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In Montreal, mushrooms make the local economy go round

While delivering oyster mushrooms to restaurants in the heart of Montreal, Lysiane Roy Maheu stops to get a bucket filled with coffee grounds from a barista friend. She needs it for her next crop.

Women's Day

Students posing with their faces painted to mark International Women's Day at a college in Chennai, India.

China 'comfort women' history buried as brothels fall

With its red-painted window frames and sooty facade, the empty two-storey building on Gongping Road is typical of many of Shanghai's pre-World War II structures -- but this one houses dark memories.

For the love of his hometown

"This is the place I was born and raised. I hope to do something for my hometown."

Ageing cheerleaders offer glimpse of world's longest-living women

Waving white pom poms in the air, dozens of grey-haired cheerleaders in matching red and white uniforms hop and skip to K-pop music that fills the practice room.

Fashion designers turn to secondhand shops for inspiration

It is a humdrum secondhand clothing store in one of the most down-at-heel districts of the French capital.

Japan's 'fake food' more appetising than the original

They may look good enough to eat, but Japan's mouthwatering food replicas are only for show as restaurateurs compete for the attention of hungry customers.

Art as a refuge from France's terror attacks

Terrorist attacks in France over the past two years have provided grim inspiration for the country's artists -- and for some directly affected by the carnage, creating is helping to heal.

Nigerians head to church to find earthly love

Thousands of people began to arrive at the Nigerian megachurch just after dawn on a cool morning, looking for love and hot tips on how to avoid "dating devils".

In Belfast, street art battles community rifts

From the art of war to the art of peace: for decades Belfast adorned its walls with huge community murals marking the bloody history of the Northern Irish conflict.


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