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Vote sensibly in the midst of chaos

Somehow they still need to stay sober and sensible, and make a decision that is best for the Chinese community of this country.

Protection for base level workers

I have to admit that minimum wage scheme is never the ultimate solution to improve the incomes of the poor, but in the age of capitalism teeming with greed and plundering, it nevertheless offers some protection for base level workers.

The divers in Sarawak election

Are the 60% "divers" on this side or that side, or neither? No one can tell and perhaps not even themselves have any idea whom to choose now. But, these are the people who will eventually write the outcome of this election.

When election loses its meaning

A deformed and retrogressive democracy is one in which political parties care only about elections and the public open their eyes to see only when an election draws nigh.

Kuching: Then and now

This is the beauty of competition and election, creating all sorts of possibilities in politics.

Ally turned rival

In Peninsular Malaysia, both parties have through years of hard work formed their own political domains with little controversy, but in a largely unexploited terrain like Sarawak where boundaries of their influences have yet to be clearly demarcated, none is ready to compromise just that.

Political uncertainty in Terengganu

From the perspectives of public interest, the Terengganu political crisis has to be put to an end as soon as possible.

Sibu: Between the old and new politics

As the new generation comes into play and as contact with the outside world intensifies, the original system finds itself under menace.

Election war kicks off in Sarawak

The outcome of Sarawak state election could somewhat reflect the change in voters' behaviors, and should serve as an important benchmark for the future political development of this country.

A small town's election

"If you want to understand the comparative advantages of BN and DAP this time, you've got to dig into Sarikei for some clue."


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