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Interactive entertainment

Thousands of gaming fans and developers at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, in Los Angeles, which connects the most innovative in the interactive entertainment industry and offers a unique chance to preview new games.

Inventor of guilt-free desserts is world's top pastry chef

Her desserts are often not at all sweet and she couldn't give a fig if people complain that they don't look great on Instagram.


Marine biology doctoral student Guilhem Banc-Prandi inspecting corals growing on tables in the Red Sea as a part of a research for the Inter-university Institute for Marine Sciences near the southern Israeli city of Eilat.

Solo, yet tutti: App puts orchestra in your living room

It's a musician's dream -- rehearse alongside a full orchestra, but in your own living room.

Children of Chinese elite walk red line to 'perfection'

Danielle Liu stares straight ahead, a book balanced precariously on her head, and carefully walks along a red line on the floor.


Large crowds of protesters gathering in central Hong Kong on Wednesday as the city braces for another mass rally in a show of strength against the government's plan to allow extraditions to China.

Cubans left frustrated by slow and costly internet rollout

Six months on from the euphoria that greeted full internet access for mobile phones on the communist-run island, frustrated Cubans complain it is too expensive, too slow and crippled by government censorship.

How a Brit got Asia to fall for Macau's Portuguese egg tarts

With their flaky pastry casing, creamy custard filling and brulee topping, Macau's Portuguese egg tarts are as much of a part of the Chinese enclave's fabric as its casinos -- but their origin is surprisingly British.

World's best sommelier used to think wine 'stank'

Just 10 years before he was crowned the world's best sommelier after winning a rigorous global competition against dozens of elite beverage connoisseurs, Marc Almert thought wine "stank."

New Myanmar filmmakers shoot to rekindle golden years

A deadly race to find hidden treasure, car chases and slick fight scenes drive the breakneck narrative of one of Myanmar's latest blockbusters, as a new generation of directors aim to revive the country's golden era of film.


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