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'Live in the woods?': Concern over rising rents in Spain

Capsule flats, price rises forcing tenants out: rents in Spain are soaring post-crisis, fuelling concerns of a new "bubble" in a country still traumatised by the collapse of its housing sector.

Bird-singing contest

Over 1,600 birds from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore take part in the annual bird-singing contest in the southern Thai province of Narathiwat.

'Ka pai': New Zealand's Maori language back from brink

Beneath the carved timber roof of a traditional "marae" meeting house at Wellington High School, dozens of students watch entranced as a play performed entirely in the Maori language unfolds.

Spray-can satire creates headache for Thai junta

Thailand's junta chief caricatured as a "lucky cat" with a paw raised to rake in money, or his face crossed out by a thick, red line -- daring graffiti is cropping up across Bangkok as the city's walls become a canvas for rare political scorn.

Light show

Designs projected on the façade of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany during the rehearsal for a light show from September 26 to 30 to mark the end of First World War.

Drivers see red over Oslo's green 'war on cars'

Determined to go green, Oslo is slowly but surely ridding its city centre of motorists, angering some who say the "war on cars" is putting the brakes on individual freedoms.

South African villagers tap into trend for superfood baobab

From before dawn, 54-year-old grandmother Annah Muvhali weaves between baobab trees that loom over her rural South African home, collecting fruit that enthusiasts worldwide hail as a "superfood".

Santa Clara: Che's city but also Cuba's gay haven

Jose Augustin Hernandez is a 53-year-old local government official in Cuba -- who is transgender, sports a flamboyant pink wig and goes by the name Adela.


Hindu devotees hoisting the "Lingo" wooden pole, a symbol of unity, victory and power, on the first day of the Indra Jatra festival at Hanuman Dhoka in Kathmandu, Nepal. The 8-day festival celebrates Indra, the King of Gods and God of Rains. During the festival, Kumari, the living goddess, is also taken around the capital city in a procession.

Delhi's last elephants await marching orders

The mighty Heera marched through a crowded slum chewing bamboo, oblivious that freedom from life as one of Delhi's last six elephants at work in the polluted city could be just around the corner.



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