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Mentality behind the Budget

If this kind of mentality is not reversed, our future budgets will only go down this same way for many more years to come until we finally hit a dead-end.

Halt the growth of leftist policies

The realignment process needs to start with us appreciating the importance of having a philosophy based on freedom and liberty to guide all our policies.

Will the Budget address people's woes?

In the face of negativities arising from plummeting crude prices and ringgit depreciation, Malaysians are increasingly concerned whether the 2017 Budget will introduce economic policies that will benefit the people, such as lower individual income tax rate, GST, housing strategy and assistance for the lower income group.

Ubah, or no ubah?

A political observer has told me not to underestimate Tun M. The moment Najib announces to dissolve the Parliament, some of the Umno divisions might just take down the party signs overnight and replace them with those of Bersatu.

Increase public transport take-up rate

Public transport take-up rate will only be increased if the government manages to provide a more convenient, efficient and affordable alternative to driving.

Hadi's monster truck

Umno and Islamic leaders in the country must state firmly that the private bill does not conform to the country's conditions and is in no way representative of the Islamic faith. What we want is a super sleek high speed train, not Hadi's antiquated truck.

Politics or economy first?

Politics and economy are inseparable. If politics is on the right track, the economy will get a definite lift. Similarly, if the economy is in disarray, politics will also suffer, and fundamental support base will be in tatters.

An insult to our intelligence

A large proportion of the Malay electorate seem to be more obsessed with their infantile version of racial and religious issues that they are unable to see when the wool is being pulled over their eyes.

The hidden concerns of independent Chinese high schools

Controversies surrounding Kuantan CHHS should come to a close now. It is hoped that no one else would ever again try to smother the Chinese education we have built so arduously over the past half a century, just to fulfill their own interests or square off their personal grudges.

Be firm against hudud

It has become a norm for political parties to play up issues to achieve their ends, but when it comes to the crucial question of principles that form the basis of our nationhood, all parties must stand united to defend our secular system.


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