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Illegal abortions killing Myanmar's women

Thiri's heart started pounding and her whole body shook after she swallowed the final dose of pills that would end her unwanted pregnancy in a Yangon hotel.

Not a girl thing

Soft toys have been created almost exclusively for girls and toddlers, but not for this grown-up man crazy about DIY handwork.

Brazilian music

What makes Brazilian music quite so popular and loved internationally? Perhaps the answer lies in the melting pot that gave birth to it.

Argentine music: rock and tango

What I most enjoy about my life in Malaysia is that, as in many other areas, music is diverse and multicultural. There is a great variety of genres in the country that reflect the specific ethnic groups of the multiracial Malaysian society.

Money and politics, motives behind fake news

Fake news has spread through social media to lure and misguide the public for the ultimate political or economic interests of the authors.

In Indian Kashmir, social media becomes a battleground

An unprecedented ban on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter in Indian Kashmir has highlighted social media's role in energising an insurgency that has roiled the disputed Himalayan region for decades.

Discovering Mt. Trus Madi

The first 2km hike towards the rest house is a warm-up exercise, and the remaining 2.9km uphill trail is downright primitive and pitch dark.

A loving nun

She believes every life in this world has its worth.

In Muslim Indonesia, tiny Jewish community lives on

In a remote corner of the Indonesian archipelago, a modest synagogue stands in a tiny Jewish community that has found acceptance despite rising intolerance in the world's most populous Muslim-majority country.

When fake news goes viral...

Continuous sharings in massive numbers have somehow managed to turn lies into half-truths, often overwhelming the real hard truths.


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