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Technology works only with strict enforcement

All this is meant to protect the safety of road users while upholding law compliance. Nevertheless, these measures will only become effective if enforcement is strictly instituted.

Snap election: to call or not to call

"If the various parties that currently make up the opposition can negotiate this situation into reality, then I might go so far as to say that a snap election in Selangor could be a brilliant idea."

Asia: Heading towards a seismic shift

In the process of this seismic shift, some countries have chosen to work in partnerships while others are tackling the challenges alone. All of them reflect Asia's unique aspiration to take on global competitive pressure.

Guess who's telling the truth

There aren't any balancing forces between the two sides. Umno will lean more and more towards Malay nationalism while DAP can only stick to its minority confrontational strategy. But, is this what we want for the country's political future?

Of happiness, sadness, anger and fear as well

How often have we been told ours is a "rich" country? Yet our students have to beg and appeal for financial help in order to study overseas. Where did we go wrong? Leakages and financial abuses at the expense of our young who want to reach for the sky, so to speak?

This is not real democracy

Gerrymandering has become a convenient tool for many power-hungry leaders worldwide.

What can bring chaos

Endemic corruption, flawed electoral system and religious extremism all can bring chaos to this country. Not another Bersih rally.

From Karpal Singh to Haron Din

A humble expression of respect for the deceased constitutes a universal understanding in our civilized world. While differing political and religious views are inevitable, any form of disrespect for the deceased should never be manifested at such an untimely moment.

Let's have more Chinese schools

Why has the government not asked anything about Islamic schools? Islamic schools are 100% mono-religion compared to Chinese schools. If national unity is a real concern, then we should worry about schools that are exclusively monoethnic and monoreligious.

Solving political problems the political way

This country has wasted way too much time on politicking, and a very bad kind to be exact. The thing is, a political problem still needs to be worked out the political way. The more we avert and abhor politics, the more we are shackled by it.


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