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Not your kind of kopitiam

"Ah Loh Kopitiam" is not a physical coffee shop but an organization that regularly takes part in charity food sales.

Street joints and empires in noodle-crazed Hong Kong

From decades-old holes in the wall to multi-million dollar businesses, Hong Kong's noodle scene is a moneyspinner in a city that runs on quick and affordable comfort food.

TV's next big experiment: 'choose your own adventure'

It's an all-too-familiar frustration for film fans -- wanting to yell at the character who picks up the wrong suitcase, forgets the torch batteries or assumes wrongly the killer is dead.

Yummy midnight hangout

Dim sum shops are synonymous with yummy Hong Kong-style breakfast, but what about one that opens only late at night?

Mexico's prickly pear cactus: energy source of the future?

Considered sacred by ancient Aztecs, Mexico's prickly pear cactus could be used to produce renewable energy.

Of demons and dragons - the history of solar eclipses

A dragon eating the Sun. Make that a giant toad. A demon. No, a vampire!

Wet suit

Free diver Pierre Frolla wearing a prototype of wet suit "Oceanwings" in Monaco. The Aqualung-made wet suit allows to plane underwater. Photo courtesy: AFP

Packed with tourists, Ibiza struggles to house locals

Gabriel Alberto Andrade has lived in a van for a year, unable to pay for a home in Spain's Ibiza where rental prices have shot up as mass tourism takes its toll on locals.

Bangkok mailman still bringing word by canal

Revving up his engine as the monsoon clouds begin to open, Nopadol Choihirun steers his weathered boat under a two-lane bridge to keep his pile of envelopes and parcels dry.


Participants climbing the greased poles on which prizes and flags are attached, to celebrate Indonesia's 72nd Independence Day in Denpasar, Bali.


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