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Vegetable promotion

Vegetable decorations at the underground passage of a subway station in Tokyo. Japan Agriculture Cooperative has decorated the pillars of the underground passage with vegetable-shaped covers such as radish, carrot, corn, cucumber, eggplant and sweet potato to promote locally produced vegetables.


A view of Denali, formerly known as Mount McKinley, at Denali National Park in Alaska. According to the National Park Service, the summit elevation of Denali is 20,320 feet, the highest in North America.

Hong Kongers fight to save beloved trams

A controversial new proposal to take Hong Kong's beloved trams off the streets has sparked a wave of anger from residents who fear losing track of the city's past.

Understanding your child's personality

The art of good parenting begins with the fundamental skill of seeing through the eyes of the child, of sharing the child's view or reality, feelings and hopes.


A woman getting ready for a cryotherapy session at 110 degrees Celsius below zero, at Kemijoki Cryotherapy Center in Rennes, northwestern France. Outside it's summer, but inside the thermometer plunges to 110 degrees below zero, and more and more people are venturing in swimsuit hoping to stop the pain ... or simply feel better after the therapy.

New Orleans awash in music 10 years after Katrina

The vibrant sounds of brass bands and buskers echo through the streets of New Orleans ten years after the birthplace of jazz was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Giant stiletto

Iranian shoe-shine man Mohammad Ali Hassan Khani driving his racy-red motorized stiletto on a street in Tehran. A giant motorized stiletto is not what you would expect to see cruising down the avenues of Iran's capital but it certainly gets attention, and business, for the intrepid shoe-shine man.

Cajuns losing Louisiana island home to erosion

Deep in the bayous of Louisiana, time seems to move more slowly. But it's not moving slowly enough to save a community of Native Americans living on a strip of an island that is being swallowed by the sea.


Ashes spewing from the Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador.. A dozen of towns in central Ecuador, including Quito, have been affected by the ashes from the Cotopaxi Volcano, which started erupting a week ago after 138 years.


Baby crocodiles in their enclosure at the Abidjan Zoo. A wildlife nursery at the Abidjan Zoo has been open since a year ago to help save the endangered African species from extinction.


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