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A slice of luxury: Hong Kong's high-end fruit fad

It might be a healthy food choice, but Hong Kong's latest fruit fad is doing serious damage to shoppers' wallets.

Tomb sweeping

People paying respect to their dead elders ahead of the annual Tomb Sweeping Festival at a cemetery in Shanghai, China.

New TV shows test love in the age of the smartphone

A new wave of television formats are set to get into viewers' heads -- and their private lives -- like never before.

Indonesia's 'selfie monkey' threatened by hunger for its meat

The crested black macaque shot to fame when one of the monkeys snapped grinning selfies and became embroiled in a US court battle -- but the tussle over copyright is the least of the rare animal's worries.

Homeless Poles hoist sails for around-the-world trip

Residents of a homeless shelter in Warsaw can already feel the wind in their sails as they work on the imposing steel hull of a majestic schooner, which they aim to take around the globe.

Full bloom

Cherry blossoms in full bloom in Tokyo.

Horse auction

Residents showcasing horses at a local auction at the Arabian Horse Club outside Benghazi, Libya.

Dalit, out and proud: Indian singers rising above caste

For young Indians from disadvantaged, low-caste backgrounds, singer Ginni Mahi was an inspiration, one of their own defying ancient prejudices through her infectious brand of "Dalit-pride" pop anthems.

What's in a Chinese name? Ancient rites and growing business

In a one-room shop tucked inside a Beijing alley, a bearded 74-year-old fortune-teller in crimson tunic offers what Chinese parents have sought for centuries: an auspicious name for their newborn.

'Political' song puts Nigerian musician in dock

Sadiq Zazzabi is a talented R&B singer in northern Nigeria, popular among Hausa speakers across the country and beyond for his songs about love, social issues and politics.


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