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Tin-mining brings prosperity to Sungai Chua

Sungai Chua was well-known for its tin-mining industry. It has come into existence as early as 1807, while the first Chinese tin miners arrived here only around 1870. In end of 19th century, the rise of rubber industry had further promoted the prosperity of Sungai Chua, with most villagers engaged in rubber tapping and tin-mining activities.

Walking down memory lane

The century-old "Mistress Lane" in Ipoh is a narrow alley hardly accessible to motor vehicles. It saw its glorious days during the heyday of the tin-mining industry but later went into oblivion as the tin mining industry began to decline.

Through the turbulent year

he was 14, before he even had the chance of attending his primary school graduation ceremony, the headmaster ordered everyone to evacuate after hearing about the Japanese invasion.

Pengkalan Kempas, a typical small town

Pengkalan Kempas is a historical small town located at the downstream of Sungai Linggi.

Population decline in Salak

Most of the residents in Salak, Sepang were small estate owners living a happy life before 1990. However, good times never last. To cope with the increasing traffic of the Subang Airport, the government decided to build the KL International Airport on a piece of agricultural land located at southern Selangor.

Where spirits lay to rest

Semenyih was a century-old small town surrounded by mountains. Along with the booming housing industry, part of its land has been used for a private cemetery, boosting the increase of local land prices.

Jenjarom, a famous religious destination

It was originally an insignificant small town but it is now a famous religious destination, thanks to the Fo Guang Shan's Dong Zen Temple.

A collection of historical relics

It is very rare and commendable to have such a museum recording local history in a small new village.

The development of Kajang

To facilitate the transportation work of the stannary and rubber, the British colonial government started a paving project connecting Kajang and Kuala Lumpur in 1889. Railway connecting Kajang and Seremban was also built.

Small temple gains fame

The wedding scene of local Chinese film The Journey was shot at a Chinese temple in Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands. The temple was located next to the blue wooden house of Uncle Chuan played by Frankie Lee, in the film.