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AI health care as China faces doctor shortage

Qu Jianguo, 64, had a futuristic medical visit in Shanghai as he put his wrist through an automated pulse-taking machine and received the result within two minutes on a mobile phone -- without a doctor present.

Giving birth in Afghanistan: inside MSF's baby factory

The mother was admitted at 9.30am, the birth recorded at 9.35. Women often arrive in extremis at the Doctors Without Borders maternity hospital in southeastern Afghanistan, one of the most active in the world, with more than 60 babies born daily.

Contemporary art

Contemporary Art, Latin America's largest open-air museum in Brumadinho, some 60km southeast of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Mother and daughter

A 3-week-old white rhinoceros standing next to her mother Tanda, 25, at Ramat Gan Safari near the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

Belgian builds musical bridge across the Bosphorus

Belgian musician Tristan Driessens found his inspiration and his calling east of the Bosphorus, becoming one of the West's few masters of the oud and of Ottoman classical music.

India's singing village

Curious whistles and chirrups echo through the jungle around Kongthong, a remote Indian village, but this is no birdsong. It's people calling out to each other in music -- an extraordinary tradition that may even be unique.


Annual parade showcasing the local culture and products of the southern Thai province of Narathiwat.

White wine and bubbles: a Hungarian passion returns

In a Budapest workshop, a shelf lined with antique glass bottles emblazoned with pre-World War II-era producer labels and topped with metal and porcelain siphon heads testifies to the long history of Hungary's soda-making trade.

Nuns get hands dirty, and wet, to save Mexico salamander

Rolling up the sleeves of her immaculate white habit, Sister Ofelia Morales Francisco plunges her hands into an aquarium, grabs a large, slimy salamander and lifts it dripping into the air.

Pygmies, masters of the forest, tackle tough lifestyle changes

Just back from the hunt with a choice selection of plants, Ebona feels at home in the endless forest where many Gabonese fear to tread.



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