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Increase household income to narrow gap

We cannot help but ask, how many people's needs have actually been met by the affordable houses?

The walking fossil

The country's archeological team recently discovered the fossil of Iguanodon dinosaur in northern Terengganu. The dinosaur existed from the late Jurassic Period to Cretaceous Period, or about 160 million to 66 million years from now.

Don't rush in defining "youth"

The problem is, do these members below 30 years old have the ability to lead?

Umno's obligation

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Joseph Kurup has on more than once urged the "quite majority" embracing moderation to stand out and reject extremism. Unfortunately, what we have seen is that this moderate majority has been the back seat.

Moderation is wisdom, not weakness

In view of this, Umno must play its role in uniting the people, stopping disputes and easing conflicts, instead of letting its members expand and create contradictions and conflicts.

Do you still dare laughing?

I am not against any religions as this is not a religious problem, but some people have used religion as an excuse, or they might think that they represent their religion, to do something violating common sense.

What is the significance of Dong Zong's EGM?

Today's Dong Zong has not only failed to lead Chinese independent schools in facing new challenges of the times, but instead let Chinese education fall into a quagmire.

Please, don't kill our diversity

Diversity has always been an advantage of Malaysia in global competition. Unfortunately such advantage is being suppressed as the nation is progressively steered towards monoculturalism.

In violation of 1Malaysia spirit

The Negeri Sembilan state government is drafting a new housing strategy that will specify, among others, that developers must build more "affordable" houses, and the increase of existing bumiputra housing quota from 30% to 50%.


The Auditor-General's Office has indeed accumulated for itself quite some level of respect and popularity in recent years through its many jaw-dropping revelations, although it has yet to fully shed its "toothless tiger" public image. Its annual reports have been seen by Malaysians as a sharp blade for the anti-corruption agency.