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Sandra's quandary

The boatpeople issue has sparked fierce moral controversies over human rights. And this has reminded me of another real incident taking place recently.


The prime minister said the country's per capita income would be increased to US$15,000 when tabling the 11th Malaysia Plan in the Dewan Rakyat recently. Many of the targets set have been excessively "bold" and I wonder where the PM derived his boldness from.

Vision 2020: Bringing a past vision back to life

Malaysia needs a very clear roadmap to allow us to advance towards the right direction even in the midst of confusion.

Strengthen efforts to achieve developed-nation status

In fact, in addition to economic factors, other elements like women's right, impartial jurisdiction, religious and racial harmony and other issues are also key factors affecting the efforts of achieving the vision and thus, they must not be neglected.

Megan's Law a la Malaysia

July 1994, seven-year-old Megan Kanka was playing in front of her house in a quiet town in New Jersey when her neighbor Jesse Timmendequas approached her. Timmendequas was a fresh resident in the town, having moved in from another place. Because of that, the local residents did not have much idea of his background

Parliamentary reform for greater democratization

Mahathir's accusations against PM Najib have unexpectedly involved the rumored resignation of Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia, who clarified that he indeed had submitted his resignation letter to the prime minister but had subsequently withdrawn his letter after the PM pledged to implement parliamentary reform.

MV Tampa

The Rohingya crisis we see today has reminded me of the MV Tampa incident years ago.

Raise public awareness of law

The rule is simple enough: you pay when you get a summons, or actions will be taken.

Putting country's interest first

Should Malaysia take in illegal migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar? This question has triggered very polarized views among Malaysians. Judging from the responses of our readers, there are basically two opposing stands, one that feels it is immoral not to allow the stranded boats to land, while the other feels there is no way we should soften our stance as this will invite more trouble in the future.

It's the economy!

In the face of Mahathir's accusations, calling for his resignation, Najib on Sunday replied to the former PM's 13 questions through his official blog site. Nothing creative in his answers but we can see that the government has trended towards more conservatism under pressure.