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Save me first!

In my music CD collection, there is one that I would take out every now and then for replay. It's called "And The Band Played On: Music Played on the Titanic."

National unity dialogue should be people-first

Whether such a dialogue can bring expected results still depends on whether they can really put the country's and the people's interests as the top priority. If the dialogue is just a political show for them to achieve their respective agendas, it will remain a meaningless empty talk.

PAS must choose between hudud law and Pakatan

With the death of Karpal Singh, a by-election will soon be called for the Bukit Gelugor parliamentary seat vacated by him. Will PAS carry on with its plan to table a private motion in the Parliament in order to implement the hudud law in Kelantan at a time its ally DAP is mourning over a great loss?

Stand the test

China and Malaysia are celebrating the 40th anniversary of formal ties in 2014, but it is worrying as the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 tragedy and the abduction of a Chinese tourist from Semporna, Sabah have brought a huge test to the two governments and the people of the two countries.

MACC walks into civil society

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Commissioner Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed and a few Chinese officials attended a dialogue session with the Chinese community organised by the Sin Chew Daily, to explain the structure and mode of operation of the MACC, and answer sharp and sensitive questions.

Leaving traces, and contributions

"Today, we grieved for losing him but while paying our tribute to the great man, shouldn't we ask ourselves whether we have tried to walk into the circles of other races? Have we tried to approach them and make friends with them?"

Undying spirit

At a time when the country's secular system is under threat, the progress of democracy being impeded and liberalism regressing, the sudden and untimely death of Karpal Singh has served to cast a gloomier cloud over the democratic struggle of this nation.

Karpal Singh, an exemplary statesman

Karpal Singh was such a man of integrity. He was loyal to his principles, his fighting spirit unyielding. He never backed down under the pressure from the authorities. A political leader like him makes a perfect role model for the young generation and all aspiring politicians.

The giant in Karpal Singh

Although Karpal Singh is no longer with us now, he has left behind a legacy of true Malaysian spirit which will never dissipate, but will stay forever to guard this beloved nation of ours.

The Easter story

Easter is the most important event in the Christian calendar, more so than Christmas. Yet it attracts endless controversies and ridicule. For the better part of my life I too scoffed at the Easter story as a fairy tale made up by Christians.