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KAWS Companion

KAWS:HOLIDAY Companion, an inflatable 37-meter-long sculpture by US artist and designer Brian Donnelly, known professionally as Kaws, being towed through Victoria Harbour ahead of the exhibition's opening in Hong Kong.


David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, has rehabilitated more than 230 orphan elephants in the past 42 years.

Deadly air exposes Delhi's rich-poor divide

Walls draped in lush vertical gardens and air filtered through purifiers insulate diners at a swanky New Delhi food court from the choking haze outside in one of the most polluted places on earth.

Cuba a thriving hangout for Soviet era motorcycle sidecars

Cuba's love affair with 1950s-era American cars is still intact, but the communist-run island also has a lingering attachment to a stalwart of Soviet-era leftovers, the motorcycle sidecar.

Ecuador's indigenous fear for wetlands as glacier recedes

When the springs dried up the local indigenous leaders raised their eyes to the heavens. They knew what they would find. Up above, the glacier that capped Chimborazo volcano was receding.


Hindu devotees covered in colored powder during the celebration of Holi, the spring festival of colors, on the last full moon at the end of winter, in New Delhi. Photo courtesy: AFP


The oil wells of Bibi Heybat Oil Field outside Baku, Azerbaijan. The oldest oil field in the world, Bibi Heybat began operation in 1847, 13 years before the first oil well was drilled in the United States.


Interior view of "Under", a semi-submerged restaurant beneath the waters of North Atlantic in Lindesnes near Kristiansand about 400km southwest of Oslo, Norway. Situated 5½ meters below sea surface, the restaurant is scheduled to open on March 21.

Almond blossoms

Blossoming almond trees in Mittelwihr along the "wine road" (route du vin) of eastern France.

Can Japan end its love affair with plastic?

From bento boxes to individually wrapped bananas, plastic reigns supreme in Japan. But amid global concern about single-use waste, new legislation could help end the country's love affair with plastic.



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