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Sabah, the melting pot of cultures

Sabah, the Land Below the Wind, is a harmonious multiracial and multicultural society.

Total harmony

While celebrating Malaysia Day, perhaps we should take a retrospective look into ourselves whether we have achieved true racial harmony or are still being plagued by racism and religious fanaticism.

Pet animals become victims of Ebola scare in Ivory Coast

From monkeys to big cats, people in Ivory Coast like to keep wild animals as pets but are now rethinking the custom with the deadly Ebola virus sweeping neighbouring countries.

The Filipino 'warrior peacekeepers' guarding the world's war zones

After nearly two decades on the frontlines against Muslim insurgents in the Philippines' violence-plagued south, Army Captain Teodoro Nicor is looking forward to guarding a war zone abroad.

Liberia's women, children bear brunt of Ebola epidemic

Exhausted and unable to process her loss, Olivia Clark turns away in silence as her dead baby is disinfected and loaded onto a truck by a team of Ebola specialists.

'Lather Against Ebola', an 'Ice Bucket' challenge against the virus

Bringing a soapy twist to the "Ice Bucket Challenge" that has swept the world in recent weeks, Ivorians are raising awareness about the deadly disease outbreak in west Africa with a new "Lather Against Ebola" campaign.

'Nessie' leaves Scots wondering as monster vote looms

As Scots prepare to vote for or against independence, the Loch Ness monster's thoughts remain typically shrouded in mystery and there are fears he may have already made up his mind.

Kabul's Old City sees new lease of life

When workers began renovating Murad Khane district, a jewel of Old Kabul that breaks up the city's otherwise bland facade of concrete high-rises and blast-walls, it was hidden under piles of garbage.

Mexican 'water monster' salamander battles extinction

Dubbed the "water monster" by the Aztecs, the axolotl salamander is battling extinction in the remnants of Mexico City's ancient lake, alarming scientists hoping mankind learns from its ability to regenerate organs.

Conduct checks on cooking oil, govt urged

The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca) hopes the health ministry will take the initiative to conduct random checks on cooking oil in the market to dispel public fears of possible use of recycled cooking oil.