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Banquet on a cliff

Guests taking part in a banquet held along the edge of a cliff 2,000m above the sea level at Laojun Mountain in Luoyang in China's central Henan province. Photo courtesy: AFP


A sunflower field in Mengkofen, southern Germany.

Passing the baton: Chinese conductors seek global fame

Jing Huan twirls her conductor's baton nervously in the wings while the brass and string sections of China's Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra tune their instruments.

Steeped in history but crumbling, Albania's 'slanted city'

The Lolomani dwelling, formerly the home of the Ottoman period family of that name, was once an impressive sight in the mountainside town of Gjirokastra in southern Albania.


A goldfish display during press preview of the 2016 EDO Nihonbashi Art Aquarium Exhibition in Tokyo.

A 'Japanese tip': the origami art left by diners

Yuki Tatsumi was waiting tables at an izakaya pub in Japan's Kyoto when something on the table caught his eye -- a chopstick wrapper folded and fiddled into an abstract shape.

Stamped out by war and communism, Polish luxury is back

A grey Ferrari comes to a halt in Warsaw and a young woman emerges. Wearing Chanel sunglasses and carrying a little dog, she enters the Raffles Europejski hotel, a symbol of the luxury that has returned to Poland.

Tow-an-iceberg plan floated to ease Cape Town drought

It is a plan as crazy as the situation is desperate -- towing an iceberg from Antarctica to Cape Town to supply fresh water to a city in the grip of drought.

Revenge of a forgotten medical 'genius'

It's not an uncommon fate for a pioneering scientist: languishing unrecognised in his time before dying in obscurity. But as his 200th birthday approaches, the life-saving work of a Hungarian obstetrician is finally getting its due.

Portugal, the European country that wants more migrants

Unlike most European nations, who are trying to reduce the influx of migrants, Portugal is bucking the trend by looking to immigration as a way to counter its declining population.


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