bypass the cabinet probably because he was worried his plan would be vetoed and delayed.

Yes, Prime Minister

We don't see the slightest hint of institutional reform. We only see that Mahathir's power remains unquestioned, with the rest of the pack echoing submissively: Yes, Prime Minister!


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