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What Abu Bakar teaches us

Due to our egotism and xenophobia, such positive experiences have often been nonchalantly written off in favor of our own stereotyped impression or hearsay that other ethnic communities are inferior to us.

Expectations for 2016 Budget

While the government aspires to tame the public sentiment through various people-friendly policies and handouts, it must also come to terms with the real fiscal predicament of the treasury. The government will need to strike a balance between populism and strengthening the country's finances in a bid to win the nod of investors.

TPP: Are we ready for it?

Such fears are not unfounded, especially for the vested interests who strongly oppose to any form of liberalization to keep their interests intact.

Haze: A matter of attitude

NASA has warned that this year's haze could be the worst in history. But, will the bureaucrats in Jakarta care at all?

Bureaucracy to blame for regional haze calamity

Bureaucracy is no doubt the chief culprit in creating and condoning the perennial haze problem in this region. If this root cause is not tackled, there will be no way for us to address this issue once and for all.

Are we that rotten after all?

Unfortunately few see these positive sides as many have infinitely enlarged our weaknesses into a vicious cycle that spirals its way down the whirlpool of destruction.

Serving political needs

The so-called ethnic dignity and national sovereignty are nothing more than pretexts to serve the political needs of these people.

Utterly embarrassing diplomatic oversight

If we lose the trust and friendship of China, we will have no one else to turn to when we are in hot water.

China is a friend, not adversary

Perhaps the government should focus more of its attention on restoring the country's economy, including improving its diplomatic relations with other friendly nations such as China.

The emotional price of UEC recognition

The recognition of UEC certificate is in essence the recognition of Chinese education as well as the contributions of Chinese Malaysians towards the development of this country, or in a broader sense, the status of Chinese Malaysians in the country.


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