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An atypical politician

If we are complacent with what we already have today, we can always set up a small stall selling tom yam in Kelantan to make a simple living. But, is this what we all want?

End of Mahathir era

Mahathir has said if his son were to be removed, he would take his supporters with him to leave the party en masse. His rivals will love to see that he is surrendering the battle ground on his own accord, ridding the party of one tough obstacle that has haunted the party for quite some years.

The Iron Lady

Only a sharp-tongued woman like her had the gut to poke into the untouchable taboos of the Malay society, slamming the Malays for shameless overdependence on "privileges" and "special status" for survival.

Privileges and rights

Excessive privileges are a waste of public resources resulting in unfair distribution of wealth while making some overly reliant on these privileges at the expense of others.

The power of defaults

"Nudge" can be a very useful tactic which if applied wisely in public policies could bring positive effects.

TPP: A world of opportunities

Indeed TPP offers an excellent platform for fair competition, but for us to exploit new international markets, a prerequisite is that we must first strengthen our own competitiveness while the government must strive to be more transparent and gradually review the existing bumi-patronizing policies in order to enjoy the biggest benefits of joining TPP.

De-radicalization for a safer world

If the government is serious about de-radicalization, it must adhere to the way of moderation to curtail the advances of religious radicalism so that no more young Malaysians will fall victim to the IS group.

TPP: It's now or never

We don't need a trade or economic expert to tell us that TPP has the capacity to churn out opportunities, unless we are fearful of challenges and contented with what we already have.

Fostering the culture of giving

In our race to become a developed nation, we must remember that voluntary charitable work plays an important role to ensure that no one is left behind. We must support the growth of the charitable sector in any way we can.

TPPA, the only way out for Malaysian economy?

What we need now is more than just TPPA but courage and strong determination to change.


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