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Under Russia, isolated Crimea is twilight zone for business

Circling her thumb and index finger to make a zero, Tatyana Chernetskaya sums up how many clients her Crimean firm has one year after Russia took over the peninsula: "None."

Poverty sends Nepal's 'freed' farmworkers back to slavery

When Nepal's Maoist-led government outlawed bonded labour in 2008 and promised to compensate victims, farmworker Hiralal Pariyar was elated to walk away from a life spent in virtual slavery.

Crimean oysters aim for Russian palates under embargo

Sergei Kulik slowly hoists a cage from the Black Sea off Russian-annexed Crimea and looks on in admiration. Beyond the slimy layer of mud are oysters -- and Kulik's dreams of financial success.

Indonesia prays Islamic tourism drive can draw more visitors

Just a short hop from the Indonesian holiday hotspot of Bali, a Saudi tourist and his family listen to the call to prayer as the sun goes down on Lombok, the self-styled "island of 1,000 mosques".

Crimea backs Russia's tough love, one year on

One year after Crimea's annexation by Moscow from Ukraine, the Black Sea peninsula is struggling with runaway inflation and isolation from the world, but locals still root for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Legendary Sarajevo shoe shiner's son keeps tradition alive

Ramiz Pasic's only inheritance from his father was two hats, a pair of glasses and horse hair brushes but also the fame Sarajevo's last shoe shiner had amassed over six decades in business.

Lebanese synagogue's second life as home for destitute

In an alleyway in the Old City of Lebanon's southern city of Sidon, a run-down synagogue that once served a vibrant Jewish community now houses destitute Syrian and Palestinian families.

In muddy fields,Spain's International Brigades live on

Through the mud and olive trees, Scotsman Andy Crawford trudges over the Spanish fields where eight decades ago his grandfather William fought and died.

Cushioning impact of water crisis through rainwater harvesting

The hot and dry spell Malaysia is currently experiencing, which is expected to last until end-March, is causing the public to become jittery.

Dutch artists make waves with 'dead animal' art

In a loft in a disused school, Dutch artist Noortje Zijlstra takes a frozen crow carcass from a refrigerator and cuts it open, pursuing her latest "dead animal art" project.