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Christmas in China, with saxophones, Smurfs and steam trains

Christmas -- once banned in China -- has exploded in the atheist nation in recent years, with marketeers using everything from saxophones and Smurfs to steam trains to get shoppers to open their wallets.

Myanmar migrants haunted by memory of tsunami missing in Thailand

A decade after towering waves wrenched her newborn baby from her arms, Mi Htay remains haunted by memories of the children she lost in the tsunami whose bodies, like hundreds of other Myanmar migrants in Thailand, were never identified.

Vietnam 'Rat King' helps rice farmers fight costly vermin

Grinning widely, Tran Quang Thieu brandishes the day's haul: 10 kilos of rats caught in rice paddies near Hanoi. A menace to Vietnam's rice crop, the vermin are regularly trapped -- and sometimes eaten.

Sleeping with polar bears: French zoos evolve

Forget trekking to the Arctic. French tourists are opting for the luxury way to spend the night with a polar bear: beside a log fire not far from home.

Year full of political drama for Pakatan

Year after year, the opposition coalition made up of PAS, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and DAP has exposed its inability to come across as a truly united front within the fabric of cooperation touted by the three political allies.

Forgotten treasure of rare cars found in French village

In a small village in western France, in makeshift shelters bared to the elements, a treasure trove of extremely rare cars has been discovered after lying forgotten for almost 50 years.

New families give Asian tsunami survivors chance of second life

Rusli Abdul Rahman and Fardhiah had been neighbours for years when the Asian tsunami devastated their small community in Indonesia's Aceh, killing both their spouses and their eight children.

Colombia village's 'curse' could hold Alzheimer's cure

When John Jairo, a meticulous night watchman, lost his job for leaving all of his employer's doors open, his family knew they were hit by the "Yarumal curse."

Taiwan's ailing economy major challenge for leadership hopefuls

As baker Lin Hsiao-an sits hoping for more customers to save her beloved but shrinking business she rails against Taiwan's leaders for the slowing economy that has turned many angry voters against the government ahead of presidential elections.

Photographer turns camera on herself to tackle obesity

In bed asleep, eating, in her underwear or even displaying her scars after weight loss surgery, photographer Jen Davis has always been as comfortable in front of the camera as she is behind it.