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A series of doubts to be cleared

Although the Prime Minister's instruction is a bit late, it still has at least shown that the government has taken the issue seriously and made a decisive action, while letting PAC intervene according to the proper procedure, which is extremely important to ensure transparent and accountable governance.

Not the only criterion

There are bound to be people who get delighted and those feeling dejected the moment public exam results are released.

Various factors determine prices

The government started to implement a nationwide price-reduction campaign on March 1 and prices are expected to be reduced by 10-20% to benefit consumers. Hypermarkets and department stores responding to the campaign seem to have cut prices and launched promotions, but if we observe closely and compare the promotional items and prices, the so-called price cut does not necessarily benefit consumers.

After the release of STPM results

Another noteworthy phenomenon is the drastic drop in the number of STPM candidates last year.

Don't just dream of becoming a doctor

The title could spark a fierce protest among doctors. To be honest, I would never want to offend doctors. By the way, who could do that? That's a matter of life or death!

Bleak economic outlook for the Year of Sheep

There were two pieces of bad economic news in this country during the Lunar New Year celebrations. Petronas suffered RM7.3 billion net loss in Q4 last year while petrol and diesel prices were both

Stringent punishment for tainted food manufacturers

Compared to China and Taiwan, our country seems to have no serious food safety problem. However, is such a peaceful phenomenon the real situation, or an illusion? How high is our public awareness of food safety? Is our media's supervision force strong enough? And how effective is the government's regulations?

Politics can be noble

When your approval rate plummets and the conservative force is still powerful, would you choose universal values which are in line with the country's interests, or succumb to votes that could keep you in power?

Prioritise construction site safety

The people certainly need a convenient transport system but we hope that the government and related authorities can take construction site incidents seriously, find out the causes, adopt more stringent safety measures, and prioritise the safety of workers, as well as the public.

The unexpected

Even after he took his oath, few had high expectations from this gentleman, wondering what he could really do for the state.