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Life behind plastic in Syria's window-less city

In a city whose windows have been blasted from their frames, remaining residents of Syria's war-torn Aleppo go about their daily lives behind gaping holes covered with plastic.

Rockets, mud and phalluses: parched Laos farmers pray for rain

In central Laos dozens of loud explosions pockmark the sky as men dressed in female clothing wielding large wooden phalluses dance, while others lubricated by the local rice whiskey simply roll in the mud.

Hollywood's golden age alive and kicking at retirement home

Johnny Weissmuller was said to walk the grounds of this retirement home letting out his trademark Tarzan yell.

Personal suffering fuels Malaysia trans advocate's fight

Nisha Ayub has endured virtually everything thrown at Muslim-majority Malaysia's repressed transgender community: contempt, violence, arrest and sexual assault in a prison where she was sent to become a "real man".

Developers zero-in on Bangkok's historic Chinatown

For nearly a century Thanuan has watched history sweep through the bustling maze of alleyways that make up Bangkok's Chinatown, one of the city's few districts yet to be devoured by malls and high-rise condos.

Dad, how much do you make an hour?

Children spell LOVE as T-I-M-E. Paul Tournier in his book "The Meaning of Gifts" has this to say.


Tourists posing for photographs at the historic Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan's Mosque in Thatta in Pakistan's southern Sindh province. Legend says when construction of the mosque was destroyed in 1644, the Mughal governor's advisor told him to find someone "so pious that he has committed no sin in all his life" to lay the foundation.

Favour, the orphan face of Italy's migrant drama

A baby girl who survived a shipwreck that killed her parents and captured the heart of an Italian doctor has become the new face of the country's migrant drama.

Lava-loving tourists flock to active Nicaragua volcano

Centuries ago, a native Central American people terrified of a witch believed to live deep in the earth used to sacrifice children and young women to Nicaragua's Masaya volcano.

Emptied Romanian village lives again as haven for battered women

As more and more residents left looking for work, a Romanian village desperate to ensure its future has found a new way of boosting its population that also helps the needy.


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