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A government outsourced

When I drove past Bangi along the North South Highway recently, I slowed down as I remembered there was an AES camera installed there. Some other vehicles, nevertheless, did not seem to bother about the AES and just whizzed past me on the fast lane.

Let government handle foreign worker matters

Thus, in addition to letting private companies earn much, how could the outsourcing measures benefit the government and the public?

Lizard Squad

The ill-fated national airline could not have been more unfortunate over the past one year. Following the two shocking air crashes, MAS' website was intruded by hackers merely three days ago.

Deep consideration needed to criminalise caning

Flaws must be rectified and appropriate law amendments are necessary to more comprehensively and properly protect the interests of children, while not forgetting the rights of parents.

Raudhah City: Do we need it here in Selangor?

Among the so many weird and inconceivable projects that we have in this country, the most jaw-dropping is perhaps the Selangor state government's Raudhah City project.

Another split crisis

The Federal Court will announce its judgement on PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's appeal against his conviction and five-year jail term for sodomy on February 10. At this critical moment, Pakatan Rakyat, in greatest need of unity to cope with the worst possible outcome, has instead fallen into a split crisis. It is another severe challenge after the Selangor Menteri Besar crisis last year that had almost collapsed Pakatan Rakyat.

Reject extremist politics at all cost

I am going to talk about politics again, today. Indeed, our politics has moved far behind the aspiration of the people.

An inflation nightmare

As we all know, price hikes have become an irreversible trend in recent years. Once goods prices are increased, it can hardly be adjusted back to the original prices.

Old problems reflect inefficiency

The teacher scarcity problem faced by Chinese primary schools is an old problem for the over 40 years but it still stages every year, reflecting that the Education Ministry lacks sincerity and competence in dealing with the problem, letting Little Napoleons to do whatever they wish.

Local council election and 513

The significance of local council election lies on allowing the people to participate in local politics, supervise local development and improve the efficiency of local governance.