My Sinchew/ MyKampung

Kg Baru Lam Lee known for kampung eggs

Located 8km away from Yong Peng, Kampung Baru Lam Lee was originally a wasted forest. The then British colonial government employed workers to clear the land and built the village in three months.

The bustling town of ceramics

Located at the intersection connecting north-south traffic arteries of Johor, Kampung Baru Ayer Hitam is known for its cheap and quality ceramic products.

Slow pace of living in Pulau Ketam

The island is free of smoke emitting vehicles and residents only walk, or ride bicycle or electronic bicycle. Therefore, there is no sound of honking and no problem of traffic jam. They sleep without locking their doors and they have no worry of becoming the target of criminals.

Sungai Mati gets back to nature

Sungai Mati was once a thriving port but after the formation of an oxbow lake, it gradually abandoned the bustling and flourishing good old days and became an inland town rich in natural ecology.

The spoon legend in Pekan Rawang

It is worth mentioning that Sungai Senduk was later renamed as Rawang. Outsiders might not know about Sungai Senduk as road signs showed only Pekan Rawang instead of Sungai Senduk nowadays.

Parit Bunga, a small developing town

According to records, Kampung Parit Bunga, a small town located between Malacca and Segamat, has over a century of history.

Distant from hubbub

With its quiet and contented environment, birdsong cold be heard and flora aroma could be smelled everywhere. Kampung Baru 10 is a simple and harmonious small village.

The story of Bukit Kangkar

Bukit Kangkar is a an easily accessible small town, known for its two giant water tanks built in 1936 which have now become its landmark.

The young ones return home

There was no road sign and house number in early days, and roads were winding and bumpy. Postmen would leave letters at a coffee shop in the main street. Instead of collecting letters from their mail boxes, villagers had to collect them at the coffee shop.

From gambir to vegetables

He thus gave up his job and started his vegetable farming business on that desolate swamp.