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George Town: Malaysia's first local democracy

Today, more than ever, we are seeing mayors and council presidents playing pro-active roles to better govern cities and towns. Ratepayers are more aware of local governance and are becoming more concerned about how local authorities are administered.

Think before buying

For Malaysia to join the ranks of high-income countries, we need to get serious in building a knowledge economy. And for knowledge to be successfully monetized, we must have better protection of intellectual property.

Umno-sponsored thuggery

In the past I used to laugh and say Umno used groups like Perkasa to do their dirty work for them. But now they don't need to do that anymore as they are willing to get their own hands dirty.

A lost journey?

Umno has adopted the decisive changes to keep itself continuously in power. But the thing is, this is going to be an uncharted voyage that could either lead the party to the new Promised Land, or Nowhere.

GE in focus as Umno assemblies kick off

Perhaps Khairy should more closely monitor the behaviors of Youth members in addition to slamming Mahathir et al or other BN component parties for "lack of unity spirit".

Adios! Fidel

Everyone is waiting to be spoon-fed and few are willing to put in a little more effort. A man of vision and conscience he was, Castro should have seen the continued decline of his motherland.

Umno assembly: predicting the predictable

We can see the assembly ending with a unity cry with everyone proclaiming loyalty and willingness to die for the party and president.

Umno's past, present and future

Without effectuating change and restricting its members' out-of-control actions, Umno is poised to put itself in a very precarious position.

Behind Tajuddin's political 'success'

Behind the "personal achievements" of Tajuddin lies a very much bigger question of our political culture.

Singapore, still the pragmatist we once knew?

Singapore should have struck a win-win deal with Beijing without even having to go against Washington, and such a friendly gesture will believably be rewarded profusely by China.


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