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Building self-esteem in children

Parenting is one of the most challenging tasks we face as adults and yet almost nothing is done in our education system to prepare us for parenting. It is assumed that each person will follow their instincts and recall what their parents did as a guide. This may not turn out well if their parents have not been good role-models. The result is that while some parents do a fairly good job, others blunder through a series of frustrations in what may be to them their genuine effort.

My princess is growing up

Fathers may be able to identify with the movie Father of the Bride, where in one scene, the father (Steve Martin) remembers his daughter as a small child, then a preteen, an early adolescent, a high school beauty, and finally a woman.

The role of mothers

'Motherhood' as I see, is a gift. It is a calling and a vocation from God. But, like all gifts, we have a choice of appreciating it, accepting it, and cherishing the responsibilities and joys it brings, or considering it an encumbrance and just a duty or even a burden. Our attitude must be examined.

Delighting in Your Child

When it comes to expressing love to our kids, it's not necessarily the creativity of activities but your attitude and the consistency in connecting with your child that are so critical.

10 secrets to a successful marriage

Successful couples are savvy. They read books, attend seminars, browse Web articles and observe other successful couples. However, successful couples will tell you that they also learn by experience – trial and error.

Living with a teenager

Parenting through the teen years, especially when dealing with rebellion, requires both tenacity and persistence. There are times when the "war" takes place between the mother and daughter and with on-going battles between the two. Mothers need the extra ounce of energy to go that extra mile and fathers to provide that shoulder of support when these battles happen.

Warning signs of an affair

Though affairs are often unpredictable, there are recognizable symptoms of a troubled marriage.

Disciplining the primary school child

One of the first words in a child vocabulary is "NO"--usually accompanied by an emphatic shaking of head. From where did he learn this? Chances are he learned it from his parents. What makes us say "no" more readily than "yes"? One of the reasons is that we are concerned about the child's safety. By saying "no" we seek to mark out the boundaries to protect him from harm and danger.

Dr Bill Maier addresses premarital sex issue

In an age when premarital sex and living together is becoming more and more common-place and acceptable within the social norms, it isn't often that couples discuss the negative aspects of premarital sex.

Caring for Ill or Aging Parents

Most parents are accustomed to caring for their children – no matter their ages. So what happens when these roles reverse?