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Busking for charity

"We hope to do something meaningful for the society through our music."

Chinese cultural theme park in Alor Setar

The theme park has been constructed to promote the religious ideologies of great philosophers Laozi, Confucius and Gautama Buddha.

Huge Rio slave cemetery faces crisis after cuts

When Merced Guimaraes found piles of human bones under the floor of her Rio de Janeiro house during a refurbishment, she thought she'd stumbled upon evidence of a serial killer.

Flame it on the sunshine: Thai solar chicken a hot hit

Not many chefs don a welding mask before they enter the kitchen, but Sila Sutharat prefers to cook his chicken sunny side up.

The hidden gem of rusticity

The simplistic yet ultra-chic hotel is just behind the time-honored Kong Heng Cafe.

Cuban town hooked on pirate social network

On a traffic island in a country town, young Cubans are doing what most of their compatriots cannot: surfing an online social network.

Passing down a legacy of nyonya goodness

"A very common food will look totally different if we do a proper plating. This will give added value to the product!"

Kashmir's brutal stories get cartoon treatment

Through sombre black and white drawings, graphic novelist Malik Sajad tells the brutal story of his native Kashmir in the 1990s, as an armed insurgency against Indian rule reached its bloody peak.

Hair therapy boosts Istanbul's receding tourism

On his to-do list for his trip to Istanbul, Palestinian tourist Jameel wants to visit the Blue Mosque and take a tour on the Bosphorus, like any other tourist.

A young Malaysian's Vietnamese mission

"Despite their poor lliving environment, these children are eager to learn."


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