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Destined to fail

To be honest with you, I fully support the fuel rationalization mechanism. The lower-income group should get full subsidy; the middle-income group partial subsidy and the rich shouldn't get an

Time to awaken

It is most frustratingly painful that some local vested interest individuals or groups in cahoots with Zhan Jian are actually still making the final struggle.

Sending a dangerous signal

The AG Chambers' claim that Ibrahim has "defended the sanctity of Islam" has indeed caused a major stir in the Malaysian society. Not only is it absurd, it may also bring extremely dangerous negative impact to the country.

Respect the rule of law

In a civilised and progressive democratic society, particularly a multi-racial and religious country, different racial and religious groups must mutually understand and tolerate. Rational individuals should never express or do something insulting other races or religions.

What a logic

The Attorney-General Chambers has finally broken the silence and offered reasons for not charging Ibrahim Ali. It said Ibrahim's threat to burn the Bible did not fall within the definition of seditious tendency as it was meant to defend the sanctity of Islam, adding that we had to look at the case in its totality and not separate it from the context in which it was made.

Is new fuel mechanism feasible?

Would the complicated process result in confusion and disputes? Would it really work?

Don't destroy it

Even more distressing, one after another disputes have worsened differences and internal frictions, while hitting morale and image, as well as pushing the whole Chinese education team, and even the Chinese community, to the edge of split.

Anwar's destiny and Pakatan's future

Still remember when the vote counting was still going on at around 7.00p.m. on May 5 last year, when Anwar Ibrahim all of a sudden declared that Pakatan Rakyat had won the federal administration? Unfortunately his claim never materialized, and he lost the opportunity to "redeem himself" in last year's general election resulting in his destiny still "hanging on the line" until this day.

People get the government they deserve

What shall we do when extreme remarks continue to spread and chilling terror messages keep hitting the multiracial, multi-religious and multi-cultural Malaysia? In the face of the current crisis, who will defend our diverse traditional cultures? Who will protect the basic rights of all racial groups?

Get back to the real world

Form Four student Andy Yeap, 17, jumped to his death due to relationship problems with his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend who he had not yet met face-to-face, deeply saddened his parents, while shocking the society.