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MAS' long and winding road of restructuring

Khazanah is injecting RM6 billion into MAS' restructuring program and the prime minister says this is not going to be a bailout plan but a business investment. And since this is going to be an investment, we have to make sure that we can get back the returns. But, can the government do it?

Resolve conflicts, be strong and brave

Regardless of the riots by Sarawak football fans or the Molotov cocktail attack, they were disgusting and disturbing acts of violence that should be severely condemned and seriously dealt with. Legal actions should be taken against fans involved in the riots and whoever that threw the Molotov cocktail with no toleration and forgiveness.

Law cannot foresee future

Amidst the voices of doubt, the government reiterated that the Sedition Act will be repealed and replaced by the National Harmony Bill, which is expected to be tabled in Parliament end of next year.

Abide by law

Otherwise, there are other ways to improve security, such as expanding the People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela), encouraging ambitious people with clear backgrounds to join. Rela is formed and recognised by the country with well trained members.

All I want for Merdeka Day...

My Merdeka wish is very simple. I hope Lee Chong Wei will win the BWF World Championships title on this day.

Ask not what your country can do for you

Each year, the; Merdeka celebration is bound to lift the moods of the nation. Especially this year with so many untoward incidents taking place.

So who is meek and who is evil now?

Several members of the Penang "Voluntary Patrol Force" (I have put the terms within inverted commas in view of its questionable legitimacy) openly assaulted resident Ong Eu Soon. The above questioned was forwarded by a reporter to state executive councilor Phee Boon Poh, who is responsible for the PPS, during a press conference.

Don't allow religious extremism sprout

These terrorist attacks and massacres have completely gone against civilisation and humanity, and are against the values and ethics of Islam. Such inhuman behaviours in the name of Islam are undoubtedly a kind of harm to the reputation of Islam.

Emotional vulnerability of migrant workers

Riots by Nepali migrant workers broke out at the JB and Kulaijaya plants of an electronic manufacturer. The first incident took place on Friday night, and was appeased upon the mediation by the Nepali embassy. A second incident, in fact a more serious one, erupted barely three days later in Kulaijaya.

The ball is now in Pakatan Rakyat's court

The decision of Pakatan Rakyat, or PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, will decide whether the crisis will be ended, or evolve into a greater storm.