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India's street dentists filling gap for the poor

Ignoring noisy buses and curious onlookers, street dentist Allah Baksh plunges his hands into a patient's mouth to fit a sparkling set of dentures for $12 in the Indian city of Bangalore.

Qatar's pearl divers seek tradition and riches

From a distance it could be a scene from Qatar's ancient past, long before the country's modern-day wealth was secured by the discovery of gas and oil.

Boat people grateful for sanctuary, baffled by Gambia offer

Boat people who have come ashore in Southeast Asia after harrowing journeys are delighted that Indonesia and Malaysia will give them temporary shelter -- although some were baffled by an offer of sanctuary in a tiny African nation they had never heard of.

Rubber plantation brings both work and worries to Gabon

When one of the world's biggest traders of agricultural commodities went to Gabon's government with a multi-million-dollar plan to produce rubber, the authorities jumped at the chance to diversify an oil-dependent economy.

Portable water filtering pot provides clean water any time, anywhere

The VWA Smart Eco Pot is a compact and portable water filter that looks like a water bottle, but features functions like purifying, alkalising, ionising, mineralising and energising drinking water.

Families torn asunder by Asian migrant boat crisis

A teenage son fleeing poverty on a perilous sea voyage, his relatives in a squalid refugee camp, and the cousin who made it to a marginally better life in Malaysia -- the story of one Rohingya family illustrates the torment and dreams driving Asia's migrant boat crisis.

Of smugglers and kingpins: Southeast Asia's big money trade in humans

Around $1,100 should have secured passage for each of the Rohingya migrants who were found adrift in the Andaman Sea -- victims of a dark trade in humans that pivots around smuggling kingpins in Thailand's south.

Myanmar's abandoned Rohingya: Asia's pariah people

Poverty-stricken and loathed at home, Myanmar's Rohingya are one of the world's most persecuted minorities -- yet their dire situation has long been ignored in Southeast Asia.

Five years after Thai Red Shirt killings, wounds still fresh

Five years after a bloody military crackdown on Thailand's pro-democracy 'Red Shirts', relatives of those killed say unrepentant army rulers have failed in their promise to heal the country's deep divisions.

Hello Kitty-themed restaurant opens in Hong Kong

Attention Hello Kitty fans: Your favorite feline, whiskered, cartoon (non-cat) character now has her own restaurant in Hong Kong.