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Mahathir's dilemma and his 'retribution'

Mahathir repeatedly preyed on such balancing mechanisms to greedily expand his power scope, creating an infinitely powerful ruling machinery, only to discover the gravity of the problem after bowing out and later confronting the sitting government.

Guess who else gains from a stronger DAP

The more the Chinese embrace DAP, the more will the Malays rally behind Umno. Parties that play a balancing role in such polarization like PKR, Gerakan, MCA and MIC will be slowly rendered irrelevant.

A Chinese dilemma

Chinese Malaysians must give birth to at least three children each in order to make up the shortfall in population ratio. Childbirth is no longer a personal option or problem but a critical event that will shape the community's destiny in future.

The Challenge before Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a long history of resilience and of beating the odds -- evolving from a country of disasters to a country of achievers, almost always proving the skeptics wrong.

Not let-up on pursuit of 1MDB culprits

This is a matter that involves the interests of the nation and her people as well as gross misappropriation and legal issues. There is no way we should let up on our effort to pursue it.

Penang snap polls unwarranted

DAP's support among the local Chinese will remain robust, but how about the rest of the electorate, in particular the Malays? How would they see his case or the legitimacy of the snap polls?


More importantly, most of the blacklisted offenders were from rural areas, the biggest vote bank of the ruling coalition!

Which way is national politics headed to?

The national politics must be brought back to the right track soonest so that we can once again concentrate on revitalizing the national economy, containing the threats of terrorism and tackling the issue of deteriorating administrative efficiency, among many others.

Preserving social security and peace

On the whole, Malaysia is still a relatively safe country whose citizens can still look to a peaceful and safe place to live and work, but this must never be taken for granted.


Such expedient collaboration or alliance is not unknown, but for an opposition camp that upholds lofty aspirations and cherishes the ideals of democracy, teaming up with the wrong partner would only erode its political morality further.


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