My Sinchew/ Opinion

Structural corruption

It seems that the government is serious about combating corruption this time, with enforcers from the Customs Dept, home ministry, police and local authorities taking turns to face charges in court.

Be cautious in words and deeds

Changing the existing multi-stream education to a single-stream school policy will not only violate the Constitution, but could also cause racial tension.

Malaysia's glory and awakening

How is a country going to convince the international community if it cannot even win confidence of its own people?

No one can stay out

The Health Ministry has learned a painful lesson from the Nipah virus and SARS in the past and thus, it adopts a proactive strategy against the deadly Ebola virus this time by identifying three hospitals to treat infected patients and training a professional medical team.

Democracy movements face tests

However, the people must understand that the pursuit of democracy is not for Pakatan Rakyat or anyone, but the welfare of the country and the next generation.

"Holy war" crisis in the making

After the September 11 incident more than a decade ago, the Untied States waged a war against Afghanistan to exterminate Osama bin Laden along with a-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Religious fanaticism is hotbed for lone wolves

With just a knife or a gun used in a public place, it could lead to a disaster threatening social and national security.

In defence of dissident voices

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" was said to have been quoted from the great French thinker Voltaire. However, there are people who claim that Voltaire never said this at all, and the quote actually came from Evelyn Tallentyre’s biography The Friends of Voltaire published in 1906.

Market force determines GST's impacts

Since the government is going to replace the existing 10% of Sales and Services Tax (SST) with the 6% of Goods and Services Tax (GST), prices of some goods and services available in the market should logically fall instead of rising.

Oktoberfest at car park

Drinking beer is by right not a big deal, nor is it anything that has to be hidden from public vision so long as the drinkers really enjoy themselves.