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Why are we living with rats

Mankind have been living with the rats for ages in cities and the outskirts, and the rodent's presence is a clear indicator of the poor sanitary conditions.

'Pinching babies': India adoption industry faces reform

At a now-shuttered adoption agency on the fringes of India's capital, kidnapped toddlers and newborns were being sold for about $8,000 each, no questions asked.

Malay students' linguistic journey in Beijing

Mandarin Chinese is said to be one of the hardest languages to learn. And over one a half billion ethnic Chinese scattered around the world are natural inheritors of this linguistic legacy although some might give up this gift owing to a number of historical, political or economic considerations.

The untold story of Ranau quake

An untold story of rescue during the June 5 earthquake in Ranau, Sabah, is about the dedication of a skilled ropesman and rock climber named Mithun Jay Langgin.

The ubiquitous child labor scene in Malaysian job market

It is illegal to hire child workers in Malaysia. However, given the perennial labor market crunch, child labor is very much in existence in many sectors.

Are we ready to face an earthquake?

The earthquake that struck Sabah recently serves as a wake up call for all Malaysians that they cannot take for granted that Malaysia is safe from major natural calamities.

MERS sparks mask rush in Asia, but are they effective?

As South Korea scrambles to control an outbreak of the killer MERS virus, its fearful citizens have donned surgical masks en masse -- but the jury is out on whether they actually protect against the invisible enemy lurking in the air.

Motorbike-hailing app revs up in traffic-choked Jakarta

A popular motorbike-hailing app is putting a new, two-wheeled spin on smartphone taxi services in the Indonesian capital, with thousands of motorcyclists in distinctive green jackets and helmets offering commuters an escape from Jakarta's notorious traffic gridlock.

Water reveals two sides of Myanmar's economic boom

Every morning on his way to work in Yangon, builder Zaw Min Tun takes a swig of water at a Buddhist temple, a vital place to quench a thirst for the many ordinary citizens left behind by Myanmar's economic boom.

200 years after Waterloo, Britain still battling Napoleon

Two hundred years after the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon is still under attack in Britain, where the image persists of a military genius consumed by a fanaticism comparable with Hitler or Stalin.