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After all the excitement, people began to contest why the yellow-men in the streets of KL over the weekend were predominantly Chinese.

A different kind of Merdeka

Unfortunately we have so far not seen any solid moves by the government to address our economic woes.

What I wish to see in Bersih 4.0

If the weekend rally is able to more realistically reflect the actual population make-up of this country, with more enthusiastic participation from the Malays, the authorities will feel a stronger pinch, and the effects will be multiplied many times over.

What you'll never know about the economy

More so many of the things that shouldn't have happened all jam in at the same time. Isn't that Murphy's Law of Attraction: If anything can go wrong, it will?

No deliberate turnaround in education

Education is not a game we can abruptly shut down and then 'restart."

Blame it on the Jews!

Among all the political oddities in Malaysia, the most age-defiant and sought after excuse must have been the convenient incrimination of the Jews.

Ku Li's key to premiership

Ku Li is like an imaginary key that would open up the closed political door of the Malays. He will always remain an alternative candidate for PM for as long as he lives, but it is also much more likely that he will remain just that, a key that is never used.

So if you smell something, say something

Perhaps we should all take Stewart’s advice and be vigilant against politicians who try to pull the wool over our eyes. If we smell something, we should say something.

Revisit of financial crisis? Not that we can see

It is unlikely for the crisis to recur although we should not be excessively complacent and optimistic, having picked up some lessons from the past crisis.

Our country, our home

We must realize that while we can scold the government, we must never curse our country.


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