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Malaysia, where love begins

With unfortunate incidents hitting the country one after another, it is understood that morale of Malaysians is low. However, large corporations have come up with Merdeka Day videos aimed at lifting the spirit of Malaysians as they are reminded of our shared past and look forward with a positive attitude towards the future.

Ebola outbreak in remote DR Congo district both a challenge and a chance

When the deadly Ebola virus struck anew last month in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the outbreak was centred in a district sufficiently remote to be both a blessing and a bane for medical staff.

Trapped, then poisoned: Kabul's ruthless dog cull

Cornered against a wall and with a steel hook pushed around his neck, the dog emits a savage howl in a desperate attempt to fight free, but poison will soon be forced into his mouth as Kabul's cull of strays claims another kill.

Spain dusts off ancient Jewish past

Just outside the 11th-century walls that surround Avila in central Spain, rows of granite slabs surrounded by neatly trimmed grass mark the spot where ancient Jewish graves lay.

Sharks off the menu and on the tourist trail in Palau

In many places swimmers might prefer to avoid sharks, but wetsuit-clad tourists in Palau clamour to dive among the predators thanks to a pioneering conservation initiative that has made them one of the country's main visitor attractions.

Kenyan commandos on frontline of poaching war

With camouflage uniforms, assault rifles, night vision goggles, thermal imaging devices and radios, wildlife rangers in Kenya's Ol Jogi rhino sanctuary prepare for night patrol in the "war" against poaching.

Thailand totters towards waste crisis

A blaze at a vast rubbish dump home to six million tonnes of putrefying trash and toxic effluent has kindled fears that poor planning and lax law enforcement are tipping Thailand towards a waste crisis.

Dam-hit Sri Lankans to get their own 'Bridge on River Kwai'

Its detonation is one of the most iconic scenes in movie history.

Wingsuit daredevils risking their lives on film

Playing Icarus as they leap off sheer cliffs and fly at eye-watering speeds along mountainsides, thrill-seekers dressed like flamboyant bats have become an increasingly common sight in the Alps. But the incredible rush of wingsuits can come at the ultimate price.

Precision in mid-air as rope jumpers soar on Greek isle

When he was nine, Michal Trzajna jumped off a second-floor balcony at the prompting of his brother -- and broke both his legs.