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Portuguese artist turns trash into animal sculptures

Broken crates and worn pipes pile up in the studio of Portuguese artist Bordalo II, who uses rubbish to create surprising animal sculptures to warn about the dangers of pollution.

Learning to nap in New York, city that never sleeps

New York is the city that never sleeps, but arduous commutes, hellish hours and ultra-competitive jobs mean even the most wired of party animals or dedicated employees have to recharge their batteries.

On a Damascus rooftop, tinting silk a fading craft

On a rooftop in Syria's capital, Mohammad al-Rihawi plunges silk threads into emerald green dye, preparing it to be woven into the city's famed brocade.

Art installations

Installation "Forever Bicycles" by Ai Weiwei during the exhibition "Inoculacion", which displays thirty of the Chinese visual artist's most relevant and controversial works, a cry against repression and human rights violations, in Santiago, Chile.

India's toy carvers threatened by deforestation

Artisan wood carvers who have been making intricate toys for Indian maharajas, ministers and their children for generations are facing ruin as the rare wood their unique products rely on disappears.

Parents being fair with children, yet they continue to fight

Sibling rivalry is at its worst when there is an inadequate system of justice.

Romancing the maid: Indian film tackles taboo

As a child, Rohena Gera never understood why her family's live-in nanny, the "woman she loved like a second mother" was kept at arm's length by her Indian family.

Edible flowers

Farmers sorting edible rose petals in Haian in China's Jiangsu province.

Corner the market: Shanghai's streetside stock pundits

They may not have the wealth or financial savvy of Warren Buffett, but you will be hard-pressed to find more passionate punters than the silver-haired stock-pickers at Shanghai's curbside investment forum.

'Shooting gallery' helps addicts in Europe's richest country

Far from the glitzy bank buildings and boutiques in Luxembourg city sits a run-down prefab building behind the railway station that shows another side to Europe's richest country.


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