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Selangor's dilemma

The Sultan of Selangor wants the three parties of Pakatan Rakyat to nominate at least two and at most four people for the post of menteri besar.

A test for democracy

Such a development means that the crisis is not resolved yet. How and when it could be ended remain unknown. The situation is still very confusing.

Najib's pressing concerns are economic in nature, not political

Umno leaders, including the party's deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin, have been voicing their undivided support for prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. This has helped somewhat subdued the impact caused by former PM Mahathir's withdrawal of his support for Najib.

Get prepared for GST

Theoretically, if the GST causes increase in operating costs, operators would increase product prices and this would worsen inflation and eventually, the people would be the one to suffer, while the BR1M cash assistance would just be a drop in the bucket that could not help much.

New atmosphere for Indonesia

These are huge tasks for Widodo and the challenges deciding his success or failure. Former presidents had strong background and resources to deal with these issues but no significant result was achieved. Could Widodo, with his personal ideologies and more than half of the public's support, but without a solid background, perform better than them?

Audiences are walking away

No matter how hard they try to prolong the soap opera, they will still have to put an end to it. Just as people were feeling slightly relieved, and thought that the farce was reaching its end, PAS made another move and reminded everyone that the show is still going on and the best has yet to come.

Let love sublimate

Life needs peace to continue and love to shine.

Mourn in oneness

On this day, let us wait with solemn hearts the homecoming of our fallen compatriots on board MH17.

Its goodwill and creativity should be recognised

In all fairness, whether Ice Bucket Challenge participants are doing it for charity or self-promotion is not controllable by the event founders. Then why should bystanders take it to heart and even sarcastically ridicule it?

Something more important than mere resignation

MRT work site accidents are no more a novelty these days. This time, it's the collapse of a concrete span that claimed three migrant workers' lives.