My Sinchew/ Opinion

Anything to expect from the Umno assembly?

I have always been thinking why the nerve of Chinese community becomes taut whenever the Umno general assembly is held annually. They seem to be worried about this and that, the emergence of extremist remarks and the passing of some resolutions unfavorable to the community.

E-commerce business opportunities

E-mall Logon is well prepared and the opportunity is here, it now depends on how business operators respond and react to it.

A new beginning for Umno

Will this year's Umno general assembly be different from the past events?

Prioritise tourist safety

To maintain a perfect image and interests, many would rather act like ostriches and sweep problems under the rug.

Unsustainable subsidies

International oil prices fall below US$80 per barrel, giving the government a good a chance to abolish the fuel subsidies. As a matter of fact, retail fuel prices are currently three cents dearer than the international oil prices. The government's decision has won the thumbs-up of economists, but that has not been effectuated by a determined change in the government's subsidy policy but because of the realistic environment. The same will not therefore lead the national economy to greater liberalization.

The culprit

The need to clamp down on illegal foreign workers is understandable, but the law enforcement operations should avoid disturbing and affecting local residents.

Float system not necessarily means price fall

However, the new float system might not necessarily a white cat that caches mice (reduces fuel prices), as the rise and fall of international crude oil price involve various factors.

Umno must face political reality

In fact, remarks recently made by some Umno leaders and veteran members have shown a tendency towards moderation, setting early a moderate and tolerant atmosphere for the Umno general assembly.

Salaries and productivity

Five people are employed to perform a task that can actually be completed by three people, raising the salary cost while lowering the average productivity.

No Surat Kuning, no privilege

No Surat Kuning means no privilege and everything must be done according to law.