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Taiwan lantern makers go green for festival of lights

As Taiwan lights up for the start of its annual lantern festival this weekend, one eco-friendly craftsman is breaking with tradition.

Pet fashion show

ZZ, representing Russia at the 14th annual New York Pet Fashion Show presented by TropiClean at Hotel Pennsylvania.

'Our food, our stories': bringing west African cuisine to the world

It took a move to the United States from Ghana to convince food entrepreneur Essie Bartels that the world deserved to know more about west African cuisine.


A man walking in front of a giant figure of Donald Trump in Nice, France, ahead of the 133rd Nice Carnival from Feb 11 to 25.

Pompeii unveils Roman kiss for Valentine's day

The lava may have cooled 2,000 years ago but Pompeii is a hot destination this Valentine's day with a special opening of the exceptionally preserved House of the Chaste Lovers.

Europe feels pinch as Spain's vegetable fields suffer

Vegetable lovers across Europe have been making hard choices this winter after storms battered fields in southeast Spain, the continent's main fruit and vegetable patch.

Iraq's 'cycling girls' ride for freedom

Her name is Marina Jaber but to many she is "the girl on the bike", a young Baghdad artist inspiring Iraqi women to exercise their rights one pedal at a time.

Directing a Smurfs flick, by the book

Kelly Asbury was 24 when he sought work as an animator with Hanna-Barbera Productions on the TV series "The Smurfs." He was turned down.

Cassava carrier bags: Indonesian entrepreneur tackles plastic scourge

From bags washing up on Bali's beaches to food packaging scattered across roads and clogging waterways in cities, Indonesia is facing a plastic waste crisis driven by years of rapid economic growth.

Telling stories of wartime childhood in Bosnian museum

Ballet slippers, tinned food and drawings by a sister killed from shelling are found among the objects in a new Sarajevo museum used to tell stories of life during Bosnia's war through the eyes of children.


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