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Fishing with guns on Kenya's threatened lake

The beach looks ready for war: in the sparse lakeshore shade hundreds wait, sweaty from the heat, weapons at their feet.

Iceland drills 4.7 km down into volcano to tap clean energy

It's named after a Nordic god and drills deep into the heart of a volcano: "Thor" is a rig that symbolises Iceland's leading-edge efforts to produce powerful clean energy.

'Smart' denim promises touchscreen tech clothes

A young man in a white t-shirt pulls on a dark blue denim trucker jacket, tucks his smartphone in an inside pocket and puts in-ear headphones in his right ear.

Luxury Japanese train has bath and fireplace

It's got Michelin-starred chefs, solid cypress bathtubs and a cosy snug complete with roaring fire: the Shiki-Shima could hold its own against any five-star hotel. Not bad for a train.

Walk out of your room: street musician

"Some musicians can write perfectly beautiful lyrics but there's little life in them! I doubt they know what they're writing."

Every action has its own consequences

As parents, we have the task of teaching our children responsibility and it is often equated with duty or obligations, reliability and dependability, or just "getting the job done."

Illegal abortions killing Myanmar's women

Thiri's heart started pounding and her whole body shook after she swallowed the final dose of pills that would end her unwanted pregnancy in a Yangon hotel.

Not a girl thing

Soft toys have been created almost exclusively for girls and toddlers, but not for this grown-up man crazy about DIY handwork.

Brazilian music

What makes Brazilian music quite so popular and loved internationally? Perhaps the answer lies in the melting pot that gave birth to it.

Argentine music: rock and tango

What I most enjoy about my life in Malaysia is that, as in many other areas, music is diverse and multicultural. There is a great variety of genres in the country that reflect the specific ethnic groups of the multiracial Malaysian society.


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