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PAS' shrinking territory

Sure enough PAS will still have its loyal followers but it is inevitable that the party will eventually retreat to its Kelantan base, where it scrambles to keep the state administration intact.

Complete break-up

Losing a few seats is not the end of the game, as we can still recapture them one day. But allowing PAS to expand its political influences unchecked in the country will take us down the irreversible path of lslamization.

Opposition unity an uphill task

Without the endorsement of DAP and PKR, there is no way for PAS to win the support of non-Muslim voters. And without a helping hand from PAS, it is equally hard for Amanah to make significant inroads into the Malay rural communities.

Two-party system at risk of collapse

If Pakatan leaders do not have a clear direction for the future, the destiny of the country's hard-earned two-party system will as well be put at risk once again.


Security lapse is a reality, but it is also a fact that we have for so long connived at the criminal acts of the kidnappers. Unless we have made up our mind not to pay a single cent of ransom in future.

A revelation for BN

BN will need to work harder to abandon the narrow-minded racist and religious policies if it really wants to keep the momentum going.

The Bagan brothers

It's normal for brothers to hold opposing political views and choices, but most importantly the people of Bagan deserve a better tomorrow.

To pay or not to pay

Paying the kidnappers ransom is akin to financially supporting their terror organizations, allowing them to continue taking more hostages and purchase more sophisticated weapons to carry out their attacks.

Nothing to do with us at all?

It is a form of respect for non-Muslims to abstain from eating in front of Muslims during the fasting month, but this kind of respect is often overinterpreted and distorted. As a result, non-Muslim students are forced to eat stealthily or inside the school toilet.

From KK to Manong and Jerlun

From Kuala Kangsar to Manong and Jerlun, the 24% Chinese voters here are poised to steal the national limelight. Their decisions will very much set a benchmark for the country's future political directions.


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