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Mahathir's and Pak Lah's blogs

Mahathir and Abdullah were two very different former prime ministers. They were different not only in the ways they ran the country,but also how they talk and behave. People who don't like Mahathir say he is autocratic while Pak Lah is generally described as accommodating but at times weak and indecisive.

Pak Lah's message enlightens all

There is no such thing as absolute freedom when expressing views online and the freedom of expression should be reflected through the maturity of mindset and behaviour. We must bear in mind that morality and legal responsibility are equally important.

Are we facing food safety problem too?

They must review the existing food safety inspection mechanism, improve and strengthen it to prevent the repetition of similar incidents.

Lack of common values

East Malaysians will not celebrate August 31 Merdeka Day in a big way, just as West Malaysians are apathetic towards Sept 16.

JB people's anger and helplessness

Instead of making cynical remarks, it is better to find ways to reduce the burden of those who are affected by the toll rate hikes and perhaps, you could talk about the return of talents when you are able to offer competitive salaries!

Save the image

Bribery involving officers must be stringently prohibited and severely punished while the acts of businesses and companies are the instigator of corruption. Therefore, they must also be severely punished to put an end to all kinds of fraud and corruption problems.

It's not about laziness

Mahathir says the Malays have three main problems: lazy, unashamed of failure, lack of honesty. And he couldn't even change the Malays during his 22-year tenure as the prime minister.

Effective measures needed to plug the loopholes

The UPSR exam paper leaks have undoubtedly put the country in shame. Someone must be held responsible and severely punished for this scandal in order to answer to the parents of 473,175 candidates.

The Brave New World of Azmi Sharom

Having read the article by Azmi Sharom on Sin Chew Daily yesterday, I was instantly reminded of my early rendezvous with Azmi.

Resolve in accordance with civil law

To one and for all avoid such dispute, everyone must strictly observe the federal law specifying that syariah court has no authority to hear cases involving non-Muslims.