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Last words: language of China's emperors in peril

It was the language of China's last imperial dynasty which ruled a vast kingdom for nearly three centuries. But 71 year old Ji Jinlu is among only a handful of native Manchu speakers left.

IS gone but some Fallujans shun return to 'cursed city'

When her five-year-old son asked her to kill him because he was too hungry, Umm Issam knew she would never come back to Fallujah if she was able to leave.

Developers zero-in on Bangkok's historic Chinatown

For nearly a century Thanuan has watched history sweep through the bustling maze of alleyways that make up Bangkok's Chinatown, one of the city's few districts yet to be devoured by malls and high-rise condos.

Tree business

A worker taking a rest among trees for sale at a private tree business on the outskirts of Hanoi, Vietnam.

To spank or not to spank

In an earlier article, we wrote about the usefulness of corporal punishment as a form of discipline. The question that follows is how and when spanking should be carried out. The following Q & A's by Dr. James Dobson serve to shed some light on this topic.

Make changes to pre-bed routine for a better night's sleep: study

New Australian research suggests that sleep could be another important lifestyle factor for athletes wanting to improve their sporting performance, with the findings also providing some insight into how all of us can help get a better night's sleep.

Broccoli could give even bigger health boost, suggests new research

Already known for its super health benefits, scientists have found a way to give broccoli even more of a boost, by identifying the genes which control the vegetable's phenolic compounds.

S. Korea mulls law to keep office out of the home

Hyper-wired South Korea is considering legislation that would ban bosses from bothering their staff at home, after growing complaints about the country's already onerous work-life imbalance.

Mud festival

Devotees with their faces covered with mud and wearing costumes made of banana leaves attending a mass as part of a religious festival in honor of St. John the Baptist, known locally as the "mud people" festival, in Aliaga town north of Manila, the Philippines.

In or Out

An "In or Out" sign outside a house in Hangleton near Brighton in southern England, as Britain holds a referendum on whether to stay or leave the EU.


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