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We are moderate Malaysians, we are not alone

Originally nobodies of the society have suddenly become key players who wish to lead the country towards the direction they want to go, just like the Pied Piper of Hamelin in the folklore written by Brothers Grimm, who played his pipe to lure villagers into the river and drowned.

Terrorism is the biggest worry

It is believed that when they return, they might irrationally launch lone wolf terrorist attacks just like the Sydney siege gunman to achieve a particular objective, threatening the people's safety and disturbing social order.

Reject acts of terror

Before we even settle our nerves over the hostage-taking siege in Sydney, we are fed with yet another heinous shooting incident by Taliban militants in Pakistan, killing at least 137 and injuring 245 others.

We are moderate

Please take immediate action today and respond to the "I am Malaysian, I am Moderate" campaign launched by Sin Chew Daily and to show our love for this piece of land, by supporting moderation and saying no to extremism.

The ghastly lone wolf

The world was awed when a banner with Arabic script was displayed across the glass door of Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney.

Strengthen anti-terrorism efforts

At this moment, what we can do is to call for fairness and equality, embrace moderation while staying vigilant and strengthening anti-terrorism mechanism!

Severe test

Najib has so far not yet responded to the request of the 25 prominent Malays. He is in a dilemma, but these senior officers are not only representing themselves, instead, they represent urban, young and progressive voters. The BN cannot afford losing these votes.

Abandon stereotype first

What I am trying to stress here is, stereotype will always form an invisible wall that separates us and hindering us from communicating, making it seems like we are living in two different worlds despising and even discriminating against each other.

Support moderation

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak must act decisively and positively respond to the moderation movement to prevent the country from being harmed by extremism.

Causes of Malaysia's economic plight

As we are stepping into the closing weeks of the year, both the forex and equity markets of Malaysia are experiencing dramatic falls as foreign investors rush to pull out from the country. This leaves a bleak outlook for country's economy in the coming year.