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A very exclusive coffee kick on St Helena island

Most coffee snobs can only dream of sipping on a brew made from Saint Helena beans. Imported from Yemen in the 18th century, the tiny South Atlantic island's green-tipped Bourbon Arabica coffee plant produces some of the world's most expensive -- and most delectable -- beans.

Londoners flee steep house prices, head for provinces

Expensive housing, an overloaded transport system and a lack of space are driving thousands of Londoners out of the hectic British capital to other, calmer cities such as Birmingham.

Rural towns the frontline in Australia's battle with 'ice'

Adrian Toomey made thousands of dollars a day as an "ice" dealer in Dubbo, a fairly typical Australian town northwest of Sydney, supplying the drug to everyone from bank workers to school teachers.

An heir and a spare: life as a royal number two

Prince William's new baby, due later this month, will join the long line of second children born one step from the throne -- the so-called spare to the heir.

Can't pay? Won't pay! -- putting a price on water

It's arguably our most vital and precious natural resource, and one that is growing dangerously scarce from China to California, but no matter how much we value water, we're not that keen on paying for it.

Shopping a daily puzzle on remote St Helena

If you think grocery shopping is a chore, spare a moment for those on the tiny island of Saint Helena who never know what will be on the shelf from one day to the next.

Ebola-hit Liberia rebuilds devastated child healthcare system

Estella Verdier keeps vigil by her sick four-month-old grandson's hospital bed, praying for his recovery but placing her faith in the earthly healing powers of Liberia's first ever children's hospital.

Taxi fare hike helps cabbies to cope with high living cost

The recent hike in taxi fares was probably long overdue, although regular cab users found the timing of its implementation rather inappropriate as it came at a time when they were trying to cope with the escalating cost of living, as well as the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Indonesia's Widodo seeks to revive faltering manufacturers

Indonesian factory manager Ronie, whose plant produces shoes for Western markets, is preparing for layoffs as orders fall and wages rise, an example of the challenge facing President Joko Widodo as he seeks to boost the country's lacklustre manufacturers.

Depicting horror: Iraqi artist puts Yazidi trauma to canvas

A jihadist fighter slits a man's throat, another brandishes a severed head spiked on his rifle while more militants dump bodies into a trench overflowing with corpses.