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The new power play in South Asia: Will Trump's China policy affect the region?

How will Trump's anti-China policy affect India, and how will it play out in South Asia, especially on India's attitude towards Bangladesh?

Digital economy: the opportunities and challenges

As e-commerce has emerged as an inevasible trend of future, it is essential for all offline marketing networks to transform themselves to secure a breakthrough in their business development.

Najib's contradictory ways

Najib is putting himself at the fork of two contradictory ways, uncertain which way he should steer the nation to.

The social cost of employment insurance

It is essential for the government, private sector and employees to balance out the cost absorption for this scheme to produce its targeted effects.

An alternative attitude towards 'Beauty'

Ours is a diverse society, and this is reflected not only in our racial and religious make-up, but also our vastly divergent values.

New and old friends

"Hadi's version" will not only tear up existing political alliances, but will also divide the society and people, entrenching further the confrontation.

Addressing the micro school dilemma

The question now is that the government does not have plans to institutionalize the construction of Chinese primary schools in the country, resulting in the undersupply of Chinese primary schools in many urban areas.

Reversing a flawed decision

As we are gearing up to become a fully developed nation, we need competitive and capable young people; we must never sacrifice the quality of education just because we want to cut expenses.

Patriotism, never as simple as ABC

All our politicians, government officials and private citizens claim they love this country, but why don't we see the achievements that befit such a generous outpour of love?

Between truths and untruths

People are no longer bothered whether the news they are fed with is real or unreal. They choose to believe, or unbelieve.


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