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1Malaysia and Sabri's segregation policy

Interracial relationship in this country has been taut in recent years thanks to the irresponsible racist remarks by our government officials to advance their own political gains.

Land reclamation, a matter of conscience

The thing is, he has been in power for seven years now, but has he actually done any evaluation on the state's land reclamation policy over the past seven years? Has he ever reviewed the contracts signed by the previous administration? Or has he approved any new reclamation projects?

Embrace the world, not our narrow community interests

We have squandered decades of our time beating around the same old issues; it is now time for us to walk out of our illusionary realm to embrace the real world outside.

More than a communication tool

We not only need to salvage our increasingly poor command of languages, but also our crippled thinking faculty.

Political void

Against the backdrop of possible global economic slowdown and imminent terrorist threats, this is going to be yet another crisis the country has to brave through in the days to come.

Dispelling prejudices

If such prejudices are allowed to go on, they will entrench further the communication gap between the Western world and Muslims, generating more conflicts and confrontations which will eventually take their toll on regional peace and stability.

Moderation vs extremism

This is going to be an all-out war between moderation and extremism, civilization and barbarism. Any slightest hint of oversight could plunge our civilized society into the deepest pit of despair.

The pot calling the kettle black

This "Council of Elders" thing will only maim the rule of law, crush the democracy and deny the people of their right to choose while creating yet another excuse for political intervention.


Many people, in particular government officials, tend to think that criticizing the government is very unpatriotic.

A tough year ahead

Until and unless our leaders come to realize a need to change, we are not going to see any major shift in the country's economic direction. 2016 will still be another tough year for many.


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