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Najib faces greatest challenge since taking office

Speculations and rumours were killed when Muhyiddin urged Dr Mahathir 10 days ago to give Najib's government a chance to do its work in its own way for the people. However, Muhyiddin's stance seems to have resumed "ambiguous" after his "you are not alone" remarks.

Between law and morality

They refuse to repent and threaten that once they are released, they will return to the terrorist organisation and continue their work. Should the authorities continue detaining them, or release them?

Dong Zong dispute destroys foundation of Chinese education

If the morale of the administrative department collapses due to the intervention of Dong Zong's leadership, it will not only affect all Chinese independent schools nationwide, but also undermine the foundation of Chinese education which was built with decades of efforts.


Due to poor management before and after GST implementation, chaos still rules more than two weeks into its implementation.

Rationalise broadband charges to benefit more people

In addition, while lowering the charges, telecommunications companies should also improve their broadband services and not to sacrifice the quality for lower charges.


The announcement by former First Lady Hillary Clinton to run for presidency for a second time has triggered widespread interest among the people. By comparison, a key meeting between President Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart Raúl Castro in Panama City appears to have been shunned by most.

RMB Clearing Bank creates new opportunities

The Renminbi Clearing Bank in Kuala Lumpur has been launched and it is expected to help in the cross-border use of RMB in Malaysia and even Asean countries. It is also expected to bring far-reaching impacts on the trading relationship between Malaysia and China, while playing an active role in the process of internationalising RMB.

Hill's new beginning

If she is not in the running, that I call a big news.

Play your role in improving GST system

What is unacceptable and even offensive is, some traders actually take the advantage to raise prices, such as increasing the prices of a cup of coffee by 50 sen and a plate of noodles by RM1.

Politicians love only themselves

The implementation of Goods and Services tax (GST) has added financial burden on the people but instead of assisting in relieving the GST confusion and rising cost of living, politicians have actually passed a bill to increase their pays by 146% and spent a huge amount of money on a private jet, exacerbating the people's disgust at politics.