My Sinchew/ MyKampung

Jenjarom, a friendly Hokkien new village

It was an agricultural and pig farming area in the past. Today, most old buildings have been retained and each wooden house has its own story to tell.

The prosperous village that rises from marshes

As early as in 1947, about 70 households had already stayed in the area currently known as Jalan Bukit Kerayong. It was then a wide marshland and most villagers survived on pig farming.

Kg Baru Subang's economy takes off

When the Kampung Baru Subang was established 65 years ago, the government allocated villagers 2 acres of land each for farming, allowing the village to rapidly develop into a golden area.

Leaving names in history

A road beside the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tunku Ampuan Najihah (STAN) was named after MCA veteran Han Hui Foong.

Fresh catches in Bagan Samak

Fresh catches from Sg Kerian, including a variety of freshwater fishes and shrimps are the selling point of these restaurant in Bagan Samak.

Priceless ancient monuments in Merbok

It is negligence that has led to the incident. The authorities pay attention only those they wish to conserve; developers care only about their interests while the people think that they have nothing to do with it and thus, they do not even care.

New vitality in Batu Pahat

Except for spending about three years studying in Kuala Lumpur, Fan Ling Zhi has always been living in Batu Pahat. She said, "Here is my home. My family, my friends, my schools, and all my memories are here."

The old town of Batu Pahat

Tan is quite prominent in Batu Pahat. In the 1960s, he bought a Rolleiflex120mm camera at RM500, which was actually enough to buy one acre of plantation in that era.

Ancient church bells sounded to report news

When the bells were sounded in the past, it indicated a celebration or a funeral. The bells were also used to inform residents of some news or announcements. The times and duration the bells were sounded carried different meanings.

The old legend of Batu Pahat

Today, the ancient well looks only like a small hole filled with dirty water but it still carries the old legend of the town.