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Behind Mahathir's apology

So, this whole thing actually works behind a very simple logic. It doesn't matter whether he admits his mistakes or apologizes. The important thing is why this apology has been tendered after all these years.

Weeding out corruption

To bring the country to the league of developed nations, it is imperative that we weed out corrupt practices involving public institutions and senior government servants, to which the MACC has an inevasible obligation.

Chinese simply don't want to speak good BM. Seriously?

By Mohsin Abdullah

I don't know if many readers of Sin Chew Daily know what Isma is .Anyway, for those who don't , Iet me just say briefly that Isma stands for Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia or Malaysian Muslim Solidarity.

It is a local NGO and can be controversial at times. No elaboration needed. And it has a portal called

Recently in conjunction with the Merdeka month, ran an exclusive interview with one Professor Datuk Dr.Teo Kok Seong, whom it introduced as a fellow at UKM's Institute of Ethnic Studies.
Obviousy, Dr. Teo is a Chinese.

Asean, China can leverage neighborly ties to improve global position

All Asean states have managed to keep up stability, politically and financially. And by doing so, they have contributed to peace and development in the world.

Mahathir's cheap apology

Ironically, given the confrontation between Mahathir and PM Najib, the former PM's action two decades ago has done the incumbent a huge favor today.

Shortlived enthusiasm?

If our political leaders do not lead by example, those below them will tend to pick up their bad examples. Corruption will then evolve into a malignancy that thrives within our enormous public institutions.

No medals for pro-Umno media

But the thing is, the issue at hand is beyond badminton, beyond Olympics, beyond sports. It's a question of trust, integrity and credibility.

Olympic winners the world winners

A country's Olympic showing definitely has some correlations to its population and social development. Countries with large populations and outstanding economic and social developments will invariably do better than the rest in sports.

The police deserve better

I understand there are weaknesses in the police force, but it is also important to check whether our police force is sufficiently funded and properly resourced to shoulder the responsibilities imposed upon them.

Let the Olympic spirit live on

These athletes have brought us many splendid feelings and we mustn't let such feelings wane with the Olympic closing ceremony. We must let these feelings live on and evolve into a powerful force for the nation and society.


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