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Meet Mumbai's first women rickshaw drivers

Chaya Mohite slowly turns the accelerator as she carefully edges the salmon-coloured rickshaw forward, one of Mumbai's first female auto drivers to make use of a government scheme aimed at empowering women.

For Palestinian family, an udder-ly unique power source

Power comes in many forms, but Kamal al-Jebrini's family looked to where others may fear to tread for a new source of it: cow dung.

Taggers' delight: Vietnam city turns into graffiti canvas

Shrouded by fumes and surrounded by spray cans, Vietnamese graffiti artist Kong conjures his latest masterpiece, a monkey clutching an aerosol, a colour-splashed act of rebellion in a communist country where the youth are expected to follow strict social mores.

'Forgotten' rural France seethes over big city bias

With its deserted streets, "For Sale" signs and weeds pushing through the pavement, the village of Varzy symbolises the plight of the depressed French hinterland, a key theme in the presidential race.

For early humans, cannibalism more than just a meal

When early humans, including our species, ate their own kind it was more likely for ritual purposes than for a nourishing meal, according to an unusual study released Thursday.

New museum reveals power of poo in Italy

It may pong, but Italy's "Shit Museum" has the whiff of success about it: here in Castelbosco, farmers are transforming sloppy cowpats into plates you can eat off.

Afghan martial arts bout reveals a nation divided

A martial arts bout in Afghanistan was billed as a bare-knuckle duel for supremacy, but it has become a lightning rod for long-simmering ethnic rivalries that threaten to tear the country apart.

In Berlin, a street art gallery designed to be destroyed

It may seem an unlikely venue for an art gallery -- an old bank building in the centre of a busy shopping district and about to be torn down.

Reindeer police stop Far North from going Wild West

Mathis Andreas, an indigenous Sami reindeer herder, sees a snowmobile with glowing fluorescent strips approach his remote cabin in the frozen tundra and worries what the neighbouring herder may think.

Chinese students imbibe secrets of Burgundy wine-making

Chen Yanfen swirls a glass of Burgundy wine, noting its ruby red robe and fruity bouquet before taking her first sip.


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