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Senegal shines in showcase for female tech innovation

Barcode health cards, mobile apps for victims of violence and an online legal platform are just some of the ideas showing the direction of female digital pioneers in Africa, with Senegalese innovators in the spotlight.

Yoga: Indian practice turned global phenomenon

The Indian discipline of yoga, involving spiritual and physical practices, is followed in myriad forms today by millions of people worldwide, with an entry in UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list.


The imperial loggia of the restored imperial theatre at Fontainebleau Palace about 60km southeast of Paris.

Tiny houses entice budget-conscious Americans

In a country that nearly always believes bigger is better -- think supersize fries, giant cars and 10-gallon hats -- more and more Americans are downsizing their living quarters.

German activists battle food waste with dumpster diving

Wearing a balaclava and a headlamp under the cover of night, Andrea slips under an imposing fence into the backyard of a Berlin supermarket.

Waves of Chinese tourists invade North Korea

On a grey stone column in Pyongyang, a mural shows Chinese and North Korean soldiers rushing into battle against US-led forces in the Korean War. Decades later, the monument is a regular stop for new waves of Chinese going to the North, this time as tourists.

Water park

Swimmers riding a water slide at Munsu Water Park in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Paris rediscovers appetite for its world-beating 'bouillons'

Every weekend a queue snakes down the street not far from the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

Dress rehearsal

Dancers of "Le Monde de Jaleya", a show by Cirque de Paname company, performing during a dress rehearsal in Paris. "Le Monde de Jaleya" (Jaleya's World) musical will be performed at Hippodrome de Longchamp near Paris from November to February. Photo courtesy: AFP


The reproduction of the apothecary of Queen Catherine de' Medici composed of over 500 vials, pots and bottles at Château de Chenonceau in central France.



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