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Quality assurance specialist quits to start business in hometown

He has always believed that he can earn satisfactory income as long as he works hard.

A homecoming story in Ipoh

It was a long journey requiring strong courage and persistence, as unlike ordinary office work, she had to endure hard works under the hot sun or in heavy rains, as well as long working hours and great pressure. However, these were not the main reasons causing her to give up.


Old memories in Jalan Jublee Perak, Kangar

Owner of another bookstore Dunia Baru Ye Ling Zhi said that the shop did not bring him great profit, but great memories.


Crispy deep fried nian gao in Pasir Pinji

Despite the hot weather, many who are craving for crispy deep fried nian go (glutinous rice cake) will still form a line in front of the stall, patiently waiting for the snack to be readied.


Authentic chee cheong fun in Pasir Pinji

Selling chee cheong fun for over 60 years, Yu Shao De, who is about 80 years old, finally has time to sit down and tell the story of his chee cheong fun business, after his daughter and son in law took over the stall last year.


Traditional hairdressing salon in Teluk Intan

With salon doors, traditional hair dryers and woven chairs, it is the only hairdressing salon of the 1960s retained in Teluk Intan, Perak.


Have you tried Bagan Pasir Laut's prawn noodles?

Prawn noodles are traditional food of Huian people in Fujian, China. It was brought to Bagan Pasir Laut, Perak earlier. The noodles made of fresh prawns caught by fishermen of the fishing village is now a local festive food.

A modern café in Ipoh Old Town

After busy building his career in a city far away from his hometown for years, he started to miss Ipoh. Liu Shan Quan thus returned and opened an elegant English bakery café, the Z Bakery & Coffee in Ipoh Old Town.

The tall man and his tricycle

Despite the increasing costs, Liang still sells his food at low prices, and is contented with meager profit which is merely enough to feed himself and his wife.

Simple life in hillside villages of Lenga and Renchong

Lenga and Renchong are two small hillside villages located about half an hour drive from Kampung Batu 19 or Paya Redan.