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It all starts with 1MDB

I have been blasted by never ending stream of messages on my mobile since early this morning, all about the imminent cabinet reshuffle. Of all the hearsay, the most stunning was none other than possible sacking of DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in favor of home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

That moldy stuff no longer works

The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily have been suspended for three months by the home ministry, but to many, the move is both unnecessary and ineffective.

A bane to press freedom

The 1MDB issue is gathering more heat now. The Edge Financial Daily and The Edge Weekly, both under The Edge Group, have had their publishing permits suspended for three months by the home ministry following their continued pursuit of the 1MDB issue.

The Scottish way of Sarawak

I was quite amazed by the strong passion of Sarawakians in celebrating the July 22 Independence Day.

Najib strikes back

The Wall Street Journal reported that some US$700 million went into the personal bank account of PM Najib. To turn the tide around, Najib initiated its propaganda machine, calling the 1MDB developments a "political conspiracy to topple an elected prime minister."

Talking about heroes

Everyone adores heroes, but talking about heroes, it seems that each and everyone of us has our own interpretations, and not every hero is like the Spiderman or Superman who will win the favor of majority of people in this world.

Defending pre-established cognizance

The Low Yat Plaza incident, if it were to be moved to Japan or Korea, would have been unimaginable.

Racial ties taking a beating

Developments trailing the weekend fracas at Low Yat Plaza show that interracial relationship is getting increasingly frail in Malaysia. A simple theft incident that had nothing to do with race could be blown out of proportion by irresponsible quarters into a race-motivated riot.

Putting out the Low Yat Plaza flames

We must never dismiss the Low Yat incident as insignificant, for it highlights the extreme vulnerability of our racial relations.

Double standards

Looking back at the country's history--indeed we don't even need to go too far back, just less than 20 years ago--a similar political turmoil broke out in this country, a much larger one than what we see today.


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