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Is waste segregation hard?

However, landfills are filled not only with waste, but also resources that are reusable and recyclable.

Bookies the biggest winners in World Cup

With the month-long FIFA World Cup now approaching its end, many people find themselves deeply in debts.

Outlandish Crazy Top

You might be curious who the self-proclaimed "future world's richest man" Zhang Jian is.

Czech convicts fix bikes for kids in Africa

In a jumble of bicycle frames, six burly men in drab grey overalls tinker with blue, purple and pink children's bikes, checking brakes and gears to make sure all will be in order for their future owners in Africa.

Sniffing out a partner at a London pheromone party

In a bar in trendy east London, dozens of people mill about, sniffing from plastic bags. But there are no drugs inside -- just slightly smelly T-shirts.

China's ageing millions look forward to bleak future

As she nears retirement along with millions of other Chinese, He Xiangying is too busy sending her son money and raising a stranger's child to worry about who will eventually look after her.

India's lax antibiotic controls raise killer disease fears

An Indian pharmacist swiftly pulls white boxes of powerful antibiotics from neatly stacked shelves behind him, and hands them over the counter without asking for a doctor's prescription.

Twin air disasters threaten Malaysian tourism push

An unprecedented second major aviation disaster in four months could further associate Malaysia with calamity in the eyes of travellers, observers warn, putting the tropical destination's vital tourism sector at risk.

No dream job: Khartoum's walking department store

The Sudanese man with an armful of battery-powered wall clocks pushes one through the taxi's open window. His head follows.

US man claims Africa land, makes daughter a 'princess'

Fathers often see their daughters as royalty. But a few months ago, when Emily Heaton said she wanted to be a princess, her father Jeremiah quickly found her a kingdom.