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Tipples and trash: A Japan waste plant opens its doors

A group of young Japanese snap selfies as they knock back a few drinks on a Friday night. But the backdrop to their photos is a mechanical claw stuffed with trash.

In Egypt, stray dogs pose growing urban challenge

Alaa Hilal was out shopping in Cairo when she was attacked by a stray dog in broad daylight -- an increasing problem of daily life in Egypt which is stirring debate.

Lion dance

Dancers preparing to perform the lion dance at Kaifang Culture headquarters ahead of the Lunar New Year in Xushui in China's Hebei province. Kaifang Culture is the oldest lion dance company operating in northern China for four generations.

Tourists dip into 'human hotpot' ahead of Chinese New Year

A tourist town in eastern China is trying to attract health conscious visitors with hot springs designed to look like a fiery hotpot, a popular Chinese dish said to drive away winter blues.

Philippine 'jeepney' artists stalked by extinction

Bernardo de la Cruz casts his eyes around the nearly silent workshop where he used to toil overtime hand-painting custom decor on jeepneys, the singularly Philippine minibuses facing the scrapheap.

Red lanterns

People walking past red lanterns at a park in Beijing ahead of the Chinese New Year.

Underground in Jerusalem, a rare look at an ancient tomb

Flashlight beams pierce the darkness and reveal an archaeological gem in underground Jerusalem few have had the chance to glimpse in recent years.

Dublin strikes it rich as Europe's data hub

A new industrial revolution is under way on the outskirts of Dublin.

Nigeria: Africa's top oil producer, world's extreme poverty capital

In the Ago Egun Bariga area of Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos, there is no road, no electricity, no running water and no rubbish collection.

A stitch in time to save Egypt's ancient tentmaking craft

Mohsen al-Khayami has for years watched sadly as his once lucrative craft business dwindled and fellow artisans deserted the ancient art known as Khayamiya, or tentmaking, for better paying jobs.



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