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Sofia theatre group explores 'invisible hands' of recycling

In a neighbourhood in downtown Sofia, theatregoers are looking for entertainment among the city's rubbish -- quite literally.

Paris aquarium offers haven for unwanted goldfish

Paris's biggest aquarium has created a refuge for goldfish, providing a second life for any unwanted pets who might otherwise find themselves flushed down the toilet.

Once upon a time... preserving folk tales in Benin

Dusk settled on Sainte-Cecile square and the oil lanterns cast a soft yellow light as a storyteller took to the stage and bound the audience with a magic spell of words.


People taking part in a parade to celebrate the World Day of Laziness in Itagui near Medellin, Colombia. Photo courtesy: AFP

Robot wars: China shows off automated doctors, teachers and combat stars

Robots that can diagnose diseases, play badminton and wow audiences with their musical skills are among the machines China hopes could revolutionise its economy, with visitors to a Beijing exhibition offered a glimpse of an automated future.

Drill music deaths reveal hard truths of London streets

The sparse beats and raw lyrics of drill music have served as the soundtrack to an unprecedented surge in knife crime on the streets of London this year -- and police are accusing the genre of fuelling the violence.

China's new online cosmetics stars: men

When Jiang Cheng first tried a bit of concealer during his first year of university in China it gave him self-confidence and he was instantly hooked.

Ice cafe

Customers inside the ICE cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam. Opened in June, the igloo-themed cafe draws crowds to sip warm latte while sitting on blocks of ice as industrial air-conditioners blast overhead.

Bulgaria's famed all-female folk choir back with a modern twist

Thirty years ago an all-female folk choir set up in Bulgaria became the darling of Western audiences with its tradition-steeped a cappella singing, before the fall of communism threatened its survival.

Skin bleaching in Africa: An 'addiction' with risks

Dr. Isima Sobande was in medical school when she first heard of mothers who bleached the skin of their babies.



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