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Umbrella art

An umbrella art installation at City Center DC in Washington, DC.

'Carbon sink' Bhutan counts cost of plans for green future

The gentle whirring of the wind turbine speaks volumes of Bhutan's record as the world's only carbon negative country, but major challenges stand in the way of the Himalayan kingdom's decision to follow a green path over rampant economic expansion.

In Iraq's city of bookshops, theology and poetry rub spines

In the covered alleyways of old Najaf in Iraq, poetry and philosophy books compete on laden shelves with economic treatises, the Koran and other theological tomes for students' attention.

Foreigners snap up Istanbul's iconic waterfront mansions

They are among Istanbul's most iconic sights -- magnificent waterside mansions strung out along the Bosphorus as the waters of the strait dividing Europe and Asia lap almost at their front doors.

The idyllic German village home to 1,000 Chinese

Chinese entrepreneur Zhang Jianxin's first thought was that he had fallen victim to a fraud scheme when he arrived at the location of his investment in a small German village.

Save the corals

Performers swimming in the lighted water of Hirschengraben Indoor Swimming Pool in Bern during an artistic performance by Swiss visual artist Pipilotti Rist and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to denounce the disappearance of corals due to warming and acidification of the ocean. Photo courtesy: AFP

Ball Game

"Ball Game", an ensemble of five large-scale hyper-realistic sport balls (football, basketball, tennis, volleyball and golf) by Argentine conceptual artist Leandro Erlich in Buenos Aires at the beginning of Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.

Overly critical parent, results beginning to surface

I'm afraid I've had an overly critical attitude toward my children, and the results are now beginning to surface. How do we turn this around?

Milk buffaloes

Some 560 female buffaloes are raised for their milk, among the most expensive on the market, in Almont-les-Junies in central France.

'Jewel of Roman Empire' faces Libya dangers

Perched on the edge of Libya's Mediterranean coast, the ancient city of Sabratha remains an awe-inspiring spectacle, the pink columns of its amphitheatre towering above turquoise waters.



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