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Addressing the plight of stateless children

Being stateless denotes that you are not a citizen of any sovereign country in this world, and are therefore not protected by the laws of any nation. A stateless person will also not be entitled to other benefits a country's citizen has been granted, including education, job opportunities and medical care services.

Selangor MB crisis may lead to political storm in PR

"The ultimate decision still lies on the Sultan and it is highly unlikely for the Sultan to make a decision without consulting leaders of other parties," he said.

Is waste segregation hard?

However, landfills are filled not only with waste, but also resources that are reusable and recyclable.

Hindenburg, 80 years on, still divides Germany

Field Marshal Hindenburg, a decorated hero of World War I but also the president who paved the way for Hitler's rise, still divides Germany 80 years after his death.

S.Africa shantytown forces anti-apartheid museum to close

South African shantytown residents have forced the closure of a museum honouring anti-apartheid heroes, accusing the authorities of building "a house for dead people" while they live in squalor.

Films help Lebanese come to terms with dark past

Lebanon's civil war ended a quarter of a century ago but its filmmakers remain fixated on this dark period, seeing their movies as a kind of catharsis to help heal collective trauma.

India's meth addiction grows as criminals tap chemical hub

The teenager sits quietly in a Mumbai rehab clinic, a victim of India's emerging fad for the drug crystal meth, which experts say is spurred by loopholes in the country's giant chemical industry.

Sino-Japanese War still stings China 120 years later

When China and Japan first went to war on the first day of August 120 years ago, Beijing suffered a "national humiliation" that resonates to this day as tensions between the Asian rivals intensify again.

Students push for action in Hong Kong democracy battle

Hong Kong's student activists have become local celebrities thanks to televised confrontations with officials as they demand reform -- but their frustration with the city's wider democracy movement is growing over fears of compromise with Beijing.

Andropov birth centenary evokes nostalgia for Soviet hardliner

Amid a public mood of nostalgia for a vanished Soviet empire, Russia is marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Soviet leader Yuri Andropov with exhibitions and documentaries that gloss over his harsh treatment of dissidents.