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Weird but cute: Japan's capsule toys play big in Internet age

A tiny replica of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus and a plastic cat squatting on sushi: just two of the weird-and-wonderful capsule toys that have become a multi-million-dollar craze in cute-obsessed Japan.


View of the Sphynx and the pyramids at the Giza Plateau on the southern outskirts of Cairo, Egypt.

For Berliners, life in techno capital is not always a party

Party-goers and tourists love Berlin, the capital of techno and home to a vibrant art scene.

Christmas tree

An illuminated Christmas tree at Piazza Duomo in Milan.

The 'Rat Eaters' of Bihar: India's poorest?

The rat kept crawling over Phekan Manjhi's arm as he battled to pin it to the ground before he eventually managed to kill it with repeated blows to the head.

Art Basel

Art Basel represents over 250 art galleries on site at the Miami Beach Convention Center, and is considered one of the world's largest art festivals with art events throughout the city.

In greying east Germany, a community for sale

One recent morning Paul Urbanek, 71, found a strange sign by the entrance to Alwine, a small and remote community of run-down houses in ex-communist eastern Germany.


A man disguised as Santa Claus flying in a microlight near Sieversdorf, eastern Germany.

Hedonist hounds escape the dog's life on India's mean streets

Velvet beds, a relaxing spa, 24-hour medical care and non-alcoholic beers imported from Belgium: the life of a pampered pooch in India would leave many humans envious.


View inside a toilet at Zhouji Green Expo Garden Park in Nantong in China's eastern Jiangsu province. China's president has ordered the country to march on in its "revolution" to clean up notoriously dirty and foul-smelling public bathrooms in a bid to improve quality of life and boost tourism.


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