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Shaky assurance

The poor efficiency stemming from a dearth of positive attitude is a waste of the country's resources; and the government and taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill of their indolence and negligence. The progress of the entire nation will be bogged down by them.

First encounter with Sungai Besar

To get a better picture of the local election, it is a precondition that we familiarize ourselves with the local social and economic conditions.

No logic in undersea tunnel

Those in power cannot run a state or nation with sheer imagination. Public resources must never be squandered or abused. All policies must meet the most fundamental requirements of commonsense and logic, as well as the needs of the public.

Lack of confidence

Foreign leaders, investors and tourists are no country bumpkins who will judge a country merely by a few words uttered from the mouth of a person.

Institutional reforms are urgently required

These are not the only institutional reforms that we need for the country. More work is definitely needed. But HAKAM’s list is a good place to start.

Of Sarawakians

Her love for Sarawak made her abhor some outsider politicians who had attempted to exploit the local people's simplicity to fan emotion, and create hatred and division.

Nothing has changed after May 7

Both the BN and opposition are still shaky in the absence of a powerful political resolution to chart their own ways. This also explains why there has been very little progress in national politics all the years as politicians are still calculating their individual gains.

The significance of the return of Chinese votes to BN

BN leaders must realize from what happened in Sarawak that only genuine adherence to the spirit of good governance could assure the ruling coalition of winning the hearts of voters.

Winning back the hearts of Chinese voters

The question now is how large is PM Najib's determination to win back the hearts of Chinese voters, and how far he is prepared to go from here.

Navigating sedition

If you have not watched the movie Redha yet, you should. It is a good film with a good storyline, different from typical Malay films today.


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