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Seven chateaux and counting: Chinese billionaire is big in Bordeaux

Over the past decade Chinese investors have conquered dozens of chateaux in Bordeaux, France's famed wine-growing region.

Japanese kimono makers seek to revive declining industry

At a century-old workshop in a quiet Tokyo neighbourhood, craftsman Yuichi Hirose brushes dye across meticulously hand-cut stencils laid on fabric, using a traditional technique to produce contemporary kimono patterns.

Property boom in China border town as world warms to N. Korea

The dramatic diplomatic thaw on the Korean peninsula is sparking an unexpected economic windfall on the Chinese border, where property prices are skyrocketing.

Rio's militias go from vigilantes to feared gangsters

They're seldom mentioned by officials and are almost never identified, but paramilitary groups are increasingly embedded in Rio de Janeiro -- and, with the slaying of a prominent politician last month, are ever more brazen.

Brazilian prisoners get fashionable in couture project

Never mind running away -- these Brazilian prisoners prefer the fashion runway.

Fnding missing GIs in jungles of Vietnam

When Tycoria Johnson told her family she was going to Vietnam to help recover the remains of an American killed there during the war, her mother was proud -- but anxious.

The disappearing jobs of yesterday

Ahead of May Day, AFP reporters, video and photo teams spoke to men and women around the globe whose jobs are becoming increasingly rare, particularly as technology transforms societies.

Philippine 'castle boys' in shifting sands of Boracay closure

Jessler Magbanua has been sculpting elaborate sand castles for tourist tips on the Philippine resort island of Boracay for years, but now that it is shut for clean-up he will have to switch to mixing cement.

Generation gap: South Koreans fear, welcome and ignore the North

In the freewheeling democracy of South Korea, views of the authoritarian North, the prospects for reunification, and Friday's summit between President Moon Jae-in and Pyongyang's leader Kim Jong Un vary widely.

The UK dance company putting a new spin on the art

Whether in a wheelchair, on crutches or without any disability at all, performers from the Candoco company are giving London audiences a fresh twist on contemporary dance.


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