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Art as a refuge from France's terror attacks

Terrorist attacks in France over the past two years have provided grim inspiration for the country's artists -- and for some directly affected by the carnage, creating is helping to heal.

Nigerians head to church to find earthly love

Thousands of people began to arrive at the Nigerian megachurch just after dawn on a cool morning, looking for love and hot tips on how to avoid "dating devils".

In Belfast, street art battles community rifts

From the art of war to the art of peace: for decades Belfast adorned its walls with huge community murals marking the bloody history of the Northern Irish conflict.


Bicycles impounded from bike-sharing schemes Mobike and Ofo in Shanghai, China. Thousands of brightly colored bikes placed on city streets by cycle-sharing companies have been impounded, the latest sign of impatience with an explosion of haphazardly-parked two-wheelers.

Moon tourists risk rough ride, experts say

Non-stop vomiting, a puffy face and the constant need to pee: Volunteers for a week-long loop around the Moon may be in for a rough ride even if all goes to plan.

Feeling art first hand

After the students are brought to various sites, they can then choose to express their subjects through a variety of artistic means or channels such as painting, photography, carving, video recording or musical composition.

The battle to save Bangkok's 'Green Lung'

Leaping out from Bangkok's vast concrete sprawl is a kidney-shaped green space, home to hundreds of plant and bird species, and where cars are outnumbered by bicycles.

Surviving Russia's winter a grim triumph for homeless

As the fierce winter drags towards an end in Russia's second city of Saint Petersburg, Eduard Okuniyev is counting himself lucky to still be alive.

NY museums wage cultural war against Trump prejudice

Museums across New York are waging a cultural war on prejudice in Donald Trump's America, flexing the soft power of art and photography to compound the city-wide climate of protest.

Beijing's shanties: Towns of hope and despair

A nerve centre for migrant workers who stream in from around the country in search of a better life, Black Bridge Village is a place of industry and desperation.


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