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Tsipras' political gamble

From an initial farce to the tragedy now, there is a critical role in Greece by the name of Alexis Tsipras.

Improvements needed for NS 2.0

The national service training program is moving into its second phase, gradually shifting from the random draw basis to voluntary basis by 2019. Such a change made in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the implementation of national service training program is tailored to tackle the challenges faced by the country in the modern context in line with the needs for enhanced civic consciousness and national values.

Marshall Plan vs One Belt One Road

I was in Beijing attending an international conference last month. Among the starry line-up of distinguished speakers were former government leaders such as presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers. Geographically, the participants were hailing from Russia to Central Asia, Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia.

Not in their right minds

Our senior government officials are not in the right state of mind, and this has put a lot of burden on the country's continuous progress while creating problems for the rakyat and private businesses.

Need to review government dress codes

The job of government departments is to serve the public, not to harass people over their attire.

Guess who are the bosses now?

Sometimes I wonder whether some of the people in our government, including some ministers, have anything against the government, dropping a banana skin on the floor so that the government will trip and stumble, much to the amusement of the passersby.

Out of control

This Ramadan is never as peaceful as it used to be. The attire issue, urine-drinking farce and overpriced condominium issue etc have all reflected our lack of culture of accountability, and that our weakened leadership is unable to put a check on all the mess.

Whom to blame for rigid visa policy?

Last time, we rejected visa waiver for Chinese visitors because of prostitution.

Concerted effort to boost tourism industry

Tourism is a highly competitive industry in the world. Every country is trying to open up for the increasing numbers of cash-rich tourists, improving existing amenities to fulfill the taste of demanding tourists

The two worlds of Malaysia

The question on dressing and attire, to be honest, does not carry any significant discussional value, and shouldn't have occupied this much of our precious public argument spaces.