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Filial pursuit: China museum displays family values campaign

What makes a good son or daughter? At China's first museum dedicated to the topic of "filial piety", the answer seems to be: almost superhuman levels of devotion and sacrifice.

Lean and mean, Jorge Paulo Lemann is Brazil's food king

A former banker and tennis player, Brazilian food magnate Jorge Paulo Lemann's 3G fund has built a $260 billion global portfolio that earned the admiration of no less an investor than US billionaire Warren Buffett.

Old is gold, used books still preferred by Malaysians

Old is definitely gold. Used-books still remain a preferred choice for Malaysians to enrich knowledge despite the variety of gadgets available in the market nowadays.

Thai generals push for 'golden era' when elite held sway

A new Thai constitution being drafted by the ruling junta is a throwback to an era when a royalist and military elite had a stranglehold on politics, analysts and politicians say, warning of dire consequences for democracy.

'Ice vault' idea to keep climate's time capsule intact

Imagine you are Sherlock Holmes bent on solving a mystery but the evidence is starting to crumble and eventually you will be left with worthless dust.

The Salton Sea: a time-bomb amid California drought

At first sight the Salton Sea looks putrid, with dead fish scattered among patches of fetid water in a vast salty lake in the middle of the Californian desert.

India's long road to tougher law against killer drivers

One month after Anita Rajput's son was crushed to death by two buses as he walked home in the Indian capital, the distraught mother cannot bear to send her remaining child back to school.

Singapore's Lee: sage model for China

Singapore's population is less than 0.5 percent of China's, but its founding father Lee Kuan Yew wielded significant weight with the Asian giant as model, adviser, critic and geopolitical realist.

Plague-era skeletons bring history back to life in London

London office workers are coming face-to-face with the history hidden beneath their feet, as 3,000 skeletons dating back to the 16th century are dug up to make way for a new railway line.

Giant rats sniff out TB in Mozambique

Giant rats may strike fear and disgust into the hearts of homeowners worldwide, but researchers in impoverished Mozambique are improbably turning some of them into heroes.